Taylor Momsen’s Parents Are Doing Great

June 28th, 2010 // 136 Comments

Here’s Taylor Momsen with her band The Pretty Reckless performing at Warped Tour over the weekend and pushing Underage Summer into new levels of me going to jail. Except thanks to the keen investigative work of Reuters, I now know it’s not illegal to post pictures of horrible parenting choices if they’re in a public venue. No, really, think about it: Everyone at this show saw what’s happening here even though it was virtually impossible not to. People were probably closing their eyes and still seeing Taylor Momsen’s tampon string hypnotize them into stabbing the mailman. — Or so I hear. Haha. *throws knife in the river*

Photos: Mavrix, Pacific Coast News WENN


  1. TS
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    Underage, showing panties, wearing garters and a rosary. WTF???

  2. Matt
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    you can see her tampon string in pic 7

  3. Matt
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    tampon string pic 7

  4. Matt
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    pic 7 tampon string

  5. Matt
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    i give up

  6. Matrim
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    Hey, Cindy Lou Who there is legal in most states…including the one I’m in, so I’m calling fair game.

  7. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    Obviously the music can’t stand up for itself so she needs to look like a spectacle. Trying way too hard.

  8. Matt
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    i mean 6

  9. isitin
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    At least she doesn’t have any stupid tattoos.

  10. yayo
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    nice snatch

  11. Drew

    I had to google her, and I still have no fucking clue why she is relevant.

  12. Degenerate
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    something about her is so sexii

  13. sasha

    Can’t you just do your Courtney Love act in front of your bedroom mirror like any other little girl?

  14. poshicles
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    I don’t see a tampon string and its fucking music. Why are we so fucking hard on artist these days? Who cares what she is wearing, there are 16 year olds all over the country wearing the same thing or less.

  15. Is this young woman a junkie or just pretending to be one?
    She looks as if she might be one of Satan’s minor league minions. Watch out for this dynamic up & coming actress/singer!

  16. Jeff

    Picture #6, I spy something, white….you got me, it’s a cotton string from a tampon.

  17. Hey, Cindy Lou Who here is legal in most states…including mine. So, I’m calling fair game.

  18. Amy

    So we’re throwing our men in jail for having sex with underage girls and labeling them sex-offenders for life, yet this is what we’re throwing in their faces? I’m not condoning statutory rape at all, but what kind of message are we sending our men?: “Look, it’s not okay to have sex with underage girls but they can wear whatever they want and wave their crotch in your faces. Also, you are a perv for looking.” Hell, I was on the “men are bad” bandwagon for quite some time, but wtf…this is getting ridiculous. I feel bad for the up-and-coming young men in the world. What a shitty message. They are going to be beyond confused.

    /25 year old female/lawyer

    • Smacktastic

      Forget up-and-coming. I’m down-and-going and I’m still confused as shit.

    • littlemissauteur

      You don’t have to be believe “men are bad” to understand that they have control over their sexuality and certainly their actions. Yes young girls are sexual and can be attractive to older men but to say that a young girl is to blame for seducing a man by dressing a certain way is ridiculous. Men are adults and are expected to act as such by controlling their behaviors. I don’t feel bad, nor do I think that’s a confusing message at all. Of course young girls should be able to wear what they want and express themselves sexually however they please without being taken advantage of by older men. Some girls are mature enough as teenagers to make confident sexual decisions but most aren’t, and that’s why there are laws to protect them. Older men are smarter, wiser, and therefore have the ability to coerce girls without them even knowing it. However, I must say that most men, although attracted occasionally to young girls, aren’t interested in having sex with them. This isn’t just because it breaks the law, but most importantly because they know that she’s still a child in some ways. Men who look aren’t perverted, its understandable to be attracted but there is a big difference between looking and touching. I think we should expect more of our men in society; of course they can control their sexual impulses, that’s an easy task. We tend to believe that men have these raging uncontrollable libido’s that take over every part of their being when aroused. I like to give men more credit than this; yes they get aroused like women, but there’s much more to them than sex. I like to think that men use their brain as well.

