Ted Nugent Threatened To Kill Obama. Again.

April 18th, 2012 // 140 Comments
Ted Nugent
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
Ted Nugent
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Speaking of fucking idiots and politics, while attending this year’s NRA convention that already featured Rick Santorum proudly touting his three-year-old daughter’s membership and NRA president Wayne LaPierre basically insinuating that if more Americans had guns on 9/11 they could’ve easily stopped that shit exactly like this, Ted Nugent decided to add threatening to kill Barack Obama (again) to the list because it’s always a good idea to make sure a roomful of armed to the teeth morons are frothing at the cake-hole. Via NY Mag:

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

This, of course, just placed him under investigation by the Secret Service, and if you’re about to say, “Don’t they have better things to do than investigate Ted Nugent?” You’re absolutely right (Those hookers aren’t going to not-pay themselves.) and also just demonstrated that Ted Nugent is full of shit because he has absolutely no intention of following through on any of the words coming out of his mouth. He basically just says random phrases like “America will be Indonesia next year” or the Obama administration is the “Mao Zedong Fan Club” without any idea what those words mean. If you told him Obama’s America is exactly like the Fascist Senator Palpatine Jedi Assassination Squad of the 1850s, he’d tell you you’re goddamn right and then fire a crossbow into George Lucas‘ neck pouch for being a “Communist Ewok fuck.”

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  1. Not Ted Nudent

    Not to mention that Ted Nugent decided that the best way to dodge the Vietnam draft was to show up to his physical in urine and shit caked pants. He’s such an intellectual….

    • EricLr

      In his defense, going to war would mean having to shoot things that can shoot back. So of course he avoided it.

      The Nug is your typical loudmouth. Big man talking. Nowhere to be found walking.

      • BE

        And honestly, let’s play who’s the idiot:

        The has-been rock musician putting his opinion out there
        Those who believe him and act on it?

        I’ll never understand how people think their favorite artist, musician or actor is qualified to give them political guidance. They get one vote, just like the rest of us – in my book anyway.

      • BigDougOne

        What he means is? You have an Illegal Alien in the White House? Case in point The Ballot Hearing in NJ. Google it! Friday. The White House Lawyers admit to the Birth Certificate being fraud. I personally called down to 3 Senators offices and the Aid said they are threatening the mainstream media? Fascism creating fear ( war on Terror) If you talk up about it you are a terrorist! I.E. he was talking about the Govt taking away everyone’s rights!

      • batka

        oh not the birth crap again…………………it must be idiot day today….

      • Jeez, as opposed to the Republicans just wanting to take away rights from women and gay people? Fucking shocking. BTW, you don’t end a declarative sentence with a question mark unless it’s a fucking question. Take your meds, fer Chrissakes.

    • M herndon

      This website is bullcrap. i’m no longer affiliating myself with yahoo because it linked me to this phony website with their top story of the day.

  2. Cher X

    Yep we here in Detroit are embarrassed by him but what are ya gonna do? He’s like the crazy uncle your mama tells you not to get near and to let her know if touches bad places.

    • Yoyoma

      “But honey, he lived through the war.”
      “I don’t care, you KNOW he’s just going to get shitcanned, threaten the president, hit on my 17 year old niece and then pass out naked in the front yard.”

    • BE

      Cher X- I’m with you – It’s just Ted Nugent. Who’d take him seriously?

      Those of us from the Detroit area have adjusted their attitudes towards such celebrities. Motown has gave us Eminem, Kid Rock, Alice Cooper, Madonna etc. not to mention the artists that came in to cut records.

      You know it’s a slow news day if someone is writing about Old Ted there. Meh.

      Seeing the Goodyear blimp out on it’s first run this year was riveting compared to TN is shooting his mouth off yet again..

    • Inmate 12236969

      Yep everyone else in Michigan is embarrassed of Detroit because of fuck-heads like you.

      • BE

        Oh yea – Ted Nugent is THE embarrassment in Detroit.

        So you live under a rock?

      • Inmate 12236969

        Put down crack pipe dude.

      • Cher X

        He can’t get to the crackpipe Inbred 12236969, because you’re bogarting it.

      • Inmate 12236969

        Cher, I’m like Ted in two ways I don’t do drugs and got the fuck out of Michigan. Not like those fuckheads in Detroit I grew up with. Anyone with common sense gets out of that shithole of a city.

        So Cher get off PIMP X computer and go sell that ass to get your crack fix.

