Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Broke Up

January 4th, 2011 // 64 Comments

I’m not even sure if this existed long enough to count as a relationship, but Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have already called it quits, according to People:

“They’re over,” a source tells PEOPLE about the short-lived relationship. “It ended last month.”
No reason was given for a split, and the stars reps didn’t have immediate comment, but the two spent the holidays – and their birthdays – apart.

While this will only fuel the gay rumors surrounding Jake, none of us will ever truly know until Taylor sings a song about it, and that song will be titled, “Hey, Why’s Your Penis in That Guy’s Butt, Jake Gyllenhaal?” But until then, we’ll have to make do with our imaginations and quietly assume she had an abortion. It’s the polite thing to do.

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  1. nonminti

    unexpected & shocking

  2. Cock Dr

    She goes away with more songwriting material.
    I wonder if he got anything from it other than a whole bunch of heterosexual publicity.

  3. GravyLeg

    Not surprising given the requirements for writing a song about Jake Gyllenhaal. It is just too hard to do country music on a pan flute….

  4. Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhaal
    Commented on this photo:


    It seem like Guys date taylor until they realize she is not going to give it Up

  5. lightdragon

    now who will be the next beard er boyfriend for Taylor Swift?

  6. That Guy

    She’s probably going to write a song about his penis.

  7. Well that was quick, my thinking behind this, Jake wanted to get married but Taylor is just too young and successful to want to.

  8. HUH?


  9. This means that Selena and Justin are serious, Selena stated in an interview that her and Taylor never have BF’s at the same time.

  10. When1800

    Ok first there was the Jonas, then the other Taylor, then Mayer, now Jake, and the dude from glee. Why is nobody bribing up the fact that Taylor might b a little nympho? She’s making the rounds.

    • She is a hot little number and does seem to be bouncing from cock to cock … could it be? Could she be a raging nympho psychopath and no one yet knows it? Intruiging thought … All her good girl lyrics and boohoo I’ve been hurt by Mayer etc song lyrics may be hiding the fact that, she likes to fuck a variety of penis….

  11. josh

    Ok, pardon my ignorance but what are those two fine people famous for ?

    • Jessie

      i guess you haven’t seen a movie or listened to the radio in the last decade.

      • Richard McBeef

        The girl sings pseudo country songs about the trials and tribulations of high school.

        The boy is part of the experimental concept acting troupe founded by Travolta and Cruise where the acting doesn’t stop once you leave the set.

  12. RasputinsLiver


    “Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Broke Up”

    Uh….alrighty then.

    Lessee. Where’s my “Geez O’ lawks, lawks! I’z devestated by dis heruh news! How is I tuh go on?!” face mask….hmm….know I got it somehwre aroun’ here.


  13. Jake's Lover

    Maybe because Jake is gay? Wake up people- Jake likes to suck kock!

    • Like, totally!
      He did it in a movie, so clearly that’s what he does in real life!
      Like, you know, Christian Bale spends his days murdering hookers and his nights fighting crime, and al Pacino is totally a gangster / lawyer / blind suicide / the Devil!!!!

  14. FruitLoop

    He said he only likes fucking girls up the ass. She like totally would not put his dick in her mouth.

    They were from different worlds. It just wasn’t meant to be.

  15. shoe

    She was obviously paid well to advertise whatever drink she’s holding. Looks like a commercial to me.

  16. cool i wana have sex wit her

  17. MLVC

    i heard he only dated her so she would write the soundtrack to the brokeback sequel….

  18. They run the gamut of emotions through the pics. From boringly fake to flakily bored.

  19. Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhaal
    Commented on this photo:

    Guys date Taylor until they realize cardboard cutouts talk less. You can only have your dick in her mouth so long. At some point, it’ll be free to flap on about her profound and penetrating lyrics.

  20. molly

    why the fuck does her coffee look shopped in? why is she holding it like that? what is wrong with her? i want to rip her fake blond curls right out of her head.

  21. s'up bitches

    This girl has dated more gay guys than my sixteen-year-old acne ridden 300 lb. 5′ 2″ sister with scoliosis. Common already, if Taylor dated him, so has the 3rd shift male stripper revue at “Boxers and Briefs”! Jeesh!

  22. His cock was too small and her ego was too big…

  23. kanyeisgay

    Hope he gave her a few singing lessons since everyone says he likes to
    ” sing on the mic”. She needs serious vocal lessons sheeple.

