Taylor Swift Is Petty And Vindictive? Whatever Do You Mean?

August 26th, 2013 // 70 Comments
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To put this as politely as I can, Taylor Swift was kind of a huge cunt at the VMAs last night which started with her clearly mouthing the words “shut the fuck up” to Selena Gomez (below) while Harry Styles and One Direction presented the award for Best Pop Video, and then continued not even 20 minutes later when “I Knew You Were Trouble” won for Best Female Video and she said this onstage:

I also want to thank the person who inspired this song, who knows exactly who he is, because now I got one of these.

Just to put things in perspective, I’ve worn clothing without washing it longer than Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were dating, but you don’t see me going around acting like my goddamn jeans left me at the altar. I mean, they did, but then I did that thing where you realize you could be dead or horribly disfigured and went on with my life. What’s that called again? Oh, right, being an adult.

Taylor Swift Shut The Fuck Up VMAs

In fairness, I haven’t seen anyone consider the possibility that the words spoken immediately before this were, “Justin Bieber was inside me backstage,” but yeah, it’s probably the whole “Harry Styles is a fart-face” thing.

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  1. Wow. Who would have thought that such a wholesome young woman could have such a mouth on her? On the other hand, I’d happily challenge her to try and enunciate that phrase so distinctively with her lips wrapped around my cock.

  2. Clevercommentnotrequired

    “I’d happily challenge her to try and enunciate that phrase so distinctively with her lips wrapped around my cock.”

    Fucking well put.

  3. Clevercommentnotrequired

    She got that mouth from living in Shillington. A suburb of the shithole known as Reading.

  4. guest

    This is news? No doubt in my mind this is what this girl is made of from day 1

  5. I always said and I will repeated until the end of times.

    I bet she’s kinky as hell in the bedroom and dynamite in the sack

    • I’d love to put dynamite in her sack.

    • AR1

      She can’t possibly be dynamite in the sack or all of these men wouldn’t be leaving her. She probably cries afterward, tells them she loves them, and then asks them what they’re thinking about every 30 minutes.

      She’s a miserable little cunt.

      • JC

        Gotta go with AR1 on this one. Given that no one can stand to date her for more than 2 days, I’m thinking one or more of the following:

        1. Lame in the sack
        2. Won’t put out at all
        3. Tragically stinky pussy
        4. On the first date, just wants to talk about floral arrangements for the wedding and what color eyes your baby will have…and won’t put out.

      • I think you’re thinking of Jennifer Love Hewitt with #4. If Taylor Swift didn’t get dumped constantly she would have absolutely nothing to write songs about. She’s kind of dependent on it.

      • Unfortunately for us, and the music world.

    • catapostrophe

      Or perhaps she’s as closeted as her “boyfriends”.

  6. Robb7

    Cunt’s setting herself up for a lonely life of masturbation.

  7. I cannot in good conscience disapprove of anyone who tells the members of One Direction to shut the fuck up.

  8. Taylor Swift VMAs Cleavage Selena Gomez
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Ms Swift has such bad luck with the male gender….maybe she should consider alternatives. Alternatives like the one sitting next to her. Yeah let’s give the woman something new to warble about on her next song.

  9. Trex

    Meh, can’t blame her. She had to put up with that dude’s smelly smega-covered uncut dick. That’s just too gross. Team Taylor on this one.

    • MarissaStar

      This x 100

      My fiancé thinks he has to wear a condom because I’m “allergic” to the pill. I love him and he makes a lot of money but no foreskin is going in my mouth or my ladyparts unless I have to.

      Boys, get that stuff cut! Your girls will love you for it ;)

      • My ex was circumcised as an adult. First in the hospital, then later tightened by me with a SmartKlamp.

        Have you discussed it with him? Some guys are fully willing to get cut later in life, especially if they know that it means more (and better) oral, and sex in general.

      • Totally not true..if so, why are you people in America the only ones in the world cutting up mens dicks for no reason what so ever?
        I take it you´ve never been to Europe? Or anywhere else in the world…where men are entirely intact.
        Ever wonder why American men (and only American men) need lube to masturbate? They have NO GLIDING MECHANISM.Smegma? So, American men don´t wash? o.0

      • Well said. It seems Americans have no idea how to take care of their own penises. Circumcision is completely unnecessary and foreskin is easily managed.

      • So you make him wear a condom to get head?