    • BE

      And I should also point out that I’d take Detroit’s Ted Nugent over LA’s Kardashians ANY day…

    • Mike Walker

      Detroit is the embarrassment of Detroit.

      • dooood

        at least detroit Used to be the center of a thriving automotive industry as well as a center of R&B music.
        cleaveland on the other hand has Always been a shithole

  3. Cock Dr

    He’s a redneck dumbass pandering to the same type of dumbasses who are dumbass enough to pay him a lot of money for his company while running around in the woods with weapons and shooting squirrels.
    Love the old tunes Ted but seriously, he seems well cracked.

  4. Also not Ted Nugent

    I’m pretty sure Ted Nugent saying “dead or in jail by next year” isn’t a threat, it’s him worried that America is becoming more and more a fascist dictatorship every day, and that Ted expected to be arbitrarily killed / punished. Makes people wish Bush / Clinton never left.

    • Maybe Ted Nugent

      I agree that Nugent did not make a threat. However, do you and your ilk have any idea what fascist (or Socialist, or Kenyan) mean? It doesn’t seem as if you do.

    • Angie

      Actually, Nugent has made direct threats to Hillary Clinton’s, as well as Pres. Obama’s lives before. He even referred to shooting Obama like a wild animal.

      I honestly don’t know how these idiot redneck buffoons keep on thinking that freedom of speech entails saying whatever the fuck you want about whoever the fuck you want. Threatening the President is NOT protected under freedom of speech. There is also libelous speech that can land you in a court room.

      Also, I wish these uneducated assholes would learn the definition of Socialism, as well as other terms they misuse before they go shooting off their mouths and giving me a headache from listening to the stupidity.

    • dooood

      left calls the right fascist. right calls the left socialist.
      it’s all bullshit partisan rhetoric.
      hopefully nobody with the least bit of intelligence takes any of it at face value.
      imo it should have become illegal to be a democrat or a republican several years ago.

      that being said, anyone who thinks there is anyone who was a worse president than dubyuh has serious mental problems

      • The James Buchanan Historical Relevance Committee would like a word with you…

      • Schmidtler

        obviously too young to remember Jimmy Carter. oh yeah, Iran holding our people hostage, military was the laughing stock of the world, inflation running amok, high unemployment, and double digit interest rates. JC made W look like a champ.
        And while we’re twisting our nuts in a knot over Nugent’s latest craziness, not a peep about the black panthers putting a bounty out on an american citizen? offering money for somebody to kill him? There was nothing ambiguous about that at all.

      • dooood

        wrong, wrong, and wrong.
        being a weak, ineffective leader does not necessarily make you on the same level as the walking talking disaster that was bush (43).

  5. Bob Ford


  6. bbiowa

    I read that Mel Gibson wanted to fuck Ted Nugent in the ass and stab him to death while he was doing it.

  7. George Soros

    As long as this mountain idiot is grabbing headlines, the dumb-masses won’t notice what we’re up to on wall st, and the most fierce firefight in Afghanistan will be overshadowed by irrelevant “news” stories such as this.


  8. Mitch

    Where does he say anything about threatening Obama? That’s a stretch if you ask me.

    Hopefully Obama will be deported along with his aunt and uncle by this time next year. He might have a feeling about it since he’s dumping billions of US taxpayer dollars into Kenya on infrastructure projects.

  9. Richard McBeef

    probably 10 years ago, I was leaving a hotel party and big ass bus had parked behind my car, blocking me in. I was arguing with a sherrif’s deputy that was standing around who had no interesting in making the bus move. then ted nugent walks up and says, ‘is my bus blocking you, here I’ll get them to move it.’ and so it was. the bus moved and my car was freed. the nuge had played at the ozark empire fair that night, where he apparently lit an effigy of saddam hussein on fire and shot it with a crossbow.

    sorry that story was TL and you DR. the point is ted nugent fucking sucks so hard in every way. but because he moved his bus for me, i’ll acknowledge that ‘strangehold’ is pretty fucking badass.

  10. Drew

    He’ll just shit his pants again to get out of being investigated like he did to get out of going to Vietnam.

  11. Dick Hell

    Wow, looks like he’s starting to turn into Monty Burns.

  12. Peed In Your Drink

    There is a simple remedy for Ted, stand next to Victoria Jackson. He’s bound to seem (comparatively) rational.

