Taylor Swift Got Dumped Again

February 8th, 2012 // 61 Comments
This Should End Well
Taylor Swift
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Apparently Taylor Swift was dating some dude Eddie Redmayne with the keyword being “was” because apparently he’s already given her the ol’ John Mayer/Jake Gyllenhaal/Joe Jonas heave-ho. So good news if you’re a fan of her music. Via Hollywood Life:

Taylor and British actor Eddie Redmayne met when she auditioned to play Eponine in Les Miserables opposite Eddie’s Marius, Us Weekly reports.
“They hung out in New York City with the movie’s execs,” a source explains. “And Taylor developed feelings for him fast.”
“Taylor loved the image of a British boyfriend,” the insider adds.
Eddie liked her too, but when she wasn’t cast in the role, their romance came to a halt, since he will be away filming the movie in London.
“Eddie’s not interesting in a long-distance relationship. The elements were against them. It’s a shame,” the source says.

In this guy’s defense, managing a long-distance relationship takes a lot of effort, so at least he had the common courtesy to lie and blame his work. Whereas I, on the other hand, was completely honest with a girl in a similar situation and basically told her I’d just end up cheating on her which you’ll be surprised to learn did not end in good-bye sex like I imagined it in my head. Then again, neither one of us were dressed like Star Wars characters or amateur gymnasts, so right off the bat I was screwed.

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  1. Cock Dr

    It would be hard to take a guy seriously with a name like that.
    Keep strumming that guitar so that the tween girls can continue lapping up the vicarious relationship pain…..so yummy.

  2. Frank Burns

    Medical fact: listening to one of her albums whilst watching any of the Twilight movies turns your blood to 70% estrogen.

  3. Dude of Dudes

    “Bit of bad news love. Pulling your knickers down was jolly good but Im off to London to bang the real actress who got the part. Cheerio!”

  4. This chick just needs to give up. It’s apparent that mentally she is still 12. Grow the fuck up bitch!

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    She won’t open her legs and won’t shut her mouth. What a surprise.

    • karlito

      you said it perfecty dontkill. she talks the game but won’t give it up. probably has the chest of a 10 yr old boy and the a set of meat flaps that hit the floor.

    • Schmidtler

      that explains why I have never seen a picture of her anywhere within 100 feet of Clooney.

  6. EricLr

    British English: “I’m not interesting in a long-distance relationship”

    American English translation: “Thanks for the fuck. You can go home now.”

  7. dinosaurland

    The good news is, there’s another movie Taylor Swift won’t be in.

  8. Translation: At least two orifices are still unchartered territory.

  9. Thedumper

    Damn Taylor gets thrown to the curb again. Maybe it because you go down on any go who says your name Taylor? Seriously how many guys have gotten rid of this used up thing?

    • Dee

      Ahh, the internet. Where bitter low life losers have the ability to comment on actual people’s lives and think their opinion is worth anything.

      Shes a millionaire. You…are…talking about her and how used up she is. LOL shut up bitch!

      • Thedumper

        Oh Dee. Poor poor Dee. sounds like someone else got used and thrown to the side. She OBVIOUSLY has horrible taste in men because this is what the fifth one that has sent her packing? Seriously there has to be something wrong and yes this is the internet which means I get to shit on my crapper and insult you for being stupid. How about you get an actual life and stop pretending to be cool for sticking up for someone you don’t even know.

      • Thedumper

        PS Just because she is a millionaire doesn’t make her a good person. Anybody now a days is a fucking millionaire and most of them are douches. What she does for charity and other great youth foundations is what makes her a good person. If you stick up for someone at least get it right dumbass.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Nifty how your thought sort of trailed off to nothing and ended like a limp noodle. Well done, Dee. You can always wait until the thought is fully formed and then type it.

  10. jamiewithanh

    Taylor is an amazing role model for young girls.

  11. JC

    “Eddie liked her, too, but when he realized that she had the intellectual and emotional maturity of a 13-year-old and a stupid hillbilly accent, he decided to end things on a friendly note, before ‘the bloody cunt writes a stupid album about me’, sources close to the star say.”

  12. Disco Dave

    What’s this woman’s problem? Won’t give up the ass? Boring in bed? Gets really clingy after sex? Proclaims the “I think I’m in love with you” during the first time?

  13. Bonky

    If she stopped dating gay guys she might actually be able to hang onto one. That is if she really wanted a man and wasn’t just swapping “beard” services with them.

  14. Taylor Swift Starbucks
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Taylor,

    Wanna, like, hangout?

    I’d like to have a song written about me when I completely destroy your heart like every other guy.


  15. Ana

    She should have seen this coming. Eponine and Marius did not work out. I’m pretty sure it ended up with Eponine being shot dead while she carried his love letters to another woman. Seems like foreshadowing to the entire relationship, but hey, this time was different, you guys!

  16. Tom

    A good many Brits are homosexual. Something like upwards of 80 percent, I read. That explains this.

