Teen Mom Farrah’s Doing Bikini Photos With Her Daughter Now. Goddammit.

April 22nd, 2013 // 47 Comments
What? C'mon!
Farrah Abraham Sophia Abraham Michael Abraham LAX
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“How’s that pactissin’ fer work, mama?”

Earlier today we found out Teen Mom Farrah brought her three-year-old daughter to Vivid’s offices to “negotiate” her sex tape (Read: Pretend she wasn’t paid for it in advance and already signed a release form.), so why not follow up that with mommy/daughter swimsuit photos to boost Farrah’s name recognition so more people will buy a pornographic movie of her getting fucked by James Deen for over an hour? That’s what having kids is all about. Unless you’re my parents, then it’s free lawn care and snow removal because “What’s a labor law?” Haha, fuck you, dad.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Hey, Chris Hansen! What brings you to my office?

  2. Cock Dr

    So if Farrah got 100k for her first porno feature someone should pony up the 125k it would take to arrange a big gang bang feature. Would love to hear how she would rationalize that to the media!

  3. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    “Now honey, what did mommy tell you…don’t spike the camera”

  4. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    “See Sophia, this is where mommy’s money comes from”

  5. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    James Deen
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    Look at how sweet this picture is. A mother and child enjoying a sunny day at the beach. Now think about where that mouth was last week and what was in it. Makes it ever sweeter, right?

  6. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    Poor kid. Her mom’s a whore and her grandma’s an idiot. And I thought Kendall Jenner had zero chance for a normal life.

  7. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
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    NO Mommy!
    Don’t pimp me out!

  8. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Mr. Right
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    “Ok, now watch me…pull you right hand into your crotch and move your left hand up to your nipple…yes, AFTER the director says ‘Action!’”

  9. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Deacon Jones
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    Courtney Stodden saw these pics and threw up.

  10. All mom’s put on makeup to take their kid to the beach, right? Or is it just the whore-mom’s?

  11. She is a sweet little girl, I feel so sorry for her, she never had a chance with that family. Mother is awful, grandmother is beyond stupid and grandfather is a dope with no spine or balls.

  12. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    saw her on Dr. Phil last week.. what an idiot. she was trying so hard to be “cool” and “edgy’ and best of all…. innocent of any wrong doing. she blames everyone else for her mistakes. lied about her sex tape and lied about driving drunk. her parents sat there like two idiots and agreed with her.

    • The best part was her moronic father labelling James Deen as “abusive” for telling the media that he’d been paid to do the film, and his prime idiot of a daughter insisting she’d just made the tape as a “private” homage to capture how great she looks in the here and now. Here’s the 411, assholes: if you have to pay for someone’s cock to take part in your “private” video …uh….memoirs, then 1) it’s not exactly “private” and 2) it’s sure as hell not “abusive” if the person who owns said cock decides to talk about the experience.

      The absurd amount of enabling her dotingly moronic parents display explains a fuck of a lot. Her little kid hasn’t got a chance in hell with a self-entitled and accountability-allergic mother like this numb cunt.

  13. That poor kid has no chance. I guess she’ll follow in her Mom’s footsteps in 15 years.

  14. emma watson's vagina

    wow they are shooting the sequel to Pretty Baby

  15. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    “This, sweetheart, is how you show off what you’re workin’ with, while acting all innocent and cute.”

  16. beer for thought

    The only reason why she’s “famous” is because of that poor little girl; the fact that she got pregnant as a teen on some fucking idiotic show. The least she could do is try to give her daughter a normal life. But no, then she decides to do a porn, now this shit, it’s fucking pathetic. That innocent kid is already set up for a life of humiliation all while having to deal with all her mom’s bullshit. The price some people will pay for being even remotely (in a galaxy far far away) famous….

    • grobpilot

      The only thing that might save this kid is for her mother to put her up for adoption right now because Grandma and Grandpa are not qualified. Afterwards, this vapid twat will quickly descend into a life of alcohol, drugs and random cocks walking in and out of her life. She’ll eventually fall into a deep depression, wondering who did this to her. Attempting suicide, she’ll accidentally take a massive overdose of laxatives, thinking they were sleeping pills or, “relaxatives” and shit herself for two days, deepening her depression. She’ll eventually get it right by opening her wrists in a bathtub in a fleabag motel after the filming of a low-low budget gangbang video. That’s how I see this ending. I should become a writer…

  17. “and in my mommy’s other job, I bent forward like this with James Deen behind me, and then I Paltrowe’d another man’s teabag like so. For my private stash.”

  18. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Meshuggah Tits
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    Well, at least she’s protecting the seat for the next person…

  19. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    John Travolta
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    Stupid. How the heck can I get a gig standing around lookin pertty and shit making 6 figures a year…?

  20. TooCoo

    How terrible must the father be if this cunt gets full custody?

  21. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    When you audition in a few years, make sure you cradle the balls, like this.

    • Weirdo

      Or… this is some of the shit that just dribbled out of Mommy’s gaping asshole, ooh all those little worms tickle!

  22. dennis

    Nothing like announcing the start of your porn career one week and then pulling out your toddler daughter the next!

  23. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
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    God that kid is so ugly! Would have loved to see her faceplant in the sand!

  24. keri

    ohhh she is so disgusting!! the worst mother ever , she only loves money not sofia…many Young girls will do porn too to be famous as this bitch ;(

  25. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    She waxes her daughters unibrow and will soon be waxing her arms, legs, and eventually her asshole so she can get into porn like her mom.

  26. Heck! She`s at the seaside and she`s not even wet!
    No wait, that doesn`t sound right.

  27. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    Very cute kid sad she has such a douche mum. Where the fuck is dad?

  28. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
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    Hmm, the people sitting at home, watching Dr. Phil talk about enablers…get a job, and quit collecting money from the government…nobody with a job has ever watched Dr. Phil, or daytime t.v.

  29. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    I highly doubt vivid payed her a million,she was likely payed in the low double figures,vivid is saying they payed her a mil to hype the video sales,with nobody paying to watch porn anymore her video won’t even come close to selling a million dollars worth.
    if you believe she was payed that kind of money then I’d love to sell you a few things

  30. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
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    Sorry Boston & West, TX – that poor kid needs our support more.

  31. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    John Travolta
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    What none of you realize is that her and that deen guy were simply using the media to play up hype for the video. They were probably always going to pay her a nice sum for the rights. Wake up already. None of this was real drama.

  32. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    looks creepy-like-kim-kardashian in this picture. entire face is bondo, most likely.

  33. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    By this time next year the IRS will be on her ass like Deen’s baby goop, for not paying her taxes… yea, she’s a dumb as a bag of hair.

  34. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s a hottie

  35. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously, the kid can`t get a matching swimsuit?

  36. Farrah Abraham Bikini Daughter Sophia
    Commented on this photo:

    I always get my hair & makeup done before taking my daughter to the beach.

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