Taylor Lautner in Rolling Stone and other news

November 24th, 2009 // 74 Comments

- Rihanna does Good Morning America while Adam Lambert learns a lesson about ABC not being MTV. [Lainey Gossip]

- Lady GaGa gets breasty at Best Buy. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are apparently going to do it. [PopEater]

- Kate Bosworth is leggy. [Celebslam]

- Leighton Meester can go in my stocking. Blake Lively, you get under the tree. [Just Jared]

- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tweet together. [PopSugar]

- John Mayer in DETAILS. [ICYDK]

- Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian bought a new home. With his money. [Betty Confidential]

- Ashley Greene? But she’s not dressed all slutty like. This has to be a mistake… [Splash News]


  1. OctoThong

    I think this may be kiddy porn. Oh well. THAT’S a nice tummy son!

  2. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Of course that ditch pig Khloe used his money. How is that news? She’ll bleed that brother dry.

  3. dude

    He’s gay.

  4. OctoThong

    Why can’t my old man keep a belly like this hottie! I feel like a big old cougar. Rawrrrr.

  5. George

    I sooooooooooooooooo want his cock inside me :)

  6. He makes me feel all funny inside

  7. susan

    this boy is meant for sticking in my mouth *sighs*

  8. Anon

    I thought Robert Pattinson was fairly unattractive until this guy came along. I just don’t see the appeal.

  9. who dat

    100% this guy is into penis. Vagina would scare him.

  10. It's Me Fuckers

    this guy is so fuckin yummy… *drools* I’d love to get my cougar lips around him. Robert Whathisname is NOTHING compared to this piece of tasty meat. Thank you fish for giving the ladies some eye candy! We just need to see NAKED pictures of this guy on here! :D Then it will be a perfect world.

  11. Dr.

    Yeah. Pattinson is a weird-looking creepy guy that will get worse with age.

    This 17-year old kid has a fatass nose that will only get bigger with age.

    And yes, pedophiles, excite yourselves! This is kiddie porn.

  12. Dr.

    Pedophiles, excite yourselves! This is kiddie porn.

  13. It's Me Fuckers

    rofl @ ‘Dr.’

    why is it suddenly ‘kiddy porn’ to look at a fuckin sexy young man who has had his picture taken for a magazine? You jealous cock sucker! Lol, the guys on this site get to see young FEMALE tits, ass and pussy on here all of the time! Now that the women are finally getting a peek (I still don’t see any cock or even a pube) we are pedophiles? One word for you: FUCKTARD.

    Get the fuck over yourself. As for his ‘fatass nose’ , he can lose that in my quim anytime he wants to. ;-)

  14. kitty

    pattison looks like a dirty hobo!!

    This Kid is way hotttttttttttt cant wait till he turns 18 and i can stop feeling like a pehophiler.

  15. me

    Now that is one good looking body, if only more men looked like that. This will be less weird once he’s 18…

  16. Andy

    OMG!!! wow!!! I wanna suck on his dirty cock!!

  17. Jerry

    i would totally tea bag him



  19. Suzie

    mmm…the belt in the 1st pic looks partly undone, just feel like undoing it more!!

  20. Jennifer

    what a beautiful fuck me face!

  21. he's perfect

    he isn’t gay you jealous asses!

  22. Dave Mustaine

    Whats with Captain Caveman?

  23. Benjamin

    I wanna grease up his ass-hole and have at it. Then, I wanna be on the recieving end! This boy makes me SO fucking horny!

  24. anonymous

    I don’t get it…this guy looks like a retard. One who lifts weights but man he looks so vacant.

  25. He has too many clothes on, IMHO. ;)

  26. maudina

    I think i’m in love. Not a fan of Twilight, but that werewolf is HOT. Way hotter than the anorexic vampire. He also seems like a very sweet guy.

  27. who dat

    You women are so gullible.What do you need to convince yourself this kid is gay. A “facial” from Peter North??

  28. It's Me Fuckers

    mmmmmm… facials…. :D:D

  29. diggler

    I gotta gallon of hot jizz for ya, you naughty thang!!

  30. Chole

    Much hotter then Pattinson.

  31. I love how this little guy is getting fame from the movie now, i think hes gonna have a good career. Can’t think he is sexy though cuz hes only 17 and it makes me feel creepie….

  32. john

    oh heaven, he’s so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  33. missywissy

    Okay, I called it on this guy back when everyone else was blogging about how hot robert pattinson is, I said Shark Boy is WAAAAAAY hotter. the reason? Taylor is healthy looking, pattinson looks like he’s on drugs and is a James Dean wanna-be.

  34. Napoleon

    Why is Robert automatically ugly/wannabe etc. when you think Taylor is hot?
    It’s pathetic how obvious it is that there is a Team Rob and Team Taylor thing going on here. (i bet 99% of the people here don’t even like the Twilight Saga or don’t admit it anyway) Ring a bell anyone?

    They are both handsome young men, get over it!

  35. Tire Swing

    Yeah, he’s not gay. Then why all the favorable comments from men?

  36. um

    Weird that so many women are getting turned on. I thought usually women aren’t so into images, while men respond really strongly to them. Which is the reason there are so many more topless magazines than, I don’t know, dick magazines? Even ones with naked guys are usually angled towards gays.

    So this comment will be totally out of place on a website called, The Superficial, but I can only be attracted to men if I know how smart they are, what their voice sounds like, how they move, what they smell like. Abs are just abs. Whoopee.

  37. Linda

    I am a girl and I care about looks the most…sorry

  38. so freaking hot!!!

    can you put this on so freaking hot?

  39. Stewie

    Would I hit this? YES I WOULD!!!

  40. Kara

    people have always told me that for a girl I also care about looks a lot…I am just an extremely visual female! :)

  41. Julie

    tell me when he turns 18 so I can fuck the shit out of him

  42. bary

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  43. fuckchump

    Tell you when he turns 18? Ha. Dream on fat bitches. You’ll never get someone like this. His nice abs and fatass nose……is out of your league.

  44. Zee Brat

    Wrong picture to use. That cover shot is way hotter.

    Also, 17 is the legal age of consent in NYC. So… It’s not kiddie porn for me! WHOO! lol.

  45. Lee

    It surprises me that no one has commented on how pale he looks on the cover shot. Did they white him out to make him more appealing to the masses?
    Also, it’s not just his looks that turn me on-if you’ve seen the movie he plays a character that is such a sweatheart. I realize it’s a character and not his actual personality but it still makes my want him!

  46. cai

    im going to jail just for thinkin’ it…

  47. mamamiasweetpeaches

    But ROLLING STONE? What the fuck instrument does this guy play?! At elast Zac efron sorta SUNG a little.

  48. MJ

    Graaaaaaaaaaaaauwww.. (my coogar growl)
    I don’t see the sexy in Robert but this.. And the boy is only 17!

  49. lady jesus

    Women ARE turned on by images… when they’re of HOT guys.

  50. He is cute, but he sure has a huge shnazzzz. Definitely better looking than Robert Pattison though.

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