‘Teen Mom’ Amber is Pregnant Again

Despite Teen Mom being a positive learning experience filled with life lessons so valuable, eight out of the 10 people who combine to form Rosie O’Donnell approve, Amber Portwood has reportedly taken three at-home pregnancy tests, all with positive results, according to RadarOnline:

“When Amber tested positive, she decided to go to a local clinic to have a doctor tell her once and for all if she is expecting,” one source close to the reality star told RadarOnline.com.
“It’s confusing because Amber is telling people that the doctor said the test was negative, even though the home pregnancy tests came back positive, and there were a number of them too.”
… To make a potentially bad situation even worse, the scandal-prone Portwood has been linked with so many new men in the past few months, she has no idea who could have fathered the child!

Granted, Amber’s 20 now, so it doesn’t really count as a teen pregnancy, I think it’s entirely fair to lay the blame for this at MTV’s feet. For starters, they handed out $140,000 checks to white trash and expected that not to end in multiple unwanted pregnancies. Which is even more frustrating when you realize half of them would’ve sold their uterus for only $100. Or just meth which MTV could’ve easily substituted for rock candy to avoid charges. Maybe I’m the only person who’s full of answers, but you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to trick someone who’s had a baby yet still doesn’t grasp that semen entering her vagina causes pregnancy. Amber’s probably sitting at home right now trying to figure out if this is Taco Bell or Dr. Pepper’s fault. “Or was it these Pringles… YOU SAID YOU WERE STERILE!”

Photos: Splash News