Oh, Good, Taylor Swift’s Shooting Music Videos With Instagram Now

March 14th, 2013 // 15 Comments
Taylor Swift 22 Video
WATCH: Taylor Swift - '22'

I’ve honestly never seen a Taylor Swift video – and technically still haven’t seen an entire one – so here’s her latest for “22″ which somebody thought would be clever to shoot like it’s a moving Instagram photo. And by somebody I mean Satan. Satan thought it would be clever. Later, he’d use a typewriter in Starbucks while listening to Petra before adjourning to the corncob pipe and corduroy social.


  1. There are times when I’m glad that I can’t access YouTube from work.

  2. I watched up to 1:31. What do I win? Can anybody beat that?

  3. ThisWillHurt

    I hovered my mouse over the “Play” button, but my computer punched me in the dick.

  4. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    “The entire world shit all over me but THIS is OK?”
    -Rebecca Black

  5. meh, I’d still like to go balls deep in her fartbox.

  6. She has now crossed into the absolutely fucking annoying stage of celebrity. This shit was completely unwatchable.

  7. I’ll never watch a fucking Taylor Swift video. Unless it’s her sex tape.

  8. Darling

    That was awful. Only got to 0:10. MY EARS.

  9. Lita

    She looks like Miss Piggy but without all the delicious bacon weight.

  10. Sitin

    Well The TV Station sponsoring the CMA Awards this year should be shut down forever! They are having Taylor Swift as a GUEST! She in no way is country! She is Teeny-Bopper Genre nothing else! This is the ultimate “SLAM ” to the viewing audiences!

  11. Steve Tompkins

    All the kids are saying “Tpaylor we love you” and she throws away their fanmail without reading it for over 5 years& has numerous sex affairs instead with black bucks& you name it Tom,Dick,Harry(ha ha) Its true she is trying to get guys named Tom O’dell, Harry Styles, lets see Dick??Umm Dick Cheney or Dick Clark or any dick. “Dicks too many” is Taylors indian name. “Cunt that smells” Is her Navaho name. “Girls in lust of girls” is her Video surname(Dykefest)

  12. Steve Tompkins

    Thats Taylor’s Disney kids video to all 5 year olds. Big plastic glasses,clown makeup, Koolaid drinks and skittles party. Kids are saying “Yay Taylor we love you but why u don’t write back?” Mommy said “you throw away my letter to you” Mommy said “you selfish beoch!”

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