I Don’t Have Time For Taylor Swift’s GQ Interview, But I Know Who Did

Full Disclosure: Today is a special day for me for reasons that I’ll never disclose to you click monkeys (Heart you!), and Photo Boy’s leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I’m pinched for time and not about to sift through the entire Taylor Swift GQ interview even though it was done by Chuck Klosterman, and I’d normally read a fucking phone phone book if he wrote it. Fortunately, two of my favorite bloggers are consummate professionals, unlike me, so here are their commentaries to peruse after you read Taylor Swift try to deny “Bad Blood” is about Katy Perry because she’s got some balls. And now that I’ve checked off all the necessary keywords, GERONIMO!

Taylor Swift’s Two Voices – Lainey Gossip

Let’s Talk About That Taylor Swift GQ Interview – IDLYITW

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Photo: Michael Thompson/GQ