Taylor Swift Is Banging Loki And Calvin Harris Is Pissed

If you somehow haven’t seen it shrieked across the internet, Taylor Swift is dating Tom Hiddleston now. Except the real surprising news is that it’s looking a hell of a lot like she’s the one who dumped Calvin Harris’ ass for Loki because he just went on a social media deletion spree like a mature adult who totally dumped her first, so, like, he doesn’t even care. Why are you still talking about? *wipes tear* Seriously. Via Just Jared:

The 32-year-old music producer unfollowed the 26-year-old singer on social media and deleted many of his posts featuring her, including his post-breakup tweet about “love and respect” remaining between the exes.
In a quickly deleted tweet, Calvin even reportedly wrote that it was “about to go down” after photographs of Taylor and Tom’s romantic Rhode Island vacation were published. He also blocked a fan on Twitter who pointed out posts from his and Taylor’s time together that he had forgotten to delete.
Calvin also unfollowed Taylor’s brother Austin.

Fun Fact: Calvin’s real name is Adam Wiles, which he purposefully changed to Calvin Harris so people would think he is black and should probably change back because if I had to make a list of the “Least Baller Things Ever,” it’d be my entire life followed by deleting tweets about your ex because she kissed her new boyfriend. Those were their rocks, you guys. Their rocks.

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