Ted Nugent Wrote About The George Zimmerman Verdict. Oh God Yes.

July 17th, 2013 // 193 Comments
Ted Nugent
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Before I dive into this almost embarrassing treasure trove of bullshit, I just want to remind everyone that in April 2012 Ted Nugent threatened to assassinate Barack Obama if he won the election. In fact, his exact words were, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Obviously, April 2013 has come and gone with none of that ever happening because a.) the secret service stopped by Ted’s house where he presumably shit his pants as is his natural defense mechanism to situations that require him to man up and b.) Ted Nugent has absolutely no means or intentions of backing up anything that comes out of his mouth. So with that in mind, meet your new bed-buddy, conservative gun nuts who waved flags, spiked footballs and fired up their grills over the fact that a wannabe cop was legally allowed to approach an innocent black kid walking home, antagonize him and then shoot him like a pussy when “just some punk” half his size somehow became a physical threat to an MMA-class taking bouncer. But as Juror B37 taught us before losing her book deal, “those people” like Trayvon Martin and “their way of life” is almost always up to no good. And, really, that’s what pisses me off more than the not-that-surprising verdict because as much as there’s a surprisingly prevalent talking point floating around that Stand Your Ground had no bearing on this case, it was included in the jury’s instructions. So now there’s a legal precedence for starting a fight because “those people” look suspicious and then shooting them when you start losing. But when you’re a real, white American, why give a fuck about some hood rats? Also, CHICAGO! NIGGERS KILL EACH OTHER IN CHICAGO! WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SHOOT THEM BECAUSE OF CHICAGO! BLIB BLIB BLAB! (Did I say that right?) Fortunately here’s Ted Nugent to educate us all why the Zimmerman verdict was great for America and those who want to keep it safe from “dope-peddling, gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boys.” Also, did I mention it’s titled, “What would Martin Luther King Jr. do?” It’s titled “What would Martin Luther King Jr. do?”

Via WND:

On how “thinking people” are relieved we’re safe from enraged black man-children that Obama, the New Black Panthers and Soul Train say we can’t shoot with our guns:

Sure, all thinking people are very relieved that George Zimmerman was found not guilty by the intelligent, justice-driven women of the jury, in spite of the façade presented by the prosecution and forced by the threat of racism by everyone from President Obama, to Eric Holder, the New Black Panther gangstas, NAACP, excuse makers of every stripe and even the governor of Florida, but still this innocent man who simply defended his life from a violent, life-threatening, bloodying, head-and-face slamming attack by an enraged black man-child has so wrongly paid an inexplicable price financially and emotionally.

In fact, George Zimmerman is the real victim here:

But George Zimmerman and his entire family, innocent of any wrongdoing, have lost everything and will be in debt for a long, long time for having to fight the trumped-up charges that he “profiled” and/or set out to murder the poor, helpless, dope-smoking, dope-peddling, gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy.

On how if people taught their kids to speak politely this all could’ve been avoided, says the man who just wrote “dope-smoking, dope-peddling, gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy”:

On the other hand, if you fail miserably as a parent and do not teach your children basic politeness and responsible behavior, what happens in the realm of irresponsible, racist behavior could indeed imperil their well-being.

If you haven’t taught your children that non-blacks shouldn’t be referred to as “creepy a– crackers,” then you have exposed your children to trouble just waiting to happen.

It really is just that simple.

But for the record, this has nothing to do about race and how people of certain races raise their kids. To look like suspicious gangstas. That are black man-children:

George Zimmerman could have cared less what color or ethnicity the individual was that he was checking out that night in the rain. Being a good neighbor and keeping your eyes open for suspicious individuals or suspicious behavior is not profiling and is not looking to murder anyone. It is simply being a good neighbor. God forbid.

Except now back to race and you’ll never guess what city’s about to be mentioned:

You see, according to our Justice Department, blacks cannot and will not be held responsible for their crimes (Chicago’s nightly gun-free slaughter zone). Only if and when a black is victimized by a non-black will our racist DOJ get involved.

You see, according to Ted Nugent, black people stopped being arrested for crimes in 2008 once the Muslim in Chief took office. He might not have any statistics or facts to back that up, but dammit, pull the wool from your eyes, people. Clearly, this trial proves they’re a protected race and anyone who bravely dares to put them down in their tracks will be thrown in jail where they throw away the key. Just look at George Zimmerman! He’s rotting in a cell as we- oh, wait. Shit.


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  1. No matter what anyone thinks about the Zimmerman verdict, I think we can all agree that Ted Nugent should probably shut the fuck up.

    • cc

      Are you suggesting that the opinion of a pederast/draft dodger/convicted poacher shouldn’t matter?

    • The only time I want to hear anything coming out of Ted Nugent’s mouth is when I’m having sex and “Stranglehold” is playing in the background.

  2. Well, Ted’s less insane that the people responding to a trial 3000 iiles away with violence, less insane that 100+ cities having protests because a bunch of people with less information than the jury think they know more about that verdict should have happened, less insane than the news agencies that tried to put racist slurs into the phone recordings, and finally…let’s face it…less insane that a ton of tweeting idiot celebrities that are suddently “ashamed to be American” and only see “white justice” in a trial that was about a young wannabe thug and a hothead wannabe cop in the same place at the same time.

    MAking it about race, historic moments, etc…THAT’S INSANE. If you want to snarl about injustice, the woman who got 20 years for warning shots is a great place to start.

    • No, the 17-year-old boy who got shot with a box of candy in his pocket is actually a pretty good place to start.

      • Was that the same kid who, according to his phone that wasn’t allowed in evidence, was either trying to get a gun or got one, was a misgyinist little thug wannabe, and who managed to use “Skittles” to bloody someone up pretty well?

        Funny, doesn’t sound like the same kid…does it?

      • More one-sided character attacks on TM but none on GZ.
        Let’s round out the scorecard, shall we?

        GZ had a history of domestic violence, a restraining order, assault charge on a officer, reports of excessive violence as a bouncer, etc. And he was an *adult.* Many Zimm supporters like yourself always fail to mention ANY of that while they list every negative element of TM’s checkered past..as a child. Why do you suppose that is? Why would an adult, armed killer with an arguably WORSE criminal and personal history of violence than the victim be given more of a pass than the unarmed, teenaged deceased victim?? (Kids are expected to make some mistakes, btw. Adults are not. Our entire justice system is structured around that premise. But all that is apparently completely ignored here.)

        Hey, I’d LOVE to believe that race isn’t playing a factor in comments like that, but that kind of blatantly lopsided and counter-intuitive thinking makes it really difficult to believe there’s any other rational explanation for it.

      • Ummm…where, in any of my posts, do I say anything positive about Zimm?

        Look. Look lots. When you come up with “zero”, you have my permission to feel like the stupid BS’er you are.

        Neither of them know anything about each other, both apparently found each other to be worrieome, and both were (as I posted in another thread here somewhere) different wannabe tough guys that were in the same place at the same time. I didn’t bring up Zimm’s record because it’s been force-fed to everyone for over a year, now, whereas TM was shown in old school band pics rather than the more recent ganja-and-thuggee pics that, again, were apparently NOT allowed into evidence.

