Taylor Swift Snubbed Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Because Taylor Swift

Because I don’t have the eight million hours of free time it would require, I don’t keep a spreadsheet of all the people Taylor Swift hates for whatever fucking reason. So it’s completely news to me that she apparently hates Kendall Jenner and snubbed her birthday party because of some dude she dated three years ago. TMZ reports:

Taylor Swift left a restaurant Monday night, which is no big deal … but the restaurant was just a block or so up the street from the place where her Kendall Jenner was throwing a birthday bash, and Taylor was nowhere to be seen.
Swifty was at The Little Door, which is very close to The Nice Guy, where the party was held. Taylor and Kendall definitely run in the same squads — they’ve hung out backstage at Taylor’s shows — but there were stories their friendship imploded over their relationships with Harry Styles.

As for why anyone could possibly give a shit about any of this, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I saw some boobs at a party, the words Taylor Swift, slapped them together, and now you’re here because your parents didn’t hug you enough. So… do this again in an hour? Perfect. See you then.

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Photos: AKM-GSI