‘Teen Mom’ Amber Got Her Baby Back

Let’s keep the white trash flowing.

Despite just being charged with two felonies and having her child deemed a ward of the state, Teen Mom Amber Portwood already has her baby back this week. Child services apparently warned her that this is her last chance and they’ll remove Leah if they find her living in unsuitable conditions, according to RadarOnline:

“Amber hired someone to clean up her apartment recently and even went out over the weekend to buy a proper baby bed for Leah,” the source close to the situation added.
“She was trying to get everything up to par at home so that Child Protective Services would deem it a suitable place for Leah and she’d get her back; and it looks like it worked.”

Christ, I can’t even imagine how demoralizing it must be to work for child services. Basically they just handed this kid back to her mother and went, “Okay, we’re giving you one more chance to kill your child through neglect. So, pretty please try not to do that. We’ll be your best friend.” I’d literally go home everyday from that job and just start giving the neighborhood kids vasectomies between belts of scotch. “El Señor Scalpel,” they’d call me.

Photos: Splash News