Taylor Swift’s Performance Outfit Is All You Need To Know About The CMT Awards

June 6th, 2013 // 33 Comments

I usually don’t bother covering The CMT Music Awards because most of you can read which rules you out as country music fans, but here’s Taylor Swift‘s performance outfit that I felt was worth posting on our sexy picture site. I don’t know how, or why, but she keeps winning me over the more I look at her without listening to the musical expression of her deepest, innermost thoughts that I don’t give a shit about. Is this what love is?

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  1. She’s more machine now than woman. Painted and bolted-on.

  2. Sandoucheky

    Goddamn she can still get it. I bet she’d look 5x hotter if she lost the bangs and had a more ‘modern’ hairstyle. This look and her double Bieber-burn at the Billboard Awards are making me forget about her cunty relationship horseshit

  3. I would happily hit that until she wrote a song about me.

  4. I’d be willing to risk contracting her particular brand of throat cancer if she’d just cut out that singing and talking nonsense she does.

  5. Coco T-Rex

    Meh. If I wanted to get up close and personal with a gussied-up toothpick, I would do it right now. No thanks.

  6. Taylor Swift Legs Booty Shorts CMT Music Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Lita Ford she is not.

  7. Goddamn I want to do bad things to her. She is damn delicious lately. Lock me up in your dungeon Swifty.

  8. She still can’t sing.

  9. Taylor Swift Legs Booty Shorts CMT Music Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s definitely had some work done. She’s looking pretty damn good these days. I would love to have an album written about me.

  10. Taylor Swift Legs Booty Shorts CMT Music Awards
    Frank Burns
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    Nice to see she finally graduated from junior high. Sweet Valley Middle will never be the same without her!

  11. PunkA

    She is lurpy, and annoying as hell. Her songs suck, unless you are a 15 year old girl or emotionally stunted, like Fish.

    Simply put, she is awful and she sucks.

    • Nonnie Moose

      Which has nothing whatsoever to do with most of us wanting to do terrible, disgusting things with/to her. Duct tape was invented for a reason, ya know.

      • Pike

        Young, blonde, fit, long legs, who cares about personality/talent. I’m not dating her, I’m jerking off to her.

  12. Wasn’t there a Country Music Awards show last week?

  13. She comes across as stiff and awkward to me.

  14. tlmck

    Yet another product created by marketing folks who know how to sell to kids.

  15. bill

    Way hotter than Miley

  16. lilgrandma

    Sorry but she looks real nice and beautiful!! she looking more beautiful every time she comes out!!nd she has respect and class!! WTG T.S!!! Now she is a STAR!!!!

  17. Porkpie

    That would look good tied up in my basement.

  18. Taylor Swift Legs Booty Shorts CMT Music Awards
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    wow! Shes GORGEOUS!

  19. Taylor Swift Legs Booty Shorts CMT Music Awards
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    See, I’m sexy just like Megan Fox – just look at these thumbs.

  20. Where's my hat ffs ?


  21. Taylor Swift Legs Booty Shorts CMT Music Awards
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    Is she having a damn seizure?

  22. Taylor Swift Legs Booty Shorts CMT Music Awards
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    She could fart on the tip of my tongue and pee on me (only below the neck) if she would also allow me to have sex with her.

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