Taylor Swift posing with Swastika Boy. Smart.

Taylor Swift is either unfathomably retarded or fell for the most elaborate Kanye West revenge scheme of all time because here she is inexplicably posing with a guy with a giant red swastika on his shirt at Katy Perry’s birthday party over the weekend. Check out the excuse her people shot TMZ:

“Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night … she doesn’t know who this guy is and she didn’t realize what was on his shirt.”

Looks like the answer’s unfathomably retarded. In the meantime, Swastika Boy has stepped forward to apologize to Taylor and make sure everyone knows he’s not a racist:

TMZ just spoke with the shirt-bearer, AJ English, who tells us he didn’t know Taylor before Katy Perry’s party last weekend — and he’s sorry for dragging her into the chaos.
As for why he had a swastika on his shirt in the first place — English says it started out as an “X” but was “perverted” as the night went on, adding he’s “not a racist” and doesn’t support the Nazi agenda.

Because the Internet is dumb – Yet profitable. Thanks for reading! – people have already started theorizing that the JH on Taylor’s shirt stands for Jew Hater, but it’s simply the initials of Julianne Hough who had TS initialed on her clothes by Taylor Swift. Or maybe it stands for Talking Swastikas because she’s the Doomsday Device.. Why didn’t we listen to Kanye!?!

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