      • LilDeuceDeuce

        Much like you, circumcision is a tragic waste of skin.

    • You DO understand that Europe is entirely intact (not circumcised) and the men there do this magical little thing called “SHOWER” don´t you?
      Smegma? Sorry, no.More like, more girth, more sensitivity and more cushion for the pushin ;) You don´t see many European women fighting to get American mens dried up wangs…ever wondered why?? ;)

      • MarissaStar

        the men there do this magical little thing called “SHOWER”

        And you do realize that here in America we like something called spontaneity? Yup that’s awesome girl, every time you want to fool around your stinky man needs to go take a shower. But wait isn’t that his gliding mechanism you’re washing away???? (gag, puke)

        More girth? from a disgusting excess flap of stinky smelly slimy skin?

        American guys don’t need lube, honey. See, they don’t gross us all out so we become excited and provide all the natural lube they need for sex. uncircumcised European guys with their smeg-dicks gross out the women who stay dry as sandpaper, so the uncircumcised men need cheesy smeg as lubricant. Yuk.

        Honestly you sound like a boy who is defending his smelly wiener. Just get that cut!

      • Ok then, you keep telling yourself that, it´s not like you have a say in the matter anyway.Your women have those things sliced up right out of the womb so it´s not like you know any different or that your opinion matters ;)
        Uncut is better, because that “stinky peice of skin” actually has a sexual purpose.You are all deprived of it´s benefits but thank god, it doesnt affect anyone here in Europe :D European women arent complaining, and if any of us actually want to have sex with a motionless, dry, grainy, practically numb and off coloured penis, we can just go out and buy a plastic dildo…or fly to America..whichever´s cheaper ;)

  10. Ermagerrdd! Sherrt der Ferrk Errp!!

  11. Taylor has always been a pretentious, self-entitled, boring, overrated cunt. She thinks her shit don’t stink, well it does and so does her “music”. This is another blight brought to us by teenaged girls and their bullshit.

    Fuck off Taylor and Fuck off MTV.

  12. Taylor Swift VMAs Cleavage Selena Gomez
    seat filler
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    She’s starting to look a little Traci Lords

  13. ace11

    My question is….Has she actually done it with any of these guys?

    I mean Gyllenhaal and Mayer were not into it for movies and wine

  14. I think she started off as a naive ingenue with only child syndrome. She wanted people to like her so she played the part of the “aw shucks, just happy to be here” girl for a long time. Her explosion in popularity has ended her need to people please and given rise to a huge ego. Now she is a bizarrely immature Pollyanna with a vindictive streak. A smart man wouldn’t go near her for all of the whiskey in Ireland.

    • I first noticed the change after she got all pissed off at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for poking a little harmless fun at her at the Grammys, or whatever award show it was. She said something like, “Hell is reserved for women who don’t help other women.” Fucking seriously? You are that humorless and egocentric? And your teenybopper ass wants to get into a war of words with Fey and Poehler? She is the musical world’s Veruca Salt.

      • Joe

        Actually, she didn’t tell Tina and Amy to go to hell, that quote was from an interview she gave in Vanity Fair and was taken out of context by the media. However, in that interview, she did actually address their joke, and this is what she said:

        “I was just sort of like, Oh well, you know, I can laugh at myself. But what it ended up adding to was everyone jumping on the bandwagon of ‘Taylor dates too much’—which, if you want some big revelation, since 2010 I have dated exactly two people.”

        Taylor can definitely take a joke; she stated so above and has been the punch line of numerous jokes on live television, in which she has played along on camera. Anyone who pays attention to her performances, interviews, and promotional sketches know that nobody makes fun of “Taylor Swift” better than Taylor Swift; but that’s not the point here. Not once has Taylor ever had anything negative to say about a joke at her expense until that 2013 interview with Vanity Fair.

        Also, she wasn’t taking a dig at Styles in her speech last night at all because she thanked the person who the song was about, and that song was written, recorded, and released months before the two of them even started dating.

      • She could call Harry Styles the demon seed of Hitler and Leona Helms for all I care. I barely even know who that is.

        As for your other quote, if I’m not mistaken the beginning of her little self-righteous soliloquy was

        “You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people. Because she said to me she had heard a quote that she loved that said, ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’”

        The rest didn’t come until after she could get her claws in there. Here’s a neat idea, if you want to not have your love life spoken about STOP MAKING EVERY FUCKING SONG YOU PRODUCE ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFE.