  13. Angie

    Why are people printing what Ted Nugent says anyway? What’s next? How about printing David Cassidy’s opinions on the President’s foreign policy?

  14. dooood

    NORML should make an ad campaign with this guy to illustrate the dangers of not using drugs

  15. Frank Burns

    I stridently believe in freedom of speech, until people say something I don’t like. Is that so wrong?

    p.s. – I’m watching you . . . all of you!

    • dooood

      threatening someone’s life, inciting a riot or violence or potentially exacerbating a dangerous situation (screaming FIRE!! in a crowded theatre) is NOT protected under the 1st amendment.

      the amendment currently in the most jeopardy is the 4th amendment. the 5th isn’t in such good shape either since we decided to look the other way regarding the geneva convention.

      i’ll just go masturbate quietly for a few while you google the bill of rights.

      • Frank Burns

        The constant media hysteria, exaggeration and hyperbole attached to any anti-Obama utterance, even the banal rantings of looney old guy with a big mouth, isn’t a threat to freedom of speech? Where are all those ‘chilling’ arguments people so adore on this topic?

        And btw, if you can masturbate quietly, you are doing it wrong. After you’ve taken some sedatives and quit panicking about Ted Nugent, you can google that up

      • dooood

        you definitely have a point sir. and i should apologize for overreacting.

        i did leave out one thing though. shouting obscenities in a public place, say a sporting event with children in the crowed, is also not protected under the 1st amendment.

      • Yeah, it actually is – “Fuck the draft!” tested that 40 years ago in Cohen v. California. Chicago recently got rid of all the laws on its books that prohibited its use due to free-speech concerns, so now you can motherfucking swear in any cocksucking Chicago street any time without any assfuckling reprisals.

        Elsewhere, you might get arrested for disorderly conduct or breaking the peace if you’re just standing there shouting and frothing out a shitstorm for no apparent reason, but profanity is protected – as long as you aren’t using it to incite to violence and riot, or threatening someone with imminent harm.

      • Tom

        Kind of like what Farrakhan, The New Black Panthers, Jackson and Sharpton have been doing on a daily basis for the last few weeks?

  16. Nugent needs to go hunting with Dick Cheney

  17. Juano

    Guy’s a draft dodger, who is now trying to act like he’s some sort of super patriot.

    And for those of you who don’t think he’s ever threatened Obama, there’s a video clip floating around showing him waiving a machine gun and saying he has it to shoot then candidate Obama in the head.

    A true moron, and one of those idiots who believe that if you have honestly developed a point of view different from his that you are a traitor/criminal/etc.

  18. we should take it out on Ted just because obama is a shit-ass president.

    • dooood

      say what you will ’bout bam.. i mean i wish you would think first but w/e say any stupid thing you can come up with…

      the left say – he’s too much like bush and he hasn’t delivered on campaign promises or gotten anything done.
      (he has been relentlessly blocked at every turn.)

      what the right say is obviously more ludicrous.
      but if you compare for a minute.. dubyuh spent his term really actively raping the constitution and generally fucking the entire world in the ass while a very vocal opposition screamed
      THIS IS A BAD IDEA!! before his awful decisions got voted into law without really any struggle or difficulty whatsoever.

      this country was bought and sold long ago and the will of the people has become so far removed from government.

      (again, i’m sorry for getting political. hopefully we can at least keep the levels of partisan rhetoric down to a minimum.)

    • Buck

      at least we can all agree that obama is a complete idiot. Just 9 short months away, hang in there America.

      • dooood

        don’t get your hopes up bro.
        the gop have their own boring ass version of john kerry running.
        that’s the best they can come up with.
        some of the only things bam has managed to do well is give speeches and campaign.

      • Peed In Your Drink

        Right-o, Mittens is just the spineless weasel this country needs.

      • Schmidtler

        word on the street is Romney has a 12 inch dong, and he’s not afraid to slap you libtards right in the face with it!

      • Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

        As if he’d ever pull it out of your ass to do that.

      • dooood

        first of all, former gov. of massachusetts ‘mittens’ might just be further left than bam is.
        we probably wont ever know because he IS to afraid to say anything on his mind that wasn’t typed into a monitor and transmitted to his brain.

        i know a lot of politicians are accused of ‘flip flopping’ but really, have you ever seen anyone as transparent as this guy in your entire life?

  19. T.A.

    Wow…. that is a whole lot of stupid crammed into one post. We have apparently found someone even more ignorant than Nugent… and he’s posting his ramblings on The Superficial! It all somehow seems to balance the universe. If by balanced I mean nothing but stupid for as far as the eye can see.