  24. Kelly

    Fake dumb asses should fire the publicist. They look like fools. Next in line to pose as phony girl friend to Jake and phony boy friend to Taylor, boy she is going through them fast. She needs to hurry up and learn how to sing.
    She is a lesbian and he is gay.

    • lightdragon

      I would be surprised if Taylor was gay. In fact that would be a plus. But either she saw straight guys on the side or she is more sexually frustrated than Mila Kunis

  25. Galtacticus

    Right now some coffee wouldn’t be bad at all. *Rubs stomache*

  26. Bubba

    Hmm…all of these guys she’s plowing through. Makes you wonder if she’s ever going to go “Well, shit…maybe it’s NOT these guys. Maybe it’s ME that’s the fucked up one”……

  27. Ash Bones

    no sex video rumors?? Boooooooooooo!!!

  28. Rhialto

    Did they enjoy the ‘feed me i’m hungry’ reality show?

  29. Rhialto

    Something total different. I’m thinking about to start a production company inventing new shows. How about that?

  30. Kevin

    If this is true I am starting to wonder about Taylor. I love Taylor but I am starting to think either she is just going around getting a lot of dick or she is really fucking stupid when it comes to guys…

  31. Kevin

    After reading these comments I just thought I would ask…What does being able to sing have anything to do with the music business these days? Very few of the popular “singers” can actually sing. It is all done by computer or autotune now…at least she writes her shit…

  32. Rhialto

    “I just cut a finger with a peeler and the blood is spraying out like crazy. What must i do to stop this Consulting inc.?”

    Consulting inc.: Cut another finger to reduce the blood pressure. If that doesn’t help; stop breathing.

  33. lisa@london escorts

    well there will be another one along next week.

  34. uncle bill

    he now wants a real p*nis of flesh & blood in his AN*S, folks.

  35. Yeah, yeah, the gay thing, blablablah.
    Bitch, please.

    Seems to me like Gyllenhaal is from the Clooney School of Gay, namely “banging as many increasingly hotter chicks as human endurance will allow, in the quickest possible succession, without ever marrying any of them”.

    Yeap, totally gay.

  36. Once you’ve fucked Heath Ledger, everyone else pales by comparison. She never had a chance…..


  37. Galtacticus

    We’ve been marching through the purgatory countless times. That’s one of the benefits of being fearless and honest. There’s even a good chance that many women know us better by now than they ever got to know their exes or in the worst case maybe even their current partner… And that’s probably why real women loves us. But i still smell fear here? Why’s that?

  38. Marlene

    Everyone seems to know about Taylor and Jake and only they know about their friendship, etc. I wish the know-it-alls would quit posting like they know the whole story. I think this couple is wise enough to be friends and keep what ever relationship they have or had, their own business. I do feel disappointed if they have split. I wish them a happy 2011,

    • noooooooooo

      Welcome to The Superficial, you must be new here.

      Taylor isn’t socially wise at all, her current career existence is based around cheap personal breakup songs that she sings in the shower. She’s fighting the inevitable and cashing in with marketing gigs before it’s too late.

  39. Rhialto

    I don’t know about their status. But is it save?

  40. LJ

    She’s on the road touring 30 to 40 weeks a year.

    He’s on location or in the studio filming movies several months a year.

    How long can a Skype sex relationship last?

    Most likely she’ll wind up like Brittany or Christina and settle down with some backup dancer or production assistant who can follow her around because he has no career.

  41. pappysmeary

    NOOOooooo, not jake and kerry…

    **taking loaded pistol out of desk**

    whats the use? what is the use?

    **wrapping lips around barrel**

  42. g-moonie

    Seems to me he only hooked up with her in a vain attempt to make his TRUE love Reese jealous, blah, blah, blah, make Reese realize what she’s missing, yada, yada, yada, get Reese back, happily ever after, the end, roll credits…. Now that Reese is engaged, why would he need this goofy looking country talent, oxymoron intended….

  43. One of them is into country. The other one is a country singer. It was never going to work out.

  44. Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhaal
    Commented on this photo:

    He must have heard her sing live

  45. Huge Jackedman

    Taylor lacked that certain something Jake seeks from his partner in a mature, loving relationship…

    A PENIS.

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