        So, to recap…I’ve said nothing nice or positive about Zimm, which makes your little accusation full of crap, and my whole point is that no one, excepting GZ, knowns exactly what happened…and only some people in that courtroom during that trial know much that’s useful. Still, thousands of people are basiclally calling the jurors corrupt and/or incompettent and the judge useless despite having MUCH LESS INFORMATION.

        Thanks for playing.

      • Reece_c

        So a 17 yr old kid smoked pot, used bad language, tried to make himself look tougher and more grown up than he was, got in trouble at school a few times, posts inappropriate pictures and msgs online…yes he seems very different from every other 17 yr old out there.

        He had text msgs on his phone about trying to get a gun? News flash: he was shot dead with a gun. By a grown ass man. Who used bad language, tried to look tougher than he was by paroling the neighborhood looking for “suspicious” ppl and ignoring commands not to follow the boy, and he’s been in trouble with that law himself (which begs the question why he’s allowed to carry a gun while patrolling the neighborhood)

      • Which goes back to my premise, that this is all about two wannabe toughs in the same place at the same time, neither overburdened with good judgement…and one of them was armed.

        That’s not about race.

        That’s about a bad situation that plays out every day, all over the world.

      • If you think George Zimmerman would have tailed a white kid out walking in that neighborhood, you’ve lost your goddamned mind.

      • James

        Yo do know that Zim is Hispanic right? Stop using race as an arguement and look at the facts…both acted irresponsibly, but in the end TM ended up on top of Zim and was bashing his head into the ground. That is fact as stated by multiple witnesses for both the prosecution and the defense. The forensics expert also confirmed TM was on top of Zim when he was shot…honestly, what would you have done if you had someone on top of you slamming your head into the ground???

      • James

        You do know that Zim is Hispanic right? Stop using race as an arguement and look at the facts…both acted irresponsibly, but in the end TM ended up on top of Zim and was bashing his head into the ground. That is fact as stated by multiple witnesses for both the prosecution and the defense. The forensics expert also confirmed TM was on top of Zim when he was shot…honestly, what would you have done if you had someone on top of you slamming your head into the ground???

    • harriscandit

      Ya ok Rush we all know it’s you…fat fuck

    • Now that is a fair take. I don’t agree with the rioting and the “White shame” comment on MSNBC. Total bullsh*t.

      In fact, I’m not even positive he was motivated by racism, rather he was feeling tough because he was packing.

      CSB: I once saw these two guys in my neighborhood going door to door….One guy would knock, the other would be looking around the side of the house and up and down the street. I was leaving with my kids in the car and called the cops. I made a few loops around the block, but never got out to follow them. Cops popped one of them on a GTA warrant I later found out. Now, what if I had a carry permit and one of my guns? Would I have followed these guys, felling that I had back up in case something went south? I still would not have, that’s the Police’s job, but some guys, like Zimmerman, I think feel like they can do that kind of thing with impunity.
      And it appears they can.

    • “If you want to snarl about injustice, the **black** woman who got 20 years for warning shots…”

      Fixed that for you.

      Because it’s never about race.

      • For some of us, it’s enough that a confrontation involved a kid getting killed, and that a woman is jailed for firing yet intentionally missing a known violent man.

        Quit tagging race on things, and the situations are still tragedies. Funny how that works.

      • Right. Because if the woman had been white, I’m sure she’d have gotten 20 years for defending herself.

        And if Trayvon Martin had been Theodore Ignatius Martin, III, nice, clean cut white boy, I’m sure Zimmerman would have walked, too.

        Because it’s *never* about race.

      • A couple points, here…

        …first of all, the “never about race” crap is what you’re saying, don’t assign it to me. I know there are racist asshats in this country, and we arguably have them at our highest levels of government. Some things are about race.

        But…for thousands of people to insist that they know more than the judge and jurors, and to scream “race!” when it’s PROVEN that Trayvon’s thug texts and pics were held from evidence (wtf?!?!) and that the Feds contributed to pro-Trayvon rallies long before the verdict was in, and add that to stories of blacks attacking whites (yes, there are plenty nationwide) that don’t get major media attention while this stupidity was broadcast as an ongoing media-fueled drama. ..this has been a moron-a-thon of terrifying proportions. This wasn’t about race until the media and the prez insisted on making it that way, and to create the “white hispanic” label out of nowhere,

        This was about ratings, politics, PR, and keeping people upset regardless the complete lack of ethics involved.

      • Mr. Martin, Perhaps you did not read the article upon which you have chosen to comment. You see, it is in regards to Ted Nugent, and the entirety of his rant IS about race and racism. “Only if and when a black is victimized by a non-black will our racist DOJ get involved.” Perhaps if you were truly concerned about the insantity of applying race in this case, you might choose to peruse Mr. Nugent’s prose: “If you haven’t taught your children that non-blacks shouldn’t be referred to as “creepy a– crackers,” then you have exposed your children to trouble just waiting to happen.” Does he apply, I wonder, this same logic to non-blacks referring to a black teenager as “enraged black man-child” or “gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy?” Or what about apes, gorillas, n******, etc.? Because it takes but a minute on any Zimmerman related comment board to realize there are many, many failed non-black parents. And as to your “young wannabe thug and a hothead wannabe cop” summary, perhaps you missed the part where Mr. Nugent states “But George Zimmerman and his entire family, innocent of any wrongdoing…” It does appear you have some serious differences of opinion with the man you are attempting to defend. I mean, had you actually read the article upon which which you have chosen to comment.

      • Actually, anyone that knows actual information on Ted Nugent knows that he fairly worships a huge number of black musicians, and I’ve never seen him throw a racist term out despite decades of interviews. Some people just have to label him “racist” because he’s white, right-wing, and outspoken. I often disagree with him, but he’s not insance enough to be violent or screaming about a verdict he happens to disagree with…unlike a ton of people that were NOT in the court and haven’t seen all the evidence and/or testimony.

        Who’s crazier, again? While you ponder that, compare how often he’s arrested for random violence since the verdict to LA and Oakland. Thanks for playing.

      • DFCtomm

        She got 20 years because of mandatory sentencing. It’s a rule in Florida called 10-20-life. She fired a gun while committing a crime so the judge had no choice but to sentence her to 20 years. It’s why they call it mandatory. Ironically, if she had killed him her sentence might have been less, since manslaughter is exempt. It’s not fair, but it’s sure as hell not racism you stupid cunt.

      • Actually, if you play your Hooked on Phonics game a little longer and see that I talked about it being a tragedy without needing to be about race, you’d understand that your whole point, including your oh-so-scary little ending, aren’t even going against my point.

        If you feel stupid, it’s because you really, really should. Thanks for playing, but work on the reading comprehension a bit.

    • Jury let Casey Anthony go, jury let OJ go, but you know, the fucking jury is always right and knows best.

      • Katy

        Didnt OJ murder 2 white people? Didnt he get off? I dont remember anyone rioting when the verdict was announced.

    • Actually, the public does know more about the case than the jury as we have access to non-admiited evidence. We are also allowed ot open discussion and better access to facts that both the prosecution and defense throw out . That is how OJ walked the first time, but later got a civil conviction.

