Nobody Leaked Nude Photos of Taylor Swift, Stop Asking Me

Yesterday, both Taylor Swift’s Instagram and Twitter were taken over by hackers who threatened to leak nude photos of her if they weren’t paid in Bitcoin. Except they had jackshit and were quickly shut down by Twitter. The Verge reports:

Chances are good these intrusions are not high-tech hacks. A number of major Twitter users have fallen victim to phishing attacks over the past few years, eventually leading Twitter — after much outcry — to implement two-factor security. And while Swift has more followers than those who were hacked in the past, the intrusion on her social media accounts seemingly did far less damage.

To add insult to injury, the hackers were then mocked by Taylor Swift – A GIRL!!! – who also shutdown any talk of leaking nudes:

As for why I believe Taylor Swift, if she has nude photos, we probably would’ve seen them by now because the Internet’s a shithole. I can already describe Jennifer Lawrence’s labia to a sketch artist, and I’m pretty sure I could pick Kate Upton’s back out of a lineup provided there’s semen on it. No reasonable society should have that information. It’s our gift, our curse…

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFdaily