1. Colin


  2. Rough, the tool of my trade

    I missed Hollywood Squares with Tom Deluise. I wonder if this guy can utter “Hey JJ” with the utmost enthusiasm…

  3. Cock Dr

    Kudos to Gary boy for not retaliating against violence with violence.
    The MTV payoff story might very well be true.
    If so, may the producers burn in hell.

  4. kk

    Hi lunchables

  5. lauryn

    you’d have to be fucking retarded to believe her. She’s a violent, angry, volatile person as evidenced by the show- how she acts in every scene. None of the other moms were supposedly encouraged to do such a thing, why would she have been treated any differently?
    Shady story. not buying.

  6. mmmham

    i bet that lunchable won’t even make it to the baby.

  7. Why is it that all young fat balding guys tend to be wiggers?

  8. Oh, and I forgot short.

    Young + short + fat + balding = wiggers.

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