Taylor Swift Doesn’t Care About Women People

The Women’s March on Washington and simultaneous sister marches around the world were a remarkable show of solidarity by not only women, but all people who are calling for equal rights and the “progressive values” this country is known for. Values like educating children, not letting people die or declare bankruptcy because of medical bills, and acknowledging that we’re cooking the planet like a microwave burrito because Hummers are cool. The marches were peaceful despite being attended by huge numbers, and they were meaningful despite not having a singular, clear agenda. It was such a strong movement that even Taylor Swift tweeted her support, which I guess is news, because the one thing she’s conveniently silent about is politics. So, all of that stuff I just said, plus I’m putting photos of her butt below her tweet.

I’m not sure if you thought I was kidding, but I really am using a post about women rallying against Donald Trump and his SwampTroopers (Count it.) stand for to publish a bunch of celebrity butt photos. And sure, it’s probably unfair to call out Taylor on her suspicious lack of political activism the second she actually attempts it, but we live in the world of #alernativefacts now. Which means we can do whatever the fuck we want and in some version of reality it was the right thing to do.

“Hey, Fish, I put those butt photos in the post about feminism.”
“Excellent. I’ll notify Emperor Hillary at once. – *gets in Imperial shuttle, flies up to Death Star* – Bill, get your dick out of the laser hole! Jesus!”

(He made me make a Star Wars joke or I’d never see my family again. Please help.)

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