‘Teen Mom’ Doing Exactly What Everyone Said ‘Teen Mom’ Would Do

December 7th, 2010 // 76 Comments

*chops monitor with an axe* Sorry, reflex action.

When Teen Mom became the ratings sensation pretty much every MTV show full of society’s finest eventually becomes, the immediate and rational concern was that it would encourage young girls to get pregnant just to be on TV. And because we live in the greatest country on earth, guess what happened. Young girls got pregnant just to be on TV. Popeater reports:

Industry insiders tell me young ladies are so eager to be on reality TV that they are actually getting pregnant just to score an audition. OK, not much of a surprise. Simply take a spin around the various Internet forums filled with young girls inquiring about what’s required to score a role.
“This is yet another example of the desperation of fame,” Matt Titus, a relationship expert from TheLoveConsultants.com, tells me. “The sad state of reality television has created a lowbrow vehicle for untainted train wreck personalities to display their private lives. Getting pregnant to be famous is like eating as many cockroaches as possible in a one minute period.

Except for an expert that’s a pretty shitty analogy considering eating a bunch of cockroaches doesn’t end with a baby essentially getting tossed into a white trash blender of neglect. Unless we’re playing Alabama rules. In which case, you round up the kin. I’ll shuffle the bugs.

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  1. Pat C

    So, how many of you are gonna watch their next show “Preteen Mom” ?

  2. bigjay

    well at least all the dumb bitches in the world are getting knocked up at once

  3. What’s that, buy the advertised products?

  4. They're all white trash

    They should change the prize structure so that all entrants get involuntary abortions & sterilizations; the winner gets billed for the cost of the series! That’ll discourage all those white trash preggowannabes from entering…

  5. Anna

    I wish these inbred skanks would all just die in a great big pit. Having a baby because you want some famewhore time is disgusting. I blame the ignorant slobs who watch shows like Jersey shore and teen mom to be at fault as well. Spend you hours watching some creative TV instead of trash because all it equates to is more trash on earth. i really hope that when these skanaks kids grow up they set fire to their mothers while they sleep….THE END TO Trash

  6. Who cares!!! My boyfriend also agrees with me. He is 10 years older than me, lol. We met online at age-gap club — AgelessMeet.COM — It’s fabulous! Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

  7. wim


  8. David

    These kids are going to be a burden on tax payers. I don’t know about you but I don’t go to work everyday to subsidize some MTV bullshit show. It would be awesome if people boycotted MTV’s advertisers to send a message.

  9. Hmmmmm MTV stands for Music Television. Do tehy even show Music Videos anymore? It’s ridiculous really the kind of drivel they spew out, but it also shows how bad network TV has become that shows like Teen Mom are watched as entertainment.

    It’s sad to see what was once the greatest democracy on earth erode into a cesspool. It used to be that people that lived in countries run by corrupt dictators would turn to the US for help and hope. Now many of those same people turn away from the US because they see what has happened to ‘the great experiment.’ The greatest nation of all time, Rome, fell because of a number of reasons. Internal political corruption, erosion of the morals of society, stretching their resources too far by fighting wars they could no longer support, and the leadership/population too lazy/uninterested/apathetic to try and correct the issues plaguing their society until it was too late. All these factors weakened the foundation of the Empire, leading to it’s ultimate collapse at the hands of Hannibal and other barbarian whords.

    Sound familiar?

  10. Jayne

    I would hate to learn “The Biggest Loser” has this problem too. Puts a whole a new spin on that whole obesity epidemic thing.

  11. The Listener

    I don’t believe the “insiders” got it right. It seems more likely that the teenage girls decided to take advantage of the fact they’re already pregnant and use it for fame. And the industry “insiders” are simply seeing more pregnant teenage girls come forward for the show, NOT more actually getting pregant for the show.

  12. Keven

    pop culture is for the uneducated

  13. Jay

    The amount of stories of girls getting pregnant on purpose I have heard is reddick. There are 12 year old having Sex now. Something they all have In common is watching “teen mom” or “16 and pregnant”. I’ve heard girls literally be front out and say “I want a baby” at age 15.

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