Taylor Momsen’s Parents Are Doing Great

June 28th, 2010 // 136 Comments

Here’s Taylor Momsen with her band The Pretty Reckless performing at Warped Tour over the weekend and pushing Underage Summer into new levels of me going to jail. Except thanks to the keen investigative work of Reuters, I now know it’s not illegal to post pictures of horrible parenting choices if they’re in a public venue. No, really, think about it: Everyone at this show saw what’s happening here even though it was virtually impossible not to. People were probably closing their eyes and still seeing Taylor Momsen’s tampon string hypnotize them into stabbing the mailman. — Or so I hear. Haha. *throws knife in the river*

Photos: Mavrix, Pacific Coast News WENN



    ewwww thats just gross!

  2. nisso

    woow her parents should be proud of her !! she looks like bloody mary :P

  3. PE
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    it’s a free country she has the right to wear what she wants and mayeb under a contract she has to dress like that for band publicity, maybe? I think its wrong that youve posted this its degrading and immature.

    • emma

      I agree she wants to look hot and shes doing a good job and most of u are probable jelus that u dont look like her I know I am lol xxxx

  4. jrdffr
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    not like this taylor momsen take notes from miley cyrus

  5. littlemissauteur

    So, its bad parenting to tell your daughter wear underwear with a short dress? I would think bad parenting is to blame for the photographer who took an upskirt picture of a 17 year old girl. She isn’t asking for it, she shouldn’t know any better, all she’s doing is wearing a short dress.

    No wonder women have so many issues with their sexuality and body image. People are commenting on how gross and revolting her underwear and tampon are. So menstruation, a natural body process that every healthy female has, is disgusting? Wearing tampons makes girls sluts? I’m confused because again, what is disgusting is the fact that this photo was taken, and furthermore how many people say its an example of bad parenting. Now I understand why I felt, and sometime still am, embarrassed about my period. Society’s depicts and treats it as some dirty shameful curse nary a mention.

    Bottom line is that you don’t have to look at her crotch while she’s performing and it is virtually possible to do so.

  6. Ashley

    she looks like cherie currie from the runaways. who was also 16 when she posed in even less. whatever. she’s young let her have fun. and she does have a great voice. don’t be jealous that you don’t have the balls to wear that shit. shes showing less than she would be in a bikini. and how many of you wear those?

  7. Mik

    I have actually listened to her music. Sounds just like everything else I have heard. As far as I’m concerned if you can actually sing then you don’t need all this shock value. I really don’t like ppl comparing this chick to Miley Cyrus, they both can be raunchy but at Miley Cyrus can sing. Do people in HW really need to do all this sht to get noticed. Nope. I mean who wants to die with this kind of sht on their repertoire. At least be artsy with it.

  8. littlemonster
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    well I don’t care. She’s hot

  9. BItter
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    I do not know, but she looks very unatractive,

  10. Roy
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    Sooooo hot ! Stop hatin on her sexyness

  11. deidra

    she reminds me of lita ford, maybe its her mom or somthing she just looks like her, also taylor’s role model IS cherrie currie, and mine is taylor….

  12. Mellymartylezdevanii
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    You’ve captured this preeftlcy. Thanks for taking the time!

  13. MalwareOrg
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    @Bltter maybe because “rocker, gothic, punk, emo or any style associated with eye liner” isn’t your type.

    To me she looks hot!

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