‘Teen Mom’ Amber Has Nude Photos Now

February 24th, 2011 // 92 Comments

Because God has truly forsaken us, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood sold nude photos of herself which sounds highly unusual for someone who puts on make-up first thing in the morning and smiles directly at the paparazzi for exclusive photos. Trust me, I know. RadarOnline reports:

The controversial Teen Mom star posed for the photos a few weeks ago while a friend took pictures.
“Amber fancies herself an old-fashioned pin-up girl,” an insider tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “She posed the way she thought a pin-up would.”
Wanting to leave something for the imagination, the 20-year-old strategically posed at angles that didn’t expose her most private parts.
According to the source, Portwood was at a friend’s home when the mood struck her to drop her clothes.
“She just wanted to pose!” the source said.

Riiight. I’m sure these photos were all about the freedom of expression and have absolutely nothing to do with the rising cost of meth and/or finding a real job. Because what kind of a society would we live in where a woman who’s only famous for getting knocked up in high school could just sell naked pictures of herself to the highest bidder? We’d all be doomed if that were the case. Doomed right in the anus, which is why I’ll be outside waiting to see if it’s raining blood yet. Should be any minute now.

Photos: INFdaily


  1. I picture that face poking out of a body covered completely with brown hair…like a Monchichi.

  2. Miss Piggy with a yeast infection

    who gives a crap about teen hog.

    also F anyone who is friends with her in real life, everything is fine please return to your trailers.

  3. ewok tamer

    “Oooh, this pose would look sexy, snap this one… Oh, and while you’re at it, push me down the stairs like a real man.”

  4. Teen Mom Amber Nude Photos
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    Double D, the day you wish seeing an animal beaten rather than a female body in it’s natural state, is the day I wish death upon you..you honestly don’t deserve to breathe.

  5. Teen Mom Amber Nude Photos
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  6. i_heart_it

    Please please PLEASE get this girl some help!!! I mean really… she’s super nuts… pin-up girl? No. Not neva!

  7. Dank

    I’d rather see Samantha Ronson lick Courtney loves taint than see those pics.

  8. Teen Mom Amber Nude Photos
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    wow, she actualy managed to wander outside after getting paid to do so in her jammie pants & slippers. hope you are not so totally wiped out you don’t fall down from all that hard work and crush the mini troll.

  9. John

    What a milf i like that shes so super hot i want to jiz all over her face hot hot hot

  10. amberisadomesticabuser

    Everytime I look at her, especially when she was fatter, I see a fat little freckled boy in her face lol. I can imagine just what a brother would look like lol. She’s a horrible, mean bitch. The fact she hit Gary (probably multiple times) is not a surprise when you consider how emotionally nutty she is, and how she flies off the handle like a little baby about everything. Women are so quick to hit men. Then when a man hits them back, they call the police and blame it on the man and he gets taken away. That’s starting to change, and it’s been shown women are more physically violent and emotionally abusive than men. They are more likely to slap a man, hit him, throw things, stab, etc. My mom did it, my sister has done it even at age 17, and plenty of other girls do it. They see it in movies and think they will get away with it so since they are emotional psychos they hit their man, and expect him to just cower and walk away (which happens most of the time). Imagine if Gary had hit her back? She would be on the floor…She may be a psycho and uppity but if he actually hit her, she would go down. She’s a sad example of what a woman should be. I’m happy she’s in jail where she can get some sort of help, or at least be away from human beings, since she hurts them and does nothing but cause drama.

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