Technical Difficulties

August 26th, 2010 // 77 Comments
Keanu Reeves

Hey, guys, I’ve been battling a stomach bug for the past two days and it’s apparently decided to snap into Ivan Drago mode this morning. Posts are going to be a little infrequent as I proceed to learn what’s inside of me over the next few hours. Will it be LEGOs or perhaps that strange Dorito I found on my nightstand? MYSTERIES!

- The Superficial

(Thanks to JamseyBelle for the pic.)


  1. dani

    Ewwwwwwwww! That needs a pink star, Fish…

  2. Drew

    My money’s on the Doritos. Don’t disappoint Fish.

  3. feel better soon~

    btw any idea why some comments are taking anywhere from zero to 4 hours to post lately?

  4. You gotta be kidding

    So butts in thongs get a star but graphic vomit doesn’t? WTF scumbags thanks for ruining my goddamn lunch hour.

  5. Richard McBeef, MD-MPH

    I suspect that fish’s gastrointestinal distress was caused by tonguing buttholes or whatever it is you crazy kids are doing these days.

    Maybe now you guys will listen to my repeated warnings on the danger of analingus.

  6. $10 on 5 gallons for horse jizz, we all know what Fish is like

  7. IreneWienne

    Really?! I can’t believe that any photographer would even snap a shot of this. Damn, don’t you people know how to give privacy?

    • Richard McBeef, MD-MPH

      they stick cameras up britney’s asshole and post up to snap pictures of snookie hopping out of car in hopes of catching her greasy italian beef. but you are surprised they will snap a picture of keanu barfing?

  8. jd

    if he dies, he dies.

  9. Rhialto

    Old trick to get a day off!

  10. That should have been starred. Some of us are sensitive. Some of us were getting ready for a nice lunch.
    The blogger has my sympathy. Stay hydrated so you don’t wind up in the emergency room with a saline drip. That would mean fewer posts for sure.

  11. JChief

    From the look of the picture, Wolverine’s healing factor seems to be out to lunch. I thought he was a lot tougher than this.

  12. ZigZagZoey

    UGH! I HATE stomach problems.
    Hope you puke it all out soon.

  13. Bimbamboing

    I just was eating a grilled ham gruyere sandwich! Thanks!

  14. The Pict

    Poor Fish. The Britney Spears effect has claimed yet another victim. RIP

  15. wonder if sandra bullock was driving again

  16. Abby

    Feel better soon, SW. :(

  17. Wow an image hasn’t conjured such a horrible smell from my memory since an ex-friend sent me a picture of a girl laying down with her ankles up in a bathtub and spraying…oh never mind.

    • Jen

      i have yet to get that image out of my head. thanks for the reminder.

    • Alexandra Hemale

      GAHHHHHHH I managed to forget about that certain image until now….

    • YUP


      You’re talking about Tub Girl right? I guess I’m the only one in the world who actually found that picture funny.

      But my God, you’re right, I can smell that puke from a mile away. I need to quit partying. LOL

  18. Shakey Hands

    Hope you feel better and see something interesting!!!!

  19. On other news, today there were reports from all over the world that productivity increased significantly.

    Banner picture is gross, it almost kept me eating my chipotle. Almost.

    Get well soon fish.

  20. mr.mute

    bunch of pansies.its just puke.
    Get well soon guy!

  21. jaybles

    did someone eat tainted eggs? think so, homie!

  22. Nancy Pelosi

    Ten bucks says you’ve been eating too much of Snookies stink cheese and thats what made you hurl. Not that twat butter is a bad thing. I like to scoop it out, let it congeal in the fridge overnight and then spread it on a warm bagel in the morning.

    “I love the smell of stink hole in the morning. Smells like…victory.”

  23. dude

    Keanu Reeves? Who is that? Maybe Neo should’ve taken the red pill.

  24. Keanu Reeves
    Commented on this photo:

    Great pic. Post some real pics of you hurling.

  25. fester

    Anybody using Firefox with AdBlock, you can do a control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) to block that specific image so when you come back in search of bikini pics you won’t have to see it again.

  26. Ksurfiws

    You type for a living. From your Bed.
    Fucking Crybaby. Fell Better

  27. sobrietyisacrutch

    Should have stayed away from the sushi, dude.
    The Fish ate some bad fish.
    Feel better!

  28. Rough on duty

    Ahhh yes! I remember the good old days even if you have a tooth ache you diagnose it as AIDS in your mind. But seriously if pepto didn’t have any effect it might be AIDS…

  29. BillS.PrestonEsquire

    Most non-triumphant!!

  30. Busted

    I was afraid this would happen to you if you posted too many Paris Hilton & Britney pics!

  31. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    I guess he must’ve finally watched the 3rd Matrix movie.

  32. Danza

    Dear SW:

    You ate something with egg didn’t you.

    -Loyal Reader

  33. james barrett

    Get better soon! And only one person does this? Get an intern! (or would that inevitably lead to a lawsuit) seriously though, hope its nothing serious!

  34. Agnes P.

    Do you remember the days before dudedudetodude and Ohreallynow’s retarded posts? I do. The people here where funny as hell.

  35. Mike Nike

    That’s what ya get from eating crap……………………CRAP………..OUT YER YAPPER

  36. Rufus The Cat

    Get well soon purveyor of gainormous titties and celebrity haw haws!

  37. Rhialto

    I feel like i’m visiting the hospital! At what floor are the enemas?!

  38. suprgrl

    it’s friggin Wolverine retards.

  39. Iz

    YO! Get better soooon and tell us was it lego, ‘dorito’ or what??? Maybe you’re just pregnant… Nuuh.

    Que te mejores pronto!

  40. Miss

    Awwwww fish get well soon, i already miss you

  41. the biggest bitch evar


  42. Rough on duty

    Technical difficulties? I don’t mean to make light of this, (belly ache can be a mother-effer)but shouldn’t be solidly challenged?

  43. shinjo

    I thought a monkey was always there to replace all blogers on the world.

  44. chuck d


  45. dude

    Who here has been around long enough to remember KRAZEE KELLEY and what we pulled on her? I vote we do it to dudedudetodude and Ohreallynow

  46. Balls McCoy

    It’s Keanu entertaining the thought of sex with Sandra Bullock

  47. Tami


  48. The Listener

    Why would anyone, even a paparazzi, photograph someone throwing up food? That’s disgusting!

    • Cock Dr

      It sure is.
      And yet someone bought the picture, and here it is actually being used on an internet site that apparently get some traffic & lotsa paying marketing nonsense.
      It’s a strange world we participate in.

  49. Keanu Reeves
    Matt Damon
    Commented on this photo:

    I scooped that shit up and sold it on eBay, no lie. Thank you, Keanu Reeves!

  50. Marcus

    I always feel better after a good barf. I just hate those dry heaves when nothing comes up those are painful.

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