Taylor Swift’s Parents Are Katherine Heigl-ing Her

April 8th, 2014 // 15 Comments

According to Page Six, Taylor Swift‘s parents are straight Katherine Heigl-ing her career which is really all I wanted to post about. Not so much the specifics of what’s happening to Taylor’s career, or why her parents are to blame, but that Katherine Heigl has been reduced to a go-to term for how hard a parental unit is fucking their child’s career. I needed to feel good about the world for a minute. Just one minute. It’s getting rough out there.

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  1. Good. The faster she goes away, the better.

  2. I think you were just looking for an excuse to put up a 15-pic photo gallery of Taylor Swift to tease your penis with:

    “See that? Yeahhh. Well, you’re never going to have that. Now, I know that’s pretty much the case with all the other women I show you, but this one will never let you. Never ever. And it’s not just you; she’s not letting anyone have her. And she’s hot as shit, too, right? So unfair. But hey, don’t give up hope on any of those other ones. I’m pretty sure Todd got with Sophie Turner that time, so anything’s possible.”

  3. I thought the proper term was “Thora Birch-ing her career,” but that’s a quibble.

  4. what asshats. Her mother can Monica Lewinsky me and her dad can go George Michael himself.

  5. PassingTrue

    Now we’re supposed to feel sorry for talent agents who feel they aren’t treated well? Oh quick, let’s see if Jerry Lewis can crank up a telethon.

    As long as she can generate a gazillion dollars in concert and music sales, there will be firms begging to represent her regardless of how difficult her parents may be. Having her as a client guarantees that they can draw other talent to the firm.

    Next we’ll be expected to feel sorry for the attorneys who work long hours and bill $1k per hour.

  6. ace11

    I still can’t get over the fact that she gave it up to Gyllennhaal

    He saw her infield as the grass is still growing

  7. I think this is all about perspective, Taylor has a certain image to maintain, I heard that she has m,ore restrictions on her dancers and employers unlike other performers. She cannot have her people be seen out getting drunk and stupid.
    Part of this could be her parents and people trying to protect the “brand”

    There is a difference between being demanding and being difficult.

  8. cc

    Excuse me but when was the last time you posted a picture of her ass? That’s all I have to say.

  9. Hopefully this means they will stop Bea Arthur-ing her career with all those granny-waisted pants she always wears.

  10. On the other hand, Taylor has not gone down the path Lohan or MIley has so they must be doing something right. I could understand her parents wanting to keep her safe from the sharks and sleaze that infests the industry especially with her starting at 16.

  11. Road Guy

    From what I’ve heard, Taylor is a sincerely, nice person. This is
    from the Musicians, and the tour guys, and the production people
    that I’m still friends with in Nashville since I retired. Her career is
    still on the upward arc, 5 years in. Her “brand” as you call it, is
    one of the most valued in the music industry. If she sets the
    standards higher (which she does) for her people, fair enough.
    If her parents are trying to grab a piece for themselves, it’s her
    call what to do. The fact that she doesn’t “put out” is a little
    weird in this day and age, but again that’s her call. I like the
    girl, and you’re right that NONE of us will ever have a chance.
    Oh well, a guy can dream…

    • Road Guy

      Then there’s Bieber…
      1. He hasn’t released a money-making product in over a year.
      2. He’s normally prepping a tour, there’s nothing scheduled for 2014.
      3. He’s currently tucked away in a compound in Atlanta, by the label.
      This is a different sort of arc, with a different ending.

    • So she does not put out with ever guy she has dated, good more power to her. If a guy is just dating her just to get is willy wet, well He is not a good guy in the long run.

    • This doesn’t fit in with the established narrative that she’s a clingy man-eating shrew. GTFO! JK.

  12. Jenn

    IDGAF about gettin any of her pussy. Every time she and her beau of the week break up, it’s HIS fault OMG he broke her lil heart! Her sweet and innocent act doesn’t fool me– she’s got the water on the boil, just waiting to throw the bunny in it. Creeps me the fuck out.

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