  19. Id
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    That eye shadow needs track marks to really work.

  20. Mike Rackhabbit
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    i would be a liar if i said i wouldn’t love for her to walk in those shoes all over my back and fucking whip my ass raw. she was stunning in person.(im a warped tour attendee) i would love to do all kinds of nasty ass things to her (post 18th birthday of course) i think this girl has got sexy down pat. Miley C. on the other hand is just a basketball head on a fucked up 30somethings body. Taylor Momsen is my vote for fucking sexiest girl ever… she looks great with or without her cherie currie getups. I wish her all the best. This was actually a good perfomance! her voice is good. i pefer it over most teenie boppers out there… Die Justin Bieber!

  21. PabloHoney

    Who is this person, and why am I supposed to care?

    Britney’s brown boots are more famous than this chick.

  22. RebelMinion
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    Congrats! I would have never thought this much “Who gives a crap” could be fit into one story or a series of 31 photos. You win!

  23. Pbear
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    I’m PBEAR AND FIRST! tdot!

  24. Moe Jackson
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  25. 52
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    she’s so cool! when i grow up (12) i want to suck on cancer sticks and sing like a banshee just like her.

    momsen: get a personality. this one has been done for over 30 years.
    momsen’s parents: you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves for letting your kid bring in cash while paedophiles jerk off looking at pics of her tampon string.
    america is a vapid shithole

    • Grow up

      Really are you actually slagging her off for nothing. You need to do a bit of research on her and well at least she isn’t doing what most people her age are doing and that’s getting pregnant at around 13/14 and then living off the country and having about 3 kids by the time they are nineteen. She’s a teenager and living her life and well at least she’s earning money for it. As for her parents just because they haven’t said no to how she dresses doesn’t mean they are bad parents. You’re only criticising her because she’s in the spot light. Look around there are girls much younger than her dressing a lot worse and doing a lot worse things.

      I’ll tell you something England isn’t as good either and I bet wherever you live isn’t either. You’re a very narrow minded person, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  26. Erica
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    That’s REALLY fucking scary..I go to Warped every year though. They’re every where.

  27. public enema

    i love me some jailbait frontbutt

  28. isa
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    nice legs.

  29. LLL
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    bitch is UGLY.

  30. YO
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    I love how she began on Gossip Girl as a goody good good girl and slowly changed herself (and her character) into this poser badass crackhoe. Dumb American bitches.

  31. jc
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    If one zooms really close, one can see a stain on her panties. Thats hot.

  32. terri

    i think shes got such an amazing style. I dress like that

  33. Jenna

    Oy vey. An instance where one should not share clothing with their on-screen persona. She’s so cute… she should stop trying so hard.

  34. viky

    This is photoshopped or something cuz we can see through the dress that she’s wearing some black *underwear* and her ass isn’t that big kthxbye …

    • Matrim

      And you’re a moron. kthxbye . . .

    • VIKY….

      When you grow up you’ll learn the difference between *underwear* and a GARTER BELT. And if you take an art class, you’ll learn about angles, not to be confused with angels. kthxbye

  35. king koopa

    i hate the raccoon eyes but she’s prettier than miley. and less slutty

  36. Galactus
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    Ahem. (*faps secretly*)

  37. Matt
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    tampon string pic 7

  38. Matt
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  39. Carrie bee
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    I think she is hot hot hot. But I agreee that it’s a bit disturbing seeing her flash her flesh colored granny panties to the whole wide world. Parents are reallllly slacking these days.

  40. Matt
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    tampon string pic #7

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  42. Matt
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  43. Jim

    Bands like these are why punk music generally and the Warped Tour specifically is a joke nowadays.

  44. Rupricht
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  45. salads

    I would lick her ass forever. she’s a teenage sex goddess

  46. Sana

    isn’t she like 16 or something!!! these little girls need to cover up, its getting ridiculous!!!

  47. Hard 4 Taylor
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    I’d like to see her having sex with a horse and a couple of midgets…

  48. anonymous

    Oh look, it’s Courtney Love 2.0….

  49. coco
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    yeah. but cherie currie was actually original..

    and talented

  50. taylorlucy
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    wow taylor momsen…..oh and she’s not just cindy lou who…. she’s little j or jenny humfrey in gossip girl.

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