  3. Mikey

    He’s kinda right though.

    • lol, he is. Look at what’s happened over the past 30 years to downtown Philly…oh, and Trenton,…and, and Camden..and DC, and Baltimore,,and Detroit, and Chicago and

  4. This guy is a tool. And his music sucks ass!

    As for his idiotic raving, how does he justify his not-so-subtle threat to kill the President?
    And why is he such a spineless coward that he won’t leave the country like he said he would?? Come on Ted, I know the perfect place for you and your “Libertarian” asswipe friends who think there should be no government and everyone should have a gun. It’s called Somalia.

  5. America – land of the batshit crazy. Whenever I want to shoot myself in the head over the fucking insanity of my own people (hint: God himself chose us!!) I come here and read about the FUNFUNFUN US of A. Helps me go on for another day.

  6. Cory

    Ted is 100% right on target on this one! Stick to celebrity gossip, d’bag. Your not smart enough to comment on politics.

    • And you’re not smart enough to understand what a contraction is.

    • Stick to masturbating to photos of your sister. You’re not smart enough to comment on politics.

    • harriscandit

      Just when I think humanity cannot get any worse I read Corys thoughts (if you can call them that). If you are so politically inclined and knowledgeable why are people not going to your Web page to read about daily events….oh ya your opinion means less then donkey piss to 99.9999999991 of the world’s population.

      • Nobody comes here to read fish’s horrificly ill informed opinions on current news events. Unless they’re retarded. ok, maybe lots of you come here for the editorials on current events. Because clearly, no one has any right to ask someone they know doesn’t live in their gated community ‘hey, whatcha doin’?, and if they do, of course they should submit to a violent ass kicking without defending themselves. Asking reasonable questions and defending one’s self are clearly the hallmarks of a violent racist ‘child’ murderer.

  7. Jayne

    Whenever I see Ted Nugant’s name, I automatically think of “nougat,” the candy bar ingredient. Interestingly, Wikipedia just informed me “nougat” derives from a French word translating to “nut cake.” Lucky for Ted, nougat is made with egg whites – everybody wins!

  8. Billy

    You need to watch your own political bias on this issue. Both of them made mistakes that led to a tragedy. This site is set up for entertainment not political commentary

    • Pretty clearly the site is whatever it wants to be and the writer gets to write what he wants to write. If you don’t like it, I’m sure Free Republic is looking for another asshole who wants to discuss what an injustice it is that only 43 of America’s presidents have been white.

      • Bryan

        Hilarious that in your mind, anyone who agrees the jury came to the legally correct verdict is a racist Freeper. Do you have absolutely zero self-awareness or perspective? I just can’t understand what it would be like going through such a black-and-white life. I guess indignant outrage keeps you chugging along though.

        Team politics for life!

      • Bryan

        You honestly believe that anyone who thinks the Zimmerman verdict was legally correct (note: this is different from morally correct) must be a racist Freeper? Do you have zero self-awareness or perspective? What is it like to live in such a black-and-white world? I guess indignant outrage keeps you chugging along okay. Thumbs up, brosef.

    • Ted Nugent is apparently a “celebrity”, so when he opens his stupid, fat mouth, he is fair game like any other brainless sh*thead celebrity. See how that works?

    • harriscandit

      I would llloooovvvvveeeee to hear the mistake Trayvon made. Was it legally buying products from a store or legally walking home in his neighbourhood? Perhaps it was when he stood his ground while being threatened by a grown ass 250 pound man that was following him around for no legal reason. Please enlightenment waits for no one. Let’s here about these “mistakes”

      • adm.fookbar

        His mistake was doubling back to coldcock a creepy ass cracker.

        Here’s the thing, in the event of a confrontation, George Zimmerman assumed the cops or his fighting woudl get him out of a jam.

        In that same confrontation, Trayvon Martin thought his fists and youthful immortality would save him.

        And after 40 seconds of smashing a head into the ground, one of these people learned that an armed society SHOULD be a polite society, paraphased from the gunnuts.

        Those of us who carry guns really don’t want to take a life because of what we saw happen. Even in the cleanest, most legitimate shoot you could imagine, you will end up facing criminal charges, civil court, and being dragged through the mud. Maybe not to GZ levels, but enough that you will be bankrupted and ruined.

        But, the thing is, you’ll live to be poor.

        For all the accusations of GZ being a wanna-be cop, don’t think he doesn’t know that. Go take a look at any Internet gun nut forum, and you’ll find that the most diehard guys out there know damned well if you pull the trigger its gonna hurt you, too.

      • harrisschmarris

        He brought fists to a gunfight…

      • Hardly surprising since the gunfight went looking for him.

      • Trayvon was not ‘walking home’ in ‘his neighborhood’. He was in a gated community he did not live in, staying as a guest of his dad, who was staying as a guest at the dad’s girlfriend’s. Trayvon’s mistake was responding to the legit question of ‘hey. whatcha doin’?’ by ducking around a corner, waiting for Zimmerman, and attacking him violently.

  9. Good thing it’s just the liberal lamestream media that wants to turn this nonsense into a referendum on more than it is.

    the gun nuts need to a find a cleaner self defense case to latch onto. there are plenty of them out there. but I’m sure it’s tough to not support a fat pile of wannabe cop with a literal erection for the chance to shoot somebody.

    • Given Trayvon’s phone full of misogyny, thug language, and his own violence/weapons obsessions…anyone just dismissing him as innocent in this deal really works to ignore available information.

      • Yeah, I think you mentioned that up there already, fuck face.

        Who said anything about Trayvon’s phone or innocence? I suspect he probably lit the fat fuck up with a beatdown and got shot for it. The point is, sit your fat ass in the house where you are 100% unthreatened and wait for the cops to come. You shouldn’t have to chase after the chance to defend yourself.

        The whole damn thing could have been avoided if the fat fuck sat his ass in the house and jerked off to NRA literature and law enforcement fantasies.

      • Or if Trayvon would have just walked away…

      • ReaganSucksCocksInHell

        Walked away from the guy stalking him because he thought a black guy in a gated community looked suspicious.

        Good advice, lily white pussy.

      • Walked away and he might still be here today… I would say that’s actually really sound advice considering he got shot after attacking GZ.

      • Cougar, it’s hard to walk away when they keep following you.

      • Or if Zimmerman would have stayed in the car as instructed…

      • I think it’s pretty obvious TM made a mistake, cougar. What’s sad is that gun nuts and self defense enthusiasts take GM’s acquittal as validation to play batman.

      • GM=GZ, for the idiots.

      • He made one that cost him his life. My point is is that TM could have walked away and avoided attacking GZ. I don’t think he would have gotten shot in the back.

        I don’t disagree with the fact that GZ should have sat in the car and waited for the cops to show up, since he called them. Both parties could have avoided this situation.

      • Gee, cougar, exactly what “mistake” was that – going to the store for Skittles or wearing that hoodie? How about if Martin just lived all his life in the basement and never, ever went outdoors to make any “mistakes” like, oh, being seen to exist, would that be OK with you? Because God forbid his returning home on foot in a community that he had every right to be in should freak out failed security guards with a law’n'order hard-on. Because we sure as hell can’t have that.