  20. Da Cheese

    typical draft dodging rhetoric from those on the conservative right. Nugent probably shoots games (and fellow Republicans) on outings with Cheney

  21. Wango Tango Bitches!!

  22. Ted Nugent is a Traitor to the United States and should be shot dead

    So what you’re saying is Obama is definitely getting re-elected.

  23. I like how everyone acknowledges that Vietnam was a dumb war that wasted thousands of lives on both sides, yet we still criticize anyone who was smart enough to avoid going in the first place. Yaaay logic.

    • We know it's you

      You’re just fucking stupid, stop using oxygen now.

    • I can’t speak for everyone, but at least in my case I don’t criticize him for being against fighting in Vietnam. I criticize him for being a little bitch and weaseling out of it rather than take a stand against it. Either he was opposed to the war on an ideological level, in which case he should have been a conscientious objector or simply refuse the draft and go to prison for a while, or he was afraid of fighting in the big scary war and decided to do whatever he could to get out of it.

      Even then, I wouldn’t overly criticize him. However, the fact that he’s fashioned himself into a right-wing ideologue complete with nationalism makes him a big, fat, hypocritical target.

  24. Alex

    So basically Fish is just a gossiping little bitch that hates all decisions. You bash the Secret Service and label ALL Republicans idiots in the same paragraph. You have even taken swings at Obama and just about every Democratic decision. What the fuck do you want? I’m just looking for clarification. I’m fairly close to just writing you off as someone that would’ve/did vote for Nader.

    • Alex

      Alex why are you mad? Fish is just reporting the news he is not creating it. Learn how to control and direct your anger and you’ll be better at communicating.

    • dooood

      the 2 party system is part of a divide and conquer strategy.
      there are several “3rd party” candidates that are wiser, more truthful and far less corrupt.

      we only have the illusion of democracy

      • mitt obamney

        right on, dooood.

        RON PAUL 2012

      • Peed In Your Drink

        The two major parties play good cop, bad cop with the voters (which is which depends on your perspective). The thing to remember is they’re BOTH cops and we’re all fucked.

  25. Enidaj

    Oh Ted. You should stick to really deep things like Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.

  26. honesty

    Get real – He did not actually theaten to physically kill Obama. He threatened to kill his re-election. Stop this foolishness. You call Nugent a fool, but he is less a one than some of you.

  27. mitt obamney

    So, a washed-out “rocker” and admitted sex fiend, responsible for less than mediocre songs long, long ago, who hasn’t even sniffed the hall of fame, attends NRA meetings and spews forth idiocy, followed by a crossbow clinic where he shoots at a likeness of Saddam Hussein (according to other reports). This is news??
    Maybe he is jealous that ol’ Saddam is already cavorting with the dark lord and wants to join the party? Just a thought.

    • dooood

      …but you gotta hand it to the guy, shooting guitars and flaming effigies with a compound bow or crossbow is kinda cool.
      you ever notice ‘smoke on the water’ and ‘cat scratch fever’ is the same fucking song!

  28. BJ

    I went to college with his cousin. SHE looked just like him.
    No joke.

  29. Hypocrisy?

    Great to know you’ve done a story on Louis Farrakhan too. Two days ago he stated: ““…Because leadership is nothing to play with, because people tomorrow — maybe in a few days — are going to kill their leaders who have been selling them out….”
    (For the record, he was speaking of black leaders – his words – so I wonder who the statement was directed towards…hmm)

    I’m sure the Secret Service is looking into Louie just like Ted. Sure they are…

    • Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

      Not hypocrisy, idiocy (yours). Farrakan has had no relevance on the national stage for more than a decade (and he didn’t name names). Ted threatened the president at an NRA convention attended by Romney and Rick “Frothy” Santorum.
      The “liberal media” conservatives like to talk about is a straw man. Everyone in mainstream media is a corporate shill working on behalf of the oligarchs.

      • Hypocrisy?

        Yes, of course, it slipped my mind how Ted was so relevant on the national stage recently….ever?

        Keep making excuses for the real troublemakers. They are literally out for blood – their words not mine.

        Sure seemed to me this type of rhetoric was REALLY dangerous when the tea party was accused of it – they had the national stage too, didn’t they? Oh yeah, they didn’t either….nor did they threaten, but their ‘rhetoric’ was so very scary.

