Taylor Swift posing with Swastika Boy. Smart.

October 29th, 2009 // 117 Comments

Taylor Swift is either unfathomably retarded or fell for the most elaborate Kanye West revenge scheme of all time because here she is inexplicably posing with a guy with a giant red swastika on his shirt at Katy Perry’s birthday party over the weekend. Check out the excuse her people shot TMZ:

“Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night … she doesn’t know who this guy is and she didn’t realize what was on his shirt.”

Looks like the answer’s unfathomably retarded. In the meantime, Swastika Boy has stepped forward to apologize to Taylor and make sure everyone knows he’s not a racist:

TMZ just spoke with the shirt-bearer, AJ English, who tells us he didn’t know Taylor before Katy Perry’s party last weekend — and he’s sorry for dragging her into the chaos.
As for why he had a swastika on his shirt in the first place — English says it started out as an “X” but was “perverted” as the night went on, adding he’s “not a racist” and doesn’t support the Nazi agenda.

Because the Internet is dumb – Yet profitable. Thanks for reading! – people have already started theorizing that the JH on Taylor’s shirt stands for Jew Hater, but it’s simply the initials of Julianne Hough who had TS initialed on her clothes by Taylor Swift. Or maybe it stands for Talking Swastikas because she’s the Doomsday Device.. Why didn’t we listen to Kanye!?!


  1. fred


  2. first comment!

  3. fred

    Number 2!

  4. Can't say that I give a shit

    Americans need lives. Or jobs. whichever.

  5. titsonsnack

    Remember when Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi? Now that was the shit.

  6. Yes, because the swastika is an obscure symbol difficult to recognize as pertaining to the Nazi agenda. Of course. And it being huge and bright red wouldn’t catch her attention at all, so she obviously missed it.

    Honey, nobody’s that blonde. Your publicist is going to have to eat this one.

  7. Tanzarian

    Smoochy is a Nazi!

  8. Mike

    Taylor is a lovely young lady. Any accusations of her being racist are ABSURD.
    Case closed.

  9. cartman

    She does look like a poster child for the so-called Aryran Race, just sayin.

  10. JustJess

    JH = Jew hater?

  11. See Alice

    I can see its really starting to piss off people that Taylor hasnt turned into a piece of human shit celeb . Being normal just doesnt cut it .

  12. oh please

    Jess- read the story silly-ass. JH= Julianne Hough

  13. The Truth

    I would be more concerned about all the racists that our commander-in-chief has put into his cabinet and also the one he associates with.

  14. That guy looks like the spawn of Good Son-era Macaulay Culkin and Jason Siegel.

  15. mia

    this is ridiculous. Of course taylor is not a racist it was just a mistake and people who think she’s racist need to get lives.

  16. #13
    Not everything has to turn into a soapbox about the President. Lighten up.

  17. isitin

    Is she a lesbian?. She is arm in arm with Julianne Hough. They both have each others initials on their clothing. I want to be in the middle of this lesbian romp.

  18. Dear #9 these are the poster children for the Aryan race.

  19. Dank

    Taylor Swift is one of the kindest sweetest people you will ever meet. She’s by no means racist. I’m all for taking this post down since it perpetuates a stupid lie and only meant to get a ridiculous rumor started. This site is for celebrity gossip, not for accusing a 19 year old country singer of being racist. Take it down.

  20. Dank

    #13, get off the presidents ass. The guy is black himself. How or why would he hire racust people to be in his cabinet? That doesnt make sense. You fail.

  21. LOL @ #16 (STEF) telling anyone to lighten up…especially after her previous #6 posting. Wow, now that’s ironic! =)

  22. Jake

    These two ladies are beautiful and very talented. I would love to be in a sex-sandwich with them.

  23. Apparently DANK…#19/20 believes that racism only consists of white people hating and discriminating against other races. So..pretty much, DANK, is a an idiot and “you fail”.

  24. I was being sarcastic….that should be considered light. (. : At least compared to yet another tired post about what’s wrong with the President.

  25. Jake

    Woah….Dank just got his ass handed to him (or her). Take a walk dip-shit!!


    #19: Dank, are you fucking retarded? The gist of this post is not that Taylor Swift is racist but that she’s stupid for taking a picture with a guy with a giant swastika on his entire fucking torso. THEN TRIES TO ACT LIKE SHE DIDN’T SEE IT. Sorry, man, she stepped in shit on this one. That’s the price of fame.