        Let me guess – you probably think that every rape victim’s really to blame for dressing provocatively, and it’s ultimately their fault for not outrunning their attacker, right?

      • J, you’re acting like GZ just walked up to TM and shot him in cold blood. He shot him in self defense. TM had every right to walk around the neighborhood and GZ had every right to follow him. He didn’t have the right to assault GZ. He had every chance to avoid the confrontation. Did he not have a place he could have gone to 60 yards away? But he chose to confront GZ and attack him and he got shot for doing so. He got shot while he was on top of him beating his head on the concrete. I don’t know what about that is so hard for you to understand.

        I don’t see how bringing rape in to the conversation is relevant but no, I don’t think it’s the victim’s fault. But I do think it’s strange that you are up late at night thinking about rape…

      • Wow, “fuck face”? You’re, what, 12, maybe? Does your mom know you’re cussing on the internet?

        A little hint you can take to junior high with you, tomorrow: when you want to make a point, it works better if you don’t come off as a brattish little imbecile trying out his first profanity. That can make you seem too childish to possibly be taken seriously. I kinda doubt this is the first time it’s come up.

      • the whole thing would have been avoided if the young punk thug had responded to a legitimate question with an answer, using words. People are well within their rights to ask people they don’t know who are walking through their neighbor’s back yards at night, whatcha doin – even if that person is black. We’re not required to hide in our homes, doors locked, waiting for the cops when blacks walk down our streets.

  10. He pretty much sounds exactly like you, Fish, except in his version, the names are switched around.

    It’s stunning to me that with the millions of people who appear to have witnessed exactly what happened that night, nobody bothered to whip out their cell phone.

  11. ThisWillHurt

    So, according to The Nuge, all black kids are violent Skittles fiends.

  12. If you don’t think Ted Nugent is a piece of shit asshole, that means you’re also a piece of shit asshole.

  13. dreamcrusher

    If GZ targeted and stalked Trademark Martin why was he on the ground being pummeled and why was his weapon not drawn according to THE SOLE EYEWITNESS to the altercation ?

    That ends the discussion right there.

    Sorry Fishyboy but Trayvon was from the jungle and violence was a part of his unevolved DNA.

    • Maybe Big Bad GZ thought he was man enough to take on a punk teenager? Except when he started getting his ass handed to him, he went to Plan B.
      Maybe that Trayvon kid should have kept going, but doesn’t HE have a right to Stand his Ground? He sees this guy following him and he confronts him. At that point, they probably both started talking shit, and you know the rest.
      GZ should have stayed in his damn car and let the cops do their freaking job

      • How is that crying? That’s probably pretty close to how it went down and now there’s a dead kid and a grieving family.
        It’s a big responsibility to own a gun and an even bigger one to carry.

      • ‘stand your ground’ doesn’t mean you can respond to a verbal question by throwing punches. Maybe when the younger generation that worships the thug life starts to understand that they’re no bigger or tougher than anyone else they encounter on the street, they’ll learn that they need to observe the same standards of respect towards others we all follow.

    • “Trayvon was from the jungle and violence was a part of his unevolved DNA.”

      C’mon, brother! Don’t code it up! Just tell us what you think — you think he’s a monkey, don’t you? You think black people are sub-human, right? Trayvon was a damn dirty nigger, right? And damn dirty niggers get what’s coming to them when they step out of line, right?

      If you’re gonna be a racist POS, be a fkin’ man about it and just say it.

      • ReaganSucksCocksInHell

        Conservatives being anything but complete pussies?


      • dreamcrusher

        I am saying it douchebag. A black teen that embraces the thug culture has Superfly as a role model not MLK. Hard working and decent black people should be ashamed to honor a thug that died in his very first violent assault.

      • Superfly? How did my out of touch racist dad post this to the internet from the 70′s? Dad, if you can hear me, buy stock in a company called Apple!

      • Yeah, because “thug culture” lives and dies around walking to the corner store for Arizona Iced Tea and Skittles. It must really chap your moronic, racist ass it wasn’t grape drink and watermelon, huh?

        From the outdated Superfly reference, I’m guessing that in about three minutes it’ll be time for you to hoist your sagging pants up to your armpits and yell at the neighborhood kids to get off your damn lawn. Good luck with never being relevant for whatever remains of your pitifully stunted life.

      • dreamcrusher

        actually it was a watermelon drink…lol…surprisingly…..

        The Superfly reference was dated along with the dated MLK reference…get it dumbazz ?

        I pity you morons in generation slacker. You will never have jobs and you are slaves to a manufactured reality TV culture that tells you what to do, what to say, and when to be outraged.

      • I’m 40 you putz. I’ve been working since I was 13 and I can’t stand most of television. And unlike Teddy up there, I didn’t turn tail when the opportunity to serve came along. I’m not the strawman you’re looking for.

      • Ah, the old “I totes meant to appear dated and out of touch, it’s part of my carefully crafted Master Plan, dumbazz” defense. Like Uncle Phil, I’m in my 40′s and actually own my own business, which means you really should think about doing something about that painful allergic reaction to reality that’s due to bite you in your no-doubt oversized ass.

      • dreamcrusher

        Hard to tell forty year old dudes from chicks these days. You and Phil have been de-balled by the teachers unions and can’t think rationally so you react emotionally to every perceived injustice or slight as soon as the marxist media tells you to.

        Kinda like women.

        My apologies to you ladies out there that think independently.

      • Had I known that your freedoms were the ones I had ostensibly signed up to defend, I may have thought twice about going off to basic training. I should also point out that the only time I let television affect how I view the world is during college football season (I don’t even have cable). Again, I’m not the strawman you need right now, I’m the one you deserve.

        I don’t really care too much about the Trayvon Martin case or Ted Nugent, I just like poking at stupidity and logical fallacies.
        In the case of the Nuge, I do get a little tweaked when people talk tough about America, but avoid making a real, respectable commitment to it. At least if Quaker avoided service as a conscientious objector, they are adhering to a principle that they believe, and in some way worthy of respect. Not bathing for a week and pooping your pants is cowardly and someone like that shouldn’t be considered worth listening to, no matter what side of the isle you happen to be on.

        Good luck with your world view; it’s probably pretty hard carrying that much anger and fear around.

      • “De-balled by the teachers unions.”

        BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you. Seriously, thank you. That is my new favorite right-wing, shithouse scapegoat. It not only involves misogyny, but an irrational fear of education. It has everything!

        Adding… You literally have no idea how stupid your comment is for one very specific reason I won’t spoil.

      • Also, maybe if you’d had better teachers in school, you’d have an easier time knowing the difference between men and women, I mean, dudes and chicks.

      • That wouldn’t be all that beneficial – as you can probably tell, this latent dicksmack has a lot of confusion as to which gender he actually wants to fuck.

      • what about all the ‘creepy ass cracker’ comments from Trayvon? Didn’t he have the attitude that ‘damned cracker gonna get a beat down for disrespectin’ me and eyeballin’ me’? Clearly Trayvon was the one with the racist violent attitude in this confrontation. But hey, don’t let the actual facts deter you from buying into the network news fairy tale version.