  17. Bianca

    She’s a nutjob dressed in sweet girl’s clothing.

  18. Jacky

    No pics? GTFO US Weekly.

  19. Sheppy

    I’m British, I’ll have her.

    For a while.

  20. Jakey G

    Her snatch smells like rotting meat on a hot summer’s day . That’s why I left her. Ohhhh and the fact that she doesn’t have a penis.

  21. tonawanda

    Does she like 40-year old men? I’ll take her and never give her up.

    But she seems to be into bearding. Why? Fame? Or is she gay, too?

  22. Terry

    She has no ass, no tits,nothing. She needs a fucking ass like Janet Jackson and a rack like Christina Hendricks. Period.

  23. blah

    the common denominator is taylor swift

  24. gnarla

    “…so right off the bat I was screwed.”

    Right off the bat, you *weren’t*

  25. Mr Obvious

    Damn this girl’s issues got to be on the level of the Jennifers (Lopez, Aniston, and Love-Hewitt) for guys to dump her.

  26. Rabble Rabble

    Okay look, the choices of women to jerk off to today on this site are really fucking bad. Miley Cyrus? Serisouly? Kesha? What the fuck, come on. Emma Stone? Really Emma Stone? Who the fuck can jerk off to Emma Stone? What the fuck is going on here today?

  27. Rico Jones

    Taylor Swift is completely sexless. Very pretty but sexless. This is why guys get tired of her.

  28. Da Cheese

    I dunno. Those long legs wrapped around my head is something I wouldn’t mind.

  29. An Invited Guest

    “Eddie liked her too” Please! That’s the key phrase. She thinks every guy who smiles, accepts her invitation for coffee and conversation, is polite and kind, “likes” her. She and Eddie Redmayne aren’t in the same league. They couldn’t even have a reasonable conversation for more than 10 minutes. Plus, he has serious acting chops. She is manufactured and canned.

    • Dee

      It’s really amazing how you are saying all that about her matter of factly. Youre calling her a clinger and a nut case? Youre commenting on someone you dont know and will never meet in your enite life…

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Is Dee a paid sycophant or nutcase stalker sycophant?
        And Taylor’s a clinger based on her personally documented relationships in the form of plaintive country songs. I’m just glad that (so far) her songs have not strayed into the “Mah man done married mah dawg” territory.

  30. Alpha

    She is obviously a stage 5 clinger as soon as a guy shows a little bit of interest. That is why she can’t keep a man.

  31. Jenni

    Just because Taylor doesn’t put it all out there does not mean she doesn’t have sex with her boyfriends. I respect her for being a seeming nice girl who doesn’t use sex to sell but I lose respect for her when she writes songs about how evil guys are when they don’t like her back or are obsessed with her. She needs to handle things like a mature 22 year old and just move on with her life.

  32. splurg

    How long do you put up with a bitch talking about her ex? Answer, not fucking long. Get over it before you go play again.

  33. Taylor Swift Starbucks
    Commented on this photo:

    Something must be wrong with her if she can’t keep a boyfriend…

  34. Taylor Swift Starbucks
    Commented on this photo:

    She probably doesn’t put out

  35. There’s a saying… something about you being the common link in all your failed relationships. Taylor, this is your life.

  36. Chris

    Jennifer Love Hewitt 2.0

  37. forrest gump

    so when we can read about her successfull suicide attempt?

  38. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    What does it mean “liking the idea of a British boyfriend?”

    No wonder he dumped her.

  39. Taylor Swift Starbucks
    Commented on this photo:

    “She loved the image of a british boyfriend”. Seriously? If the relationship starts out that way, for superficial reasons like “oh, I’d be so cool if I had a british boyfriend” then I’m not surprised it didn’t last.

  40. Taylor Swift Starbucks
    Commented on this photo:

    shes asexual

  41. Schmidtler

    I’d go balls deep in her fart box, while writing myself checks out of her checkbook, as long as she shuts her yap until I’m done. waddaya say, Taylor? I’m free all weekend!

  42. I just think its because she’s a tall girl. She’s almost 6′ foot even and this definitely plays into relationship dynamics.

    Add in being a celebrity and..oh I don’t know, intimidatingly good looking and yeah…problems.

  43. I could understand his, long distance dating sucks. If I me Taylor and she fell for me, i would be against he MAN LAWS for me o dump her. So Jo Jonas, John Mayer and Jake Gillihillzhillk mus all be punished with a Genital crushing from Demi Lovato.

  44. Taylor Swift Starbucks
    Commented on this photo:

    (Thinking) “Got dumped again… Well, time to write another whiny album that panders to gullible teenage girls.”

  45. Taylor Swift Starbucks
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, no wonder she’s not meeting a guy who’ll stick with her, she hangs out in WEST Hollywood

  46. JImbo

    Taylor’s kind of got ugly toes and chewed fingernails. Take a closer look. Not that feminine. Sure she is cute at first for these guys she meets but her personal flaws become apparent and become deal breakers for some guys.

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