Taylor Momsen’s Parents Are Doing Great

June 28th, 2010 // 136 Comments

Here’s Taylor Momsen with her band The Pretty Reckless performing at Warped Tour over the weekend and pushing Underage Summer into new levels of me going to jail. Except thanks to the keen investigative work of Reuters, I now know it’s not illegal to post pictures of horrible parenting choices if they’re in a public venue. No, really, think about it: Everyone at this show saw what’s happening here even though it was virtually impossible not to. People were probably closing their eyes and still seeing Taylor Momsen’s tampon string hypnotize them into stabbing the mailman. — Or so I hear. Haha. *throws knife in the river*

Photos: Mavrix, Pacific Coast News WENN


  1. lickz
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    Huh. I dont see any tampon string.
    And she looks like a whorish panda.

  2. Doc
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    she’s hot

  3. bally4life
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    oh, a crotch. cool?

  4. ironman
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  5. lolz


  6. Britney
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    GF, you gonna decide: do you wanna be Goth or Madonna circa 1986… make up your mind…

  7. more lolz


  8. Is that.....
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    camel toe in pic #7?

  9. dee
    Commented on this photo:

    This is just retarded

  10. She’s got that heroin chic style locked up. I hear it’s all the rage in Milan this time of year.

  11. Mmmm
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    Smells like teen spirit…

  12. buzz killington
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    who is this bitch and why do i have a boner?

  13. Toocool4aname
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    Did the emo fag from AFI and Courtney Love have a child?

  14. joe putz
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    Remember that old prank fake kaleidoscope or telescope, where you’d try to look through it and twist the viewer, and it would leave huge black rings around your eyes?.. Yeah. Great look.

  15. RatherSmashing

    Is that her ass cheek peeking out below her… dress?

  16. I have no idea who that is, but I like her make up.

    The dress is almost cool..

  17. shimmy

    No stars censoring up this underage broad? How shocking.

    Now that face. Oh my. That’s a face only a daddy might love.

    • Bert

      The no stars is a good move. It’s really no different then wearing a bikini. This chick is wearing this stuff on stage for all to see.

      The stars are a lame move, trying to get extra clicks. Half the time the stars cover nothing worth seeing. Save the stars for when there is actually something to see. Unfortunately even if there WAS stars, this girl isn’t much to talk about.

  18. Canned laughter

    she looks like a slutty racoon.

  19. milan8888
    Commented on this photo:

    she´s not

  20. captain america


  21. Darth

    Lemme guess; is she another child star?!

    • allie

      yep she was in spy kids 2 where she played the president daughter and the grinch stole christmas with jim carrey

  22. cg
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  23. One of the masses

    LMAO @ canned laughter! Good one. Who is this little girl playing dress-up with Gammy’s underwear?

  24. Eric
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    She was Cindy Lou Who in Jim Carey’s Grinch movie, and now I have a boner looking at her pubic mound. I’m going to hell.

  25. Joe
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    Is she the illegitimate child of Alice Cooper and Lita Ford and Madonna? I know that’s three…But the resemblence is uncanny.

  26. Rough&Roses

    Why is her parents responsible because she look skankier than ripped stockings?

    And that would be a false alarm of a front crack from Taylor. Keep hope alive…

  27. Cock Dr

    Another under aged pop tartlet. What a fabulous look she’s got going.
    Let me guess; this is all about “female empowerment”?
    Can she at least carry a tune? Most of them can’t.

    • Deacon Jones

      Well at least her, Miley, and the rest of them woke up and realized this is why they’re popular

      Maybe they’ll stop spewing their electronic diarrhea they call “music” these days into my head…

      • davey

        Maybe you should actually listen to her music before you call it electronic diarrhea. Just a suggestion since it’s actually decent.

    • nata

      Actually, she can sing like it’s nobody’s business, dumb bitch, And it’s not pop she sings, it’s rock. God you are such an ignorant bitchy fool. Go kill yourself.
      Cock dr.

      • Rosa

        Don’t you EVER tell someone else to kill themself!! Suicide is no laughing matter!!

      • Mik

        Don’t argue with a child man it doesn’t get you anywhere. Only children have no idea what telling someone to go, “kill themselves implies.”

  28. Commented on this photo:

    Ay carumba!

  29. Bosco
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    If the cops found these pics on my computer I could go to jail for twenty years.

  30. Sandra
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    She looks like Cherrie (The Runnaways). She used to do this outfit, and she was a minor too… maybe her role model?

  31. Herman Bumfudle
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  32. FattyFatty2x4

    Abused as a child, perhaps.
    Daddy attention issues, perhaps.
    Porno’s in 2 years, definitely.

  33. Bosco
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    I’d be doing jail time if the cops found these pics on my computer,,,,,,,,,,,,

  34. Mr Bill
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    Anyone heard this turds voice? It’s a miserable impersonation of a cat getting lit on fire.

  35. Wow, that last stroke really fucked up Bret Michaels; he thinks he’s Helena Bonham Carter now…

  36. J

    I Cant Believe I used to like her back when she was on gossip girl YUCK

  37. Nameless

    Meh…don’t know who this chick is and don’t care.

  38. Stephen Hawking
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    A collective fap groan as a hundred thousand loads are splatted on monitors today.
    What a durtyyyy, durtyyyyy girl!

  39. Fuck Off & Die
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  40. Ann

    If that is her ass she has a mighty saggy one.

  41. ZigZagZoey

    She’s the star of Tim Burton’s next movie
    Nightmare Before Puberty

  42. Sandra

    She looks like Cherrie (The Runnaways). She used to do this outfit, and she was a minor too… maybe her role model?

  43. Sarah Lee Bread
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    and……….you call Michael Jackson a pedophile?

  44. Mazoni
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    Amagad… but stil this is worth the trip to hell… :)

  45. Scott

    Courtney Love called. She wants her act back.

  46. Some Girl

    Pretty obvious that Courtney Love and Hole are her idols.

    The tunes and look are mimmicked after it, but the original is better.

    Taylor’s band Pretty Wreckless is just embarrassing. All of NY is laughing at this misguided rich girl.

    • Mike Rackhabbit

      yeeeeaahhh… i dont know. im gonna go with cherie currie. the similarities are astounding. check her out!

  47. Some Girl

    She looks so Polish.

  48. kayneisgay

    Her voice is better than Taylor Swifts and better than Miley Cyrus by far. Hell she looks twice as good also. The video Make Me Wanna Die actually is pretty damned good. Needed a guitar solo. She would make a grown man cry …….in jail ,LOL !

  49. antediluvian

    she’s on another site in a similar outfit, but wearing different stockings. So did she flash the gash twice in the same weekend?


  50. Moo

    Stupid kid with stupid ass make-up.

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