  14. Cher X

    Fish, I just of’fish’ally fell in love with you (yeah I wrote that) . You’re dead on about the juror and dead on about the Zimmerman verdict in general. Kudos.

  15. Zombie Ted Kennedy

    Geez, did Al and Jesse become impatient? It’s white cop vs. black guy. Not private Hispanic citizen vs. private black citizen. Don’t screw up the playbook! Or Ted Nugent will make you pay.

  16. Rob

    Here’s a bit of advice for everyone: if you’re ever in an argument and you’re on the same side as Ted Nugent, you are wrong

  17. Read Teds article just as he composed it at the WND link for the all of Teds’ common sense stuff that Fish selectively edited to make Ted look more illogical.
    As far as Ted’s rants go: this one is the only one I have ever read that dosnt make Ted sound like a lunatic! Therefore I don’t think Ted actually authored it all by himself either!

  18. Cock Dr

    Maybe we should arm ourselves against the nutty Nugents populating our North American landscape.
    I’m far more afraid of them then anyone else.

  19. Rod

    Typical lib BS. Instead of debating on facts, just call the guy a nutjob. Agree he has some extreme opinions, but on the Trayvon case he is right. No love for Zim (a minority by the way), but he was getting pounded and had the right to defend himself. Just during the trial, 4 black kids were shot and killed in Chicago by other blacks. Why aren’t Jessie and Al trying to fix that?

  20. Every racist fucking moron loves to bring up Jesse and Al. They must be doing something right if the racists keep trying to demonize them all the time. I don’t personally care for them one way or the other, but the minute I see someone immediately bring them up, I know what kind of loser they are and I know they have a weak argument.

    I am sorry, but this pussy ass, draft dodging loser Ted Nugent is a moron, always has and always will be and I have met this fucker unfortunately several times. Friend of a friend type thing. Still waiting for his bitch ass to leave the country along with the others that said they would. All talk.

    This country has become a nation of pussies that only know how to solve problems with a gun.

    Look at all the big shit talkers, Nugent, Palin, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, Fox and Morons, Rush, Dennis Miller, all of them, pussies that never spent a day in the military.

    • Rod

      I mention Al and Jessie, becuase they stirred this whole issue up when they should be fixing what’s wrong in thier own communities. Instead they blame others and make millions of it.

      Why does the military vote 75% republican? Liberal, nanny staters like you are the real pussies.

    • Tawana Brawley. That must be what you think Al Sharpton is ‘doing right’. Yeah. Making shit up out of whole cloth just to fan the flames of racist hysteria, propping himself up as the supposed champion of people who are victims of an imaginary boogeyman, perpetually distracting their focus from the real problems that affect their lives for generations.

  21. Sheppy

    I like the way people say GZ was getting pounded like he was simply minding his own business when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, TM launched an unprovoked attack.

    • I’m surprised people believe anything from a man who said that after he shot Martin in the chest he said “You got me!”
      Seriously? Did he then run in slow motion while a little explosion went off in the background?
      *Credits roll*
      Zimmerman is actually Dolph Lundgren in White Mexican clothing.

  22. The Illuminati Did It

    People miss the total point of this case. It was a SELF DEFENSE case. Following someone is not against the law. However, starting to throw a beating on someone IS. It’s called assault. Was Zimmerman a pussy that reached for his gun instead of fending off the attacker with his fists, hell yeah. However, I am not George Zimmerman. Zimmerman could have very well thought his life was in danger. The point of the matter is, the defense proved beyond a reasonable doubt that was the very case. Zimmerman acted in self defense because he thought that Martin was going to end his life by repeatedly slamming his head on the ground (of which there is EVIDENCE). Do I think Zimmerman was a pussy? Hell yes. The problem is, being a PUSSY IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. ASSAULT IS. I know a lot of people don’t agree with me, and that’s cool. It’s called freedom of speech. The problem is, these same people want to throw a guy in jail because they believe america is racist. That is deplorable.

    P.S. Nugent is a dirty shit stained draft dodger.

    Rant over.

    • Methos

      It shouldn’t have been a self defense case because Zimmerman caused the confrontation. Martin had just as much right to defend himself. If Zimmerman had been following you, would you have confronted him, or run home? He started something he couldn’t handle and had to resort to shooting a kid who had done nothing to warrant being followed in the first place.

      • ChaCha

        The Illuminati Did It is right; the only thing I would disagree with is that the defense proved that GZ acted in self defense; actually the prosecution FAILED to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that GZ did not act in self defense. And that’s the problem: the available physical evidence suggested that GZ was telling the truth, so we had the f’ing PROSECUTION trying to create reasonable doubt about his story by poking holes in the evidence; it’s supposed to be the other damn way around. Also, it doesn’t matter if you think it’s understandable to confront someone who is following you; not illegal to follow someone, and also not illegal to confront someone for following you; it is, however, illigal to initiate the fist fight portion of the situation; it’s certainly possible that GZ initiated the fisticuffs, but that’s not what the available evidence suggests, and the prosecution couldn’t come close to proving it beyond reasonable doubt; the end.

      • If you think on the facts of this case, that Zimmerman was the one who ‘instigated’ the fight, and Trayvon had the right to throw punches when asked what he was doing in the gated community he did not live in, then I surely had the right to violently assault the endless parade of black people on Flatbush Avenue who would ask me every goddamned night I got off the subway what the fuck I was doing in their neighborhood at night, and tailed me the 2 blocks to my apartment to see where I was going. Stupid me, I assumed they gave a shit about what went on in their neighborhood, and answered them politely.

    • Sheppy

      So how would you feel is someone was following you around with a gun?

  23. Brian

    “shoot him like a pussy when “just some punk” half his size somehow became a physical threat to an MMA-class taking bouncer.”

    Apparently, you missed the part where Trayvon was actually 4 inches taller than Zimmerman. It’s understandable, as the media was using a 6 year old picture to make him look like a child. You idiots gobble up everything they toss your way.

    • Even though Zimmerman was a punk its crazy that no one else questions the medias skewing the facts and editing the phone call.

      • I really feel like you must not have watched much of the trial. If you get a chance, watch at least recordings of the closing arguments for both sides. I think it might be eye-opening for you as to how this verdict was a reasonable potential result (while I would not have been shocked at guilty-on-manslaughter either).

      • You are either some breed of super retard, or you’re intentionally ignoring the actual facts to fan the flames on this. I hope next time you have the supreme audacity to ask a black person what time it is, or somehow give them the impression you’re following them, they beat you to death.

  24. Stop Making Me Defend This Shiat

    Martin’s mistake was not stopping after he knocked down a loser who happneded to be packing heat. Some creep is following you? Go ahead, knock his ass down, and get the F outta there. Once you straddle him, tell him he is going to die, and start bashing his head into the concrete – you’ve lost the protection of the law.

  25. Eric

    Maybe if some of you actually looked at the evidence and engaged your brain then you would see that the ONLY way it could have gone down is if Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman.

    1) The stupid NEN dispatcher asked Zimmerman “which way did he run?” Zimmerman interpreted that as follow him. At that point, Trayvon Martin was at the T-intersection and proceeded south toward his house, according to Rachel Jeantel.