      • Joe

        Nope, if you read the article, you’ll see that the so-called interview was actually a series of quotes culled over multiple days worth of interviews. The section you’ve quoted was on the topic of “mean girls” generally, and was not about Tina and Amy at all. The comment she actually made on the subject, that I’ve already quoted above, occurred several days later and was completely unrelated to the one you’ve quoted as made obvious in the interview by the several pages of text separating the two quotes. Well, it’s obvious unless you have some irrational need to look for hate and drama where there’s clearly none.

  15. “Taylor Swift is petty & vindictive” – what gave it away, the fact she owns her very own vagina?

  16. Wow

    Barring her princess mentality for a moment, how can someone with so much going for her – a POP STAR no less – be so damn bitter?

    That’s fucking bizarre.

    • Easy. She has everything except the thing she really wants. A man she can bitch at and talk down to for the rest of her life i.e. marriage. Some women feel that they’re entitled to true love, marriage and crapping out a few insurance policies.

      When they get to the real world and realize that they’re not entitled to a goddamned thing, they get bitter.

  17. Weirdo

    Well put!

  18. Ian cross

    How completely unfair to assume you know what a person is talking about then use and websites and social media to call her a cunt. She’s the petty one?

    • hamtime

      you do know what site you’re on, right?

    • Nope, not the least bit unfair; the “STFU” to Selena Gomez is insignificant in and of itself, but (my GOD) that quote from her acceptance speech perfectly sums up the impression I’ve developed over the last few years without even paying much attention–painfully obvious attempt to provoke a bunch of media hype and speculation in about the most petty, cunty and immature way possible; grow the fuck up already.

  19. Taylor Swift VMAs Cleavage Selena Gomez
    Commented on this photo:

    Wonder if he wants to murder her vagina…

  20. A girl in her 20s saying curse words to another girl her in 20s. It must mark the end of the world as we know it. Can Armageddon (not the movie) be close at hand????

  21. What do you mean, “at the VMAs?”

  22. SR

    Might be time to grow up, Taylor. No, REALLY…

  23. Netta

    Wow, Kanye, way to miss your mark on her acceptance speech.

  24. Napoleon Bonaparte

    I thought she was supposed to wear a black wig when she was a bitch?

  25. bisquick

    I think she’s got an old lady face, I’ve never found her symmetry to be eye pleasing whatsoever. She needs to get over herself as well. I don’t understand why anyone dubs themselves “hot shit”.

  26. Don’t care, love her hot legs and hot body. She is crazy, but at least you know that going in.

  27. Taylor Swift VMAs Cleavage Selena Gomez
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    no tits for swift

  28. kery

    Taylor You look great as always love ya!!

  29. Huh?

    Jeez…she said “shut the fuck up” to someone sitting next to her. Perhaps angry, perhaps in a funny tone after Selena asked if she wanted to have a 3 way lesbian affair with the Biebs. But, really…this is proof of her being a bitch?

  30. Taylor Swift VMAs Cleavage Selena Gomez
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    Will be fun to see her try to make these same faces for effect many years later.

  31. Taylor Swift VMAs Cleavage Selena Gomez
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s a shame she’s such a pathetic person/singer. She looked damn fine at the VMAs.

  32. Taylor Swift VMAs Cleavage Selena Gomez
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    That could be hot if I did not know who she was.

  33. You have to remember taylor did not go through the normal maturation process most of us do. She started a music career at 15, got big at 17and never looked back. Sure she can be a major coont at times, but her behavior is still leagues above what miley is currently doing. Also she did not have the types of upbringing that other country artists did . She was born on a xmas tree farm to a stockbroker. Not on a trailer park to methed out single mom and a string of creepy boyfriends who try to finger her at night. So yeah she has not grown up as much because she has not had to deal with real dark issues or many of the heavy issues most of us deal with in life. Her fame and wealth have insulated her from this, fact that she is still down to earth this much is a major miracle and not totally gone wacko jacko and self destructed.

  34. Taylor Swift VMAs Cleavage Selena Gomez
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    Officially over her after that VMA shit. and then she called Harry Styles out when she accepted her award. It’s clear why she cant ever hold a relationship for long.

  35. Dumbfucks

    Men that have sex with or want to have sex with women like these deserve to only ever have women like this in their life.

    They deserve to be unhappy.

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