  27. Turd the third

    That nerdy looking nazi-loving a-hole looks a lot like the ones I used to beat the fuck out of when I was a kid. He has got a nose that really should have a tiny target painted on the end of it…Lights out..twitboy……Bad decision Taylor,, hope you lean from this … and quick..

  28. jen

    Has anyone considered that the guy walked up to her and just posed for a picture and that it happened really fast. Anyone? It’s very probable.

  29. jen

    Has anyone considered that the guy walked up to her and just posed for a picture and that it happened really fast. Anyone? It’s very probable.

  30. weekiwachee

    I don’t know what were this gentleman’s motivations but swastikas are not only attached to the nazi party.

    They were already present in the neolithic.

    Numerous in Hinduism and Buddhism, etc…

    You can find then on the Kuna Nation flag…
    (adopted in 1925).

  31. JustJess

    Oh – sorry – I dozed off as I was reading the post and must have skipped over that.

    JH = Just Hatin’

  32. winslow

    yeah dude, the swastika was originally a hindu symbol of peace and good luck. hitler just made it more widely recognized in a bad light.

  33. Anon

    AJ English is on Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/141289

    Looking at the comments, it seems he might embrace his German heritage… and hardcore punk (which could be skinhead related, depending).

  34. b9

    that part about it starting out as an x is not AJ’s original story, he told the b9board.com (bridge 9 board) that his black gay friend told him with his hair swooped to the side and glasses he looked like “hitler youth” an drew the swastika on his shirt.

  35. Andrew

    Cool her people took SWIFT action.

  36. #31: Figures. Someone always has to spoil it for everyone else.

  37. .tony.

    google “AJ English” – one of the first few hits is a link to his myspace – the title of which (when viewed in the results view) has a swastika in it. ‘perverted’ into a swastika my ass.

  38. antoine bugleboy

    Who cares?

    It’s ridiculous how Israel is committing blatant Nazi-style genocide on Palestine: keeping them fenced in, using white phosphorus on their people, denying them proper drinking water – and nobody gives a flying fack…

    But ZOMG Taylor Swift might be a Jew Hater?! I have to blog about this RIGHT NOW you guyz!!!

  39. tromba

    Reporting this “story” is insane in and of itself. ‘Nuff Said.

  40. Blackwell's Ghost

    Fashionistas like AJ Swift are actually no talent children looking for attention by any means necessary. “So what if I look absurd and offensive? So long as someone notices me!” Taylor Swift isn’t the problem here, it’s some silly little boy trying to hard. He is guilty fashion crimes of the highest order and I sentence him to 3 years in the fashion gulag where he will be forced to sew maxi dresses and those silly giant scarves all day.

  41. Nuff Said

    To the dumbass #40, reporting this “story” is what this site is all about. This isn’t goddamn CNN it’s The Superficial where celebs do stupid shit and get their asses called on it.

  42. medi0169

    39. antoine bugleboy


  43. Inspector gadget

    I think there was a shooting at some mosque in LA today. What are the chances of this guy being a part of it??

  44. MrChips

    Fuck you Superfish for trying to generate racial tension. How’re you gonna accuse that sweet girl of racial prejudice and try to absolve that tool Kanye? What is he standing over you with a gun as we speak? Does he have his dick in your ass? You, sir, are worse than Hitler. Carry on.

    P.S. Sorry white people, but only Buddhists and Hindus are allowed to wear swastikas. It’s like using the word nigger. It’s just not for you.

  45. artie lange

    a better picture would be one with me and my hard penis sticking out. the pr for me would be great, her , not so much

  46. TheGuyWhoWritesForThisSiteIsALoser

    And now idiots like the guy who writes for this site will be all over this guy and he will all of a sudden be famous, but im sure the guy who writes for this site is way to clever and intelligent to fall for something like that

  47. Wall Street and Hitler

    Hello morons. Who the fuck do you think funded Hitler? Are you aware that he was funded to destroy Russian communism? Are you aware that the same nefarious cabal of death merchants funded communism? Just like our Pres., Hitler was a pawn. He took out a couple bigger pieces while the white queen laughed…

  48. Flower

    A swastika is not shaped like that. The arms of a swastika are vertical and horizontal. That is an adulterated “X” on that guy’s shirt.
    That “X” does not offend me, and I am Jewish.

  49. Courtyardpigeon

    I am in the music business and I can tell you that these stars are ushered in and out of photo ops so quickly that she probably never even looked at the guy let alone what he was wearing. Someone should have pointed it out to her though, so if she has a handler then she needs a new one.

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