    2) When the NEN dispatcher realized that Zimmerman was following he said “We don’t need you to do that” and Zimmerman said “Ok.” A few seconds later, he told the dispatcher that he couldn’t see Martin anymore. Zimmerman told the dispatcher he would hang out waiting for the police. That was at the T-intersection.

    3) Rachel Jeantel testified that Trayvon Martin said he was by his father’s fiancé’s house which is approximately 60 south of where Zimmerman was. She also testified that a couple of minutes after that Trayvon initiated the contact with Zimmerman.

    4) All of the forensic evidence shows that the fight started at the T-intersection of the sidewalk.

    If Trayvon Martin went home, then why did the fight begin 60 yards away, back in the direction he came from?

    The only explanation is that Zimmerman broke off from following and Trayvon Martin doubled back. That means that he pursued the crazy ass cracker and attacked Zimmerman.

    According to eyewitness John Good, Zimmerman was flat on his back with Trayvon Martin on his chest punching. Again forensics showed that only Zimmerman’s back and Trayvon’s knees had grass stains. Also, Zimmerman was the only one with any fight related injuries.

    Stand your ground means that you are not obligated to retreat before using deadly force. With Trayvon Martin sitting on his chest Zimmerman had no ability to retreat. With his head getting hit into concrete he had a reasonable belief that he would be killed or grievously injured. It was self defense, plain and simple.

    • Methos

      If he did attack Zimmerman, it was because Zimmerman was following him. Zimmerman put himself in that position, not Martin. If Zimmerman had been following you down a public street, would you have run home or would you have confronted his stupid ass.

      • ChaCha

        Legally, it doesn’t matter if GZ put himself in that position; you still can’t initiate a fistfight with someone because they’re following you; that’s assault, period.

        Clearly GZ exercised SPECTACULARLY horrendous judgement, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of understanding about what is and is not an actual crime among those who are upset by this verdict. I do believe there is a case for a CIVIL suit for wrongful death.

      • Finally an intelligent set of people who made a balanced argument and didn’t go to one extreme or the other. I’m so sick of all the crazy blind arguments.

      • Eric

        Zimmerman had broken off following TM. If Zimmerman was following TM, why was he still 60 yards away from Martin after several minutes? How much of a threat could he be 60 yards away?

        RJ said Trayvon was by his father’s house. Yet Trayvon Martin walked away from the safety of his house and went to where Zimmerman was. Who is the aggressor then?

        Following somebody is not illegal. Assault and battery is. It was stupid of Zimmerman to follow Martin, it was illegal of Martin to attack him for it. Trayvon Martin had no right to start the fight. Zimmerman had every right to defend his own life even if stand your ground didn’t exist.

  26. Bryan

    Of everything posted to this site, nothing is funnier than Fish thinking he has an educated opinion on anything related to guns. Half-baked hysterical regurgitation of Team Liberal talking points are entertaining in their own way, though.

    Conservatives are right about precisely ONE issue. It’s like having a broken watch, stopped at 12 noon. The sun is directly overhead and Fish is frothing about how it couldn’t POSSIBLY be noon right now RARGH STUPID RACIST WRISTWATCH.

  27. TiredOfLiberalDouchebags

    Ted wasn’t raving, everything he said was true and well said. You people who have no idea what you’re talking about and have made up your minds regardless of any evidence that was presented are simply too blind to accept it. Well spoken words, truth and reason have no effect on you so, unfortunately, the only recourse anybody has it to say, “Fuck you. Do something about it.”

  28. I suppose most of you are keyboard tough guys would just lay on the ground and get your head bashed in by some brutha and just die because you were so tough death was acceptable. GZ had a gun, he shot the guy bashing his head in, it wasnt GZ on top of Hoodie bashing his head in, then shooting him. Spare me your phony outrage and your white guilt, at least pick a real whitewhite guy to be pissed off . Nuge For President, pussies.

  29. Mad Max

    This kid/Loser would have ended up dead anyway. Zimmerman just helped with the circle of life.

  30. Grand Dragon

    I’ve never read so much butthurt in a single post on this site.

  31. Bryan

    Hey Fish, I have been reading this blog for many years now and you are consistently hilarious and fun to read. Your views on gun issues, though, are painfully naive and ignorant and clearly demonstrate unthinking team politics. You’re correct about most political issues but the facts are just not on your side with the gun debate.

    I have a standing offer for you: if you at any time find yourself in the San Antonio area, for any amount of time, this fellow bleeding heart progressive socialist would like to take you out to a shooting range. I’ll even take off work if I have to. At the range, you’ll discover just how awesomely fun guns are, and that they’re nothing like the terrifying totems of death that DailyKos and ThinkProgress tell you they are.

    Seriously, let me know. You’d be surprised at how many leftists have come around to the correct side of the gun debate after a fun trip to the range, and I believe they have a better and more coherent and fully-accurate worldview because of it.

    • I grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania with an avid hunting family. I’ve fired my share of guns. Hell, I even have one sitting in a cigar box in my closet that my grandfather left me. I have no particular problem with using them for hunting (In fact, I’m constantly the recipient of extra deer meat and jerky, so keep that shit coming.) and/or keeping one in your house for protection if that helps you sleep at night.

      Where I draw the line is the gun fetish culture where you start hearing things like, “This is mah last line of defense against tear-knee,” and the thinking that the solution to gun violence is more guns. On top of that, it’s not enough that the NRA has successfully lobbied for idiots to walk around packing, but now with Stand Your Ground, they have more opportunity to shoot somebody and really get that full gun experience. Apparently our previous self defense laws made it too hard for Random Joe to play Dirty Harry. I get it, that’s frustrating.

      • I have to ask why you draw the line where you do. What percentage of gun violence in the U.S. has anything to do with the people protecting themselves from “tear-knee” or concealed carry permits?

      • Bryan

        I am the staunchest 2A and CHL rights advocate you can find, and I hate the NRA and Wayne LaPierre with a passion. I also loathe the fact that morons like Ted Nugent have become de facto gun rights spokesmen. I completely understand that, especially given the media’s portrayal of things, that gun owners come off as blood thirsty redneck hicks.

        It’s just not how it is though.

        Since your main objection is supposedly the idea of concealed carry, I’d like to point out that when you drop pretensions of emotional hysterics (“THE CHILDREN! JUST ONE LIFE!!”) and bloodthirsty strawmen, the facts show very clearly that the streets are not awash in rivers of the blood of children (or minorities gunned down by racist licensed carriers). This was a common prediction by antis in the 90s, and it just has NOT happened, despite record numbers of CHLs currently. Concealed carry licensees are statistically the most law-abiding citizens in the country. The media grabbed ahold of the Trayvon tragedy and blew it up beyond reason, but to equate all concealed carry with the worst-possible-outcome, like the overzealous neighborhood watchman like Zimmerman, is stupid. The vast majority of CHL holders never draw their gun once nor do they wish to become Dirty Harry.

