Technical Difficulties

January 25th, 2008 // 27 Comments

Sorry guys, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties. Who knew that replacing your server with a pile of dirty laundry would be a bad idea? What are we, scientists?!

We’ll get this show going again once we sort everything out. Just how many times do you have to hit something with a hammer before it starts working again? C’mon now…


  1. D. Richards (Twat.)

    Goddamn, you bunch of rejects!

    What’m I supposed to do now, work?! Fat chance.

  2. lg

    You BET technical difficulties( she shouted the word), I’ve been trying to slag Shayna and Who Cares for almost 12 hours, and trying to make nasty Brit comments, and been cursing you cuz all these fucking trolls manage to get their comments in but I can’t!

    I, at least, can boast decent grammar, typing, and spelling.


  3. emmyem

    It’s “WE” Africans, you uneducated nit-wit. Oh, and have you heard? I kid you not, your BELOVED BEYONCE, who never misses a chance to fall down and look like a thick legged idiot, is actually ALMOST 34 years old.
    FACT. Sure, movie stars (or whatever she is, maybe “SCREECHER” would be a good term for her), almost always make themselves a tad younger.
    But Beyonce went WAY too far.
    Sort of like Carmen Electra, who is pushing forty! But she’s not black, so I guess that is not relevant to you, # 21.
    I love this part of your sentence:
    …’and us africans as the person put it is looking great with our Beyonces and rihannas”…………..and blah blah blah and not knowing when to use a capital letter.
    If you are AFRICAN, why don’t you LIVE there and SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT?
    Shut up.

  4. El-COyote

    Dear Fish….

    You crash every 2 months.

  5. What an amusing mess of comments. I heard they all get together at and share nude photos, because they are so lonely and mentally disturbed. Do some people know? The time is so sexual happiness, yes!

  6. You know, I hate to be mean…but that Millionaire Matchmaker has a spokky look about her.

  7. Boys have a penis and girls have a black hole sucking the life out of everything
    Is that how the line goes in Kindergarden Cop??

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