There’s An ‘Intimate’ Photo of Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris For Sale

Presumably in an effort to knock Katy Perry’s giant breasts out of the news, someone is allegedly shopping a “very” private photo of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, according to Radar:

Taylor Swift is known for her sweet pop songs and ladylike image, but a source close to the star’s inner circle is threatening to tarnish her squeaky-clean reputation — by selling a sexy photo of Swift with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris!
The insider obtained the photo and approached offering to sell. While Radar has refused to purchase the intimate pic, it is steamy, and was certainly not meant for public eyes.

As for what an “intimate, steamy,” private photo of Taylor Swift probably looks like, I’m guessing a lot like this, but with way more hoodies and oven mitts. And a catcher’s mask.

side hug

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Photo: Instagram