        There is no reason your natural right to protect yourself should end at your door front. As a liberal, I feel this is especially applicable to the less privileged – minorities, the poor (who live in the most crime-ridden areas, obviously), and women. As middle class white dudes, you and I are privileged in that we in all likelihood will never see violence or fear for our lives. I’d prefer our laws err on the side of letting “the little guy” have every opportunity of leveling the playing field against very real dangers they actually encounter. I wonder if Matthew Shepard or James Byrd, Jr. would have liked to have been “Dirty Harry” on their unlucky nights? Privileged antis want to take away the faintest whiff of a chance of them having a chance in those situations, and that is completely at odds with any supposed progressive politics. The very rare cases like Zimmerman are not reasons to dismantle the CHL system.

        Beyond all of that, it is completely unreasonable to think that some gangster is going to stop carrying his pistol because concealed carry is illegal. Works out well in Chicago, right? Or wait, you think that example is stupid for some reason. How about Washington, DC?

        All I have to say in regards to the Zimmerman verdict is that the facts and evidence just plain didn’t support a conviction of 2nd degree murder or manslaughter. Any impartial observer knew this from the beginning, and as evidence was released the story became clearer. The courts can not be a surrogate for our moral outrage – the legally correct verdict was reached.

        By the way, “I’m okay with hunting, but” is pretty much on par with “I’m not a racist, and I have black friends, but” in terms of the hilarious incongruity that inevitably follows.

        Too many words on a funny celebrity blog post, but I know you are a smart guy and it’s embarrassing how consistently uninformed (or rather, misinformed by team media) you are on gun politics.

      • ChaCha

        A thousand likes!

      • Bryan

        Last thought:

        I know trying to debate through a blog post is stupid, but mostly I’m trying to get across the idea that being a leftist AND supporting gun rights is not only completely okay, but it’s actually much more coherent internally than what team politics currently dictates. I read as much left wing media as you do, probably, but I also know when they’re wrong. In my opinion, leftwing liberals (as opposed to democrats, who are centrist at best) are right on most issues, from social to economic, using real facts and statistics to back up their positions, but gun control is the singular issue where all reason goes out the window in favor of histrionics and blind emotion. It’s basically everything the right does with abortion, except it’s the left doing it.

        I know you are better than that. I just know it.

      • I would like to copy this reply and just re-paste it in every simplified argument and article ive ever seen regarding the topic. I’m actually anti-guns but ive never seen anyone explain the points on the subject so well, from either side!

      • An actual attorney

        I have a question, please be honest. How much of the actual trial did you watch or listen to in order to form your opinion?

        I can honestly tell you that I saw it all in addition to all the motions and hearings outside the jury’s presence.

        The only legal result in this case was not guilty. It’s too bad a young teenager died, but he made a poor choice and paid the price. And I would say it was an especially poor choice in a state like Florida.

        Classic self-defense or SYG, Zimmerman wins.

        The real tragedy is that the tidal wave of public outrage was able to hijack the legal system in Sanford and push forward with an unjust arrest and trial. Thank God that at the end of the road was a jury, where the mob’s influence can’t reach.

        The questions being asked shouldn’t be about Zimmerman and Stand Your Ground, they should be about raising kids not to end up like Trayvon. Surely his family and friends loved him, but we’d all be better off if kids stopped getting involved with drugs, truancy, violence, guns, etc. His parents saw the writing on the wall and that’s the reason why his Mom sent him packing and off to his Dad’s. Too little too late though. Just look at his texts from the week before he died – fighting, guns, drugs, suspension. That’s where we need the change. Ironically, George was tutoring kids who were otherwise likely at risk to end up like Trayvon.

      • This is a valid point. The admiration for ‘thug life’ isnt good for youths because it ends up in tragedies like these. if someone is stalking u run and lock the door like others pointed out.

      • Jussayin

        Wow, “actual attorney.” Just wow. Talk about blaming the victim. You must also think it’s the woman’s fault if she’s raped? Shouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt and walking alone at night, huh?
        Really not much of a stretch- it’s the same disgusting thought process.

      • you are a supreme retard, with special abilities to drown the truth from your brain by wallowing in over your head in liberal talking points. stick to the jokes and bikini pics, you’re just not mentally capable of any more than that.

    • Sheppy

      There are shooting ranges in the UK too. soooo… doesn’t really mean much.

  32. Every time I see the “Conservatives” responding to a “Liberal Article” on this site, I am reminded of the pages and pages of “Porch Monkey” posts that followed the announcement of Obama’s election on this site in 2008, and remember these are the same posters.

  33. Hmmmmm…… the rightwing reactionary shit-for-brains like scum limbaugh are always screaming that “celebrities should shut the fuck up because what the fuck do they know about politics” whenever a liberal/progressive/leftist celebrities makes political statements (look up Breitbart bighollywood). YET, where is the reSCUMlican outrage over celebrity theodore talking political shit? Or when “celebrity” barry manilow (SNICKER!) mouthed support for romney and the reSCUMlicans and scum limbaugh and the rest of the rightwing reactionary shit-for-brains called “celebrity” barry manilow (SNICKER!) an “intelligent person”? Double-standard hypocrites much?

  34. ReaganSucksCocksInHell

    Jeez, where did all these right wing limp dicks come from. Did somebody turn the lights on over at the Blaze or Stormfront and send all these roaches scattering?

  35. mytwocents

    Nugent is a dumbass, granted.

    But didn’t many liberals (Alec Baldwin I know for sure) threaten to leave the country after W was elected again, and didn’t? Let’s not be hypocrites please.

  36. Brooke

    I don’t live in the US so I never heard about this incident. I read Fish’s comments and thought “OMG how awful!”, and “Stupid Ted Nugent, gall!” and while I won’t necessarily take back what I thought about Nugent, after reading up on the incident I have to say I can’t see this as being a purely race issue. The guy is even a quarter black, so if he was just up to KKK levels of no good, well…

    Maybe this is crazy thinking, but check this out.

    It wasn’t so much a race thing as it was a fear-driven bad decision by both parties. Zimmerman was trying to protect a neighborhood that had been burgled repeatedly and had pit bulls running around attacking people. I bet more than the kid being black, the kid being a teenager, male, and someone Zimmerman didn’t recognize in the night on a rainy day walking around in his neighborhood, where robberies had been committed by young adults… does that make sense? I bet he was scared. It’s not like he took action immediately, he called the police. I didn’t take his comment about “those assholes” as meaning “THOSE NIGGERS ARGHSSTDG” I just think he meant the assholes who had been robbing his neighbors and getting away with it.

    For Martin’s part, he sounded pretty scared too. A guy he didn’t know was following him, and he was all by himself in a neighborhood he wasn’t overly used to. Maybe when he saw Zimmerman had a gun he lost his nerve and thought his life was in danger, and maybe he made the first attack in self defense.

    If you want to point fingers, both had priors on their records, nothing too major. Both probably handled the situation poorly. I would say Zimmerman was an idiot for carrying a gun, but that’s what he was advised to do by local authorities…

    And that, to me, is the biggest problem in the whole incident. Not race, but the fact that a man was carrying a gun. I think I read the sherif or whoever who advised him to carry it resigned… rightly so. But the tragedy has already taken place, it won’t bring Martin back to his family. It won’t give Zimmerman his life back.

