‘Teen Mom’ Amber: ‘MTV Made Me Hit Gary’

December 22nd, 2010 // 69 Comments

Seen here presumably having the very epiphany that spawned this post, Teen Mom Amber Portwood is now trying to claim MTV paid her $1,000 to assault Gary Shirley in front of their daughter to add more drama to the show. The National Enquirer reports:

But Amber insists the violence was all a ruse and that show execs gave her an extra $1,000 to “get physical” with her ex during filming because they “wanted more drama,” says an insider.
“Amber knows she needs a good defense, and reality show producers are known to stage scenes, so she thinks it’s believable.
“She says that the producers were concerned because they don’t get much drama from the other moms.
“They told her that she and Gary were the most popular couple on the show and that they would pay her extra to provoke a fight. Amber says Gary didn’t know about it because they wanted a ‘spontaneous’ reaction from him.”

Honestly, I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, Amber does seem like the type who wouldn’t know that slapping the shit out of an unsuspecting person is the exact legal definition of assault. I mean, look what she had sex with. Not to mention, MTV put this show on the air in the first place, so that’s a pretty hefty strike against them if not evidence of a war crime. Now, on the other hand.. I’ve actually got nothing because everything I just said talked me into believing her. LET MAMA FRATELLI GO!

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  1. sexy main dak

    mmm hawt

  2. Stanky Franky

    She looks like a neanderthal….

  3. chelsea

    i doubt all of that… if anything their the most unliked… hahaha. look up teen mom… maci n ryan get the most publicity…

  4. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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    It must suck for Amber to lose all the weight and still look obese in the face.

  5. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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  6. Aggie

    I can see this being true. It would explain why the crew never stepped in, or even seemed alarmed, when these fights were taking place w/a kid in the room. I can also see this chick being stupid enough to risk an assult charge for only $1000. It kinda adds up.

    • Daryl G.

      You’re an idiot. The crew didn’t intervene because it’s not their job to. The guy was obviously not in any real danger although she did assault and batter him.

      This exact scenario happens all the time, even in public. Would you see a girl of that size slapping a guy of that size and feel like you had to intervene? Most likely not.

      You’re a fucking moron.

      • monito

        This is fake, they didn’t pay her is all bullsht

        when two gorillas are killing each other, or when an Alligator is about to kill a Zebra, you don’t see the people at National Geographic intervene, now if one of the gorillas was sued for assault, and blamed it on national geographic, what would you say

      • ilikesake

        Um, I don’t understand why you would use that analogy. You’re comparing natural, animalistic phenomena with two HUMANS battering each other for TV?

    • Jessica

      I’ve been handed contracts for two dramatic reality shows and Amber MAY be telling the truth. They do have parts in the contract where you are obligated to do as they tell you to do without a third party of the show knowing for drama or ratings. They even threaten to sue you if you don’t follow through or do as you’re told. So this is not unlikely. Many of the fights you see in reality tv are staged by the crew or re-enacted if failed to film the first time around. There’s nothing real about reality tv.

  7. I’d pay $1000 bucks for anyone to bitchslap MTV exec’s for putting this and other crap on TV. Someone should also call up Chris Brown, Teen Mom Amber needs a good beating. If she’s going to be in the news, it might as well be for something productive right?

  8. It’s a difficult issue to pick sides on.

    Amber as a redneck who argues with her fists…not too hard to believe.

    MTV paying people for drama…well, they’ve been paying bonus cash to their “reality TV” casts for decades now for creating drama, getting arrested, etc.

    and then it occurs to me that I don’t care in the slightest.

    • juaquin ingles

      How about instead of an abortion (they’ll just get knocked up again) we sterilize all these cunts instead? I volunteer to punt this bitch numerous times in the pelvis. Just want to help.

  9. clscott645

    Between the makeup and the fake tan, it looks like the producers are also trying to do their first crossover hit. TeenJerseyShoreMoms.

  10. jujee

    It must suck for Amber to lose all the weight and still look like your face is obese.

  11. Who did they pay to hit her with the Fuggly Stick?

  12. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
    Rough, the tool of my trade
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    I missed Hollywood Squares with Tom Deluise. I wonder if this guy can utter “Hey JJ” with the utmost enthusiasm…

  13. Tim

    Yet another reality TV channel. You know what we really need? A channel devoted to music. That would be great.

  14. Funeral Guy

    Who the fuck is this pie faced skank again? Seriously, she looks like Nanook of the North. (That’s an Eskimo in case you didn’t know.)

  15. Richard McBeef

    MTV has made me want to engage in physical violence for at least 15 years but they haven’t offered me check for it.

  16. sexyman48

    Could you start blurring her face god damn.
    Show us the paycheck that says you were paid to do this.

  17. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
    Cock Dr
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    Kudos to Gary boy for not retaliating against violence with violence.
    The MTV payoff story might very well be true.
    If so, may the producers burn in hell.

  18. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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    Hi lunchables

  19. grobpilot

    Good to see that Fish has jumped on the Mama Fratelli bandwagon. Hit frappe’!!!!!

  20. CC

    No one gives a shit about this bitch, especially her parents. Why put this ugly little whores face up here for us to have to look at. Spare my eyes. Her and her boyfriend both look like some of Charles Schultz’s rejected characters.

  21. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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  22. Hmmm so MTV paid her to beat her baby daddy … maybe MTV paid Chris Brown to beat Rihanna???? ok ok bad joke but c’mon!!! MTV stoops low enough to hire pregnant teen girls to be on a TV show, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pay this wench to beat her man. What I am surprised about is she beat on her man and not beat on another woman, in oil, on spring break. That’s what MTV does after all.

  23. footclan

    Holy fuck is she ever disgusting.

  24. I’ve heard that there are some girls out there who are purposely trying to get pregnant so that they can be on this show. These girls look at “Teen Mom” , “16 and Pregnant”, etc. as role models. And MTV has no qualms about it. Now THAT disgusts me to no end.

  25. jojo

    Is there anyway MTV can get Gary to hit her back?

  26. BobDobalina

    Marry-Fuck-Kill: Amber Portwood, Khloe Kardashian, Snooki

  27. She better change that look before the Geico cavemen decide to sue her.

  28. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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    you’d have to be fucking retarded to believe her. She’s a violent, angry, volatile person as evidenced by the show- how she acts in every scene. None of the other moms were supposedly encouraged to do such a thing, why would she have been treated any differently?
    Shady story. not buying.

  29. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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    That’s the proper way to lift a kid for sure

  30. I hate MTV

    According to this inbred pig’s BS, c=when a hit man gets paid to kill someone he’s still guilty of murder. When she supposedly gets paid to hit someone she’s a victim

  31. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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    i bet that lunchable won’t even make it to the baby.

  32. Chris Hansen's taint

    Tubs of shit. All of them

  33. David

    teen whore

  34. The Listener

    The producers may have told her that the viewers need to see more conflict on the show, but that’s not the same as encouraging violence. She’s going to have some difficulty proving that they wanted her specifically to get violent with someone, but a good attorney might be able to prove that.

  35. welldoneson

    Please stop posting pictures of this pedestrian welfare queen on this site.
    In fact please don’t post pictures of anyone who
    1) hasn’t accomplished anything in the entertainment industry
    2) isn’t in remarkably better shape than two-thirds of the population.
    Those are my requirements. Meet them or

  36. KMA

    Ya know…I like this girl. She’s like a White Trash for Dummies book brought to life. Gives me something to laugh at.

  37. Aw, cut the girl a break. She probably ain’t never seen that much foldin’ money.

  38. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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    She looks slow.

  39. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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    Why is it that all young fat balding guys tend to be wiggers?

  40. Teen Mom Amber Portwood
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    Oh, and I forgot short.

    Young + short + fat + balding = wiggers.

  41. joe

    why do they promote/ allow this crap and gays kissing,
    but edit out the incident when that guy punched snookie in
    her big mouth? not that i condone that, but double standard
    much mtvd?

  42. Pangulin

    Wow Fish, you are torn on this one? I mean come on, you have reports from two, count them, two totally accurate and reliable sources, a wacked out teen who has proven she is a totally fucked up individual and “The National Enquirer” , who is known for its’ accuracy and Pulitzer Prize caliber journalism! How could this be anything but TRUE!

  43. wim

    there was “MICHAEL JACKSON”.
    when he was born.

    when he was still a kid.

  44. krunkkybooty

    Reality show producers are the scum of the fucking earth.

  45. Stephanie

    It is sad and unfortunate that the parents of these girls didn’t raise them better. Even more sad is that Amber’s parents are virtually absent in her life. I hope her little girl gets a better shot than she did. Fuck MTV, this show is ridiculous.

  46. KIMORA


  47. Blak Jack

    Would there be any questions if this was a man beating a woman on T.V.

  48. JJ

    I do NOT like Adam Lambert’s new extensions…

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