        I’ll remember next time there is a threat on our national leaders that if it doesn’t come from someone on the ‘national stage’ it is not relevant. Your ignorance speaks volumes.

      • Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

        He’s relevant when he’s speaking from a stage shared by the frontrunner for the GOP nomination and endorsing said frontrunner at the same time. You really are a cretin, aren’t you?

      • Hypocrisy?

        Now I remember why I rarely respond on these boards – limited minds always revert to name calling. Kind of like when you argue in 2nd grade – except some never graduate from it.

        I lost count of how many liberals threatened Bush & Cheney constantly over 8 years. Some even had their own talk shows on major cable networks. Now, we have the black panthers calling for blood and a race war (their words), and Louie threatening ‘black leaders’ (even you can figure out who he is referring to), but it is Ted Nugent we should be concerned about. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?

      • dooood

        we should be concerned with anyone who speaks a partisan language and people who prefer violence and destruction to their adversaries achieving anything

      • Dick Hell

        I’d be very surprised if Farrakan and his organization have ever NOT been under investigation. Granted he’s no John Lennon or Ernest Hemingway but he could still pose a threat…

      • LJ

        It’s always interesting to see the Right Wingers make up supposed threats by the left on Bush/Cheney, because they’ve got nothing real to hang their hats on.

        But then, “Right-wingers tend to be less intelligent than left-wingers, and people with low childhood intelligence tend to grow up to have racist and anti-gay views, says a controversial new study.”


      • Reagan's Ghost

        (wipes mouth) There you go again, Ayn. Quit teasing the moron, break time is over.

  30. Fribble

    Who the fuck cares? Obama is an idiot and will be gone in January.

  31. Rican

    I clicked the “fucking idiots and politics” link expecting to see a picture of Fish.

  32. dooood

    …we all wanna see ass and titties with a splash of crazy.
    why not make a separate site for political diarrhea?

  33. pretty scary

    he talks exactly like he looks.

  34. Cardinal Fang

    Obama’s a loser at the President job. Nuff said. Let’s see some Pippa upskirts

  35. Bringbackbabalu

    You people are fucking stupid. All he meant is, that when Obama sends his goons to take peoples guns and rights, when he doesn’t give it up he is going to be shot or locked up.

    Funny, you people like Fish sound just the same as all the doubters in Germany in the 1930s.

    Anyway, Obama can’t win, so its a moot point.

    I just love how people can put words in the guys mouth.

    Hell, I have posted on here before that us Conservatives will all end up in camps if he gets re elected.

    It happened to Japanese, Germans, Indians, Communists, etc etc etc…

    Obamas path is to nowhere but destruction, he needs some scapegoats to sacrifice while he runs the country into rubble.

    All you people that disagree, you are naive. History was written by people like you who would often rather hide or ignore the truth.

  36. Funny, you people like Fish sound just the same as all the doubters in Germany in the 1930s.

    Funny to hear a fascist calling everyone else a fascist. Irony however is lost in the face of deliberate ignorance.

    And who the hell is Ted Nugent?

  37. Bigalkie

    Ted Nugent sues Ron Jeremey for taking his name ” The Hedgehog”. Ted is one homely hunter .

  38. Hopefully they deport him, I bet he wont be so fawn of the canadian dream as he was the American one.

  39. Hernab Bumfudle

    when it was popular to kill indians ted nugent wanted to kill indians too. ted will do and say anything to be the popular guy.

  40. mrsmass

    that wasn’t a threat. i guess the media decided it was so everyone jumps all over it.

  41. Norman Vajones

    Republicans suffer from collective mental illness. In their world, people like Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin are patriots.

  42. Ted, love the old music, but you’re a fucking idiot. Save your shitty political opinions for the woods where nobody can hear it and nobody gives a shit. Why don’t you blame your Republican politicians for blocking any kind of progress Obama has tried to make. Let’s all be honest about who’s holding America back.

    Obama’s policies are slowly regrow the royal fuck up of an economy Bush left us.

  43. Janne

    Ted had more intelligence in his ball sweat than what Obama has in his thick communist skull.

  44. TEX

    Im with you Ted if he gets reelected we are done,we need to come together and get rid of all the liberal democrat pieces of shit ruining this country,whatever it takes get rid of them

  45. Permanant American

    Obama didn’t serve either … which I think should disqualify him as a president along with the long list of other reasons.
    If Ted did shoot him, I think that would more than make up for Ted not serving.

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