    Let’s fuck the race bullshit, I see this as another reason to tighten gun control. If he had pepper spray instead of a gun, as he was told to carry because of those pit bulls, I bet even with a confrontation Martin would be alive and they would have found out it was all a misunderstanding.

    That’s what I think, anyway. I think it’s a hard case to judge…

    • Bryan

      Oh, we’re doing hypotheticals! Here’s one: guns are banned, and nobody in the world has them. Magically erased from the world. Zimmerman is carrying a pocket knife, as many do, mostly for utility. Something like a SpyderCo or Benchmade, maybe. Everything goes down the same way and Trayvon gets stabbed in the throat and bleeds out and dies in less than a minute.

      Much better.

      • Brooke

        Yeah, your right. Pocket knives are the terror equals to guns, that is so true. Just like a gun, they are great for long distance attacks so running away would be futile, and Martin probably would have acted the same way if… oh wait, I’m thinking of crossbows.

        The knife theory was interesting, since it came out of nowhere. I believe I’d mentioned pepper spray in my comment but yeah man, pocket knives and guns are, like, the same thing. Totally interchangeable. I’m going to put my Swiss army knife in a safe just in case.

      • Bryan

        You’re the one who brought rosy hypotheticals into it, and asserted it’s a gun control issue. My made-up scenario is just as likely as yours. Here’s another likely picture: Zimmerman is still carrying his gun, draws it and fires, but only wounds Trayvon and the conflict ends. Trayvon survives, as most do when shot by a handgun, despite Hollywood’s depiction of them being One Shot Kill death machines. Or, also likely, Zimmerman draws his gun, Trayvon freaks out and runs off, and the conflict ends. Most defensive gun uses involve no shots fired and a scared thug running home to change his underwear.

        You mention the “knife scourge…” You don’t think in a world free of baby killin guns, criminals would use knives instead? They’d just give up and throw marshmallows at their victims?

        Besides that, how about you point out the concealed-carry-licensee-shooting-innocents scourge that exists nowhere outside of your CNN-deluded mind. Are you still living in the 90s, when concealed carry wasn’t really a thing yet but it was just SURE to lead to wanton death on the streets? (You might notice how this hasn’t happened at all, antis were objectively wrong, and violent crime is actually at all-time lows, while guns in circulation and CHLs are at all-time highs. Huh.)

  37. dave

    Everyone talks about this trial as if they were a direct eye witness to what happened. Nobody can say “this happened” or “that happened” because none of us were there.

  38. dave

    By the way, didn’t Teddy say he’d be “…dead or in jail” if Barak was re-elected? Oh well.

  39. You should all be scratching your heads wondering why this case was made into a public spectacle…

  40. Bringbackbabalu

    “No matter what anyone thinks about the Zimmerman verdict, I think we can all agree that Ted Nugent should probably shut the fuck up”.

    Maybe you should shut up, instead? You are so fucking pathetic, your life revolves around commenting on lame internet blogs…

    Nugent is 100% right here…what did he say that isn’t SPOT ON. Fuck yourself, yes I am a right wing conservative, I love GB, and if anything on this site has ever been half as spot on as what Nugent wrote, I would be the first to admit it…

    Hell, I read almost half the article a few days ago, and I kept asking myself “who wrote this? It isn’t a mindless lemming from the lamestream media”

    And guess what, i looked at the author, and it wasn’t.. He may have been a pop singer, but this man deserves your respect…

    What does Trayvon deserve, that he didn’t get…NOTHING IS WORSE THAN A FAKE THUG,


    • Why does someone who bailed one the one chance to serve his country deserve my respect? “Uh oh. Got a notice from the draft board. Better load up on burritos.”

      Perhaps I should respect his long history of strong family values and law abiding behavior? Think before you post. If this guy wasn’t famous, you’d never want to know him. He’s a dirtbag who can play a guitar. That’s it.

      • Wasn’t Bill Clinton on the first plane to Canada, firing up a joint, when he got his draft notice? Lots of people made up their minds they weren’t obligated to go die in Vietnam just because the government wanted to send them there.

  41. Truthteller

    Blacks are 13% of the population but commit 50% of all murders. Three out of four black children are born out of wedlock. 50% of black students graduate high school. The average black IQ is 85. All of these are verified facts, irrefutable and absolute.

  42. Jenn

    I thought Zimmerman was Hispanic. Did he just have a tan or what?
    I refuse to comment on Ted’s BS other than I now believe he may be Amanda Bynes’ real father because he’s crazy as fuck.

    • He is Hispanic. I mean I know we’d love to do a real life Dave Chappelle race draft and not claim him but lets all be adults and admit he’s Hispanic instead of calling him white. No one had a problem admitting OJ was African America or Michael Jackson after they got away with it. He’s Hispanic and biracial and his mom was on Barbara Walters last night, also hispanic. And one of the jurors was hispanic too, hopefully not the one who embarrassed herself talking about the book deal. I haven’t listened to her nonsense yet, but read about it briefly.

      • sprayman

        zimmerman is peruvian hispanic/white/black, he had a black great grandfather and grew up with his black relatives, he is not racist towards blacks but is towards mexicans

  43. Calm down Fish you’re getting hysterical. Take some midol and lay down.

  44. “If you haven’t taught your children that non-blacks shouldn’t be referred to as “creepy a– crackers,” then you have exposed your children to trouble just waiting to happen.”
    As crazy as some of the things he says sound u dont think he has a point there? You should teach your kids not to bait crazy people because even if justice was served and GZ was convicted for being guilty your son is still dead and I’m pretty sure his mom would rather have him alive than have the murder go to jail. picking fights with any stranger esp in a state where ppl are allowed to carry guns is flat out stupid.

    • Brooke

      I think racial slurs are disgusting. I would never EVER call a black person a nigger, and I would hope they would be as respectful by not calling every fucking white person a “cracker”. Obviously not everyone does this, but in high school I saw enough black kids calling each other “niggas” and referring to white teachers as “cracka’ woman” that it really made me sad. There is a word where I live to describe foreigners like me that is a mean slang term that everyone uses, and I bristle every time I hear it. It makes me feel so isolated.

  45. My favourite thing about this case was all the people who came out at the end and decided to reveal how incredibly intelligent they were by regurgitating whatever someone on Yahoo! Answers said.
    “Black peeps rape moar! Black peeps is criminy! Black peeps play the race card whenever an unarmed teen gets shot in the chest, like woah, over-sensitive much? Black peeps think slavery was bad, but my great uncle daddy knows it was beneficial!”
    Please post more Chicago statistics btw because there really hasn’t been enough. Those people in Chicago shooting each other are clearly Trayvon Martin cause we all know: Black people are really just one big chocolate person with invisible attachments.

    • yes, and everyone on earth who is not black, is a gun toting racist white frothing for the opportunity to gun down little black children skipping home from the corner store to go to their grand mammy’s to watch the golden girls on tv.

  46. Aaron

    Great. Now I have to delete all my Ted Nugent songs…and Ted and I always agreed about Wang Dang Sweet Pootang.

  47. cc

    Some interesting facts about what a moral, stand up guy Ted is.


  48. Bill

    Ted Nugent should load a shotgun shell with weaponized AIDS and fire it directly into his brain.

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