Taylor Swift’s Mom Has Cancer

I’m going to try and approach this post with as much as dignity and respect as possible because cancer is a very serious subject that deeply affects millions of women every day. That said, bikini photos are the only way I know how to express my emotions. The doctors say it’s a miracle I’m not a serial killer, but it’s only a matter of when not if. Anyway, Taylor Swift just announced that her mom has been diagnosed with cancer which is some horrible shit that I wouldn’t wish on the mother of anyone that I write about except for maybe Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian which I’d think we’d all agree is for the greater good. So before I say anything else that’s terribly inappropriate, I just want to sincerely wish Taylor’s mom the best of luck and quietly collect my SEO. You won’t even know I’m here. BOOTY SHORTS. Except for maybe that. SEXY LEG INSURANCE. And, okay, that. *tip-toes out the door*

SERIOUS NOTE: Want women to have greater access to cancer screenings? Donate to Planned Parenthood, and don’t vote for assholes shutting them down because something Jesus.

Photos: Los FlightRisk Pule/AKM-GSI

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