Taylor Momsen, We Get It. You’re Edgy.

August 4th, 2010 // 89 Comments

These are shots of Taylor Momsen acting like she’s too dark and edgy to be getting paid to promote Lourdes Leon‘s new fashion line Material Girl at Macy’s yesterday. Because what could possibly go wrong with letting a prepubescent girl have her own fashion line that idolizes a 16-year-old who’s already tired of penis? (Spoiler Alert: She usurps her mother as Sorceress Supreme.) That being said, anyone else getting a Nicollete Sheridan vibe from these pics? This must be some sort of record for already looking like a middle-aged woman which is hilarious because Lindsay Lohan can’t even win at that. God, this day’s going awesome.

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  1. 주먹

    taylor’s hot

  2. Taylor Momsen
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  3. Marley

    I can’t wait until she gets older and grows out of the raccoon eyes thing. She is actually a really pretty girl, but here she looks retarded.

  4. Bowman

    And, who is this? When did people start being considered “famous” despite having not really done anything? More Mel Gibson!

    • Hey, man…watch who you’re talking to. That’s Cindy-Lou-Who!

    • testington

      Um she has been a main character on Gossip Girl since the first episode, and has been in many films, also she has a band that is big enough to be on the Twilight soundtrack so she is pretty legit famous, sorry you’re too retarded to use google or wikipedia

    • Ryan

      You’re an idiot. Just because you don’t know who she is doesn’t mean she’s not famous. She’s been on Gossip Girl since season one and has a band who are surprisingly really great.

    • LAURA

      Don’t insult Cindy-loo-who

  5. Taylor Momsen
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    she is looking plastic-y in the face?

  6. Taylor Momsen
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  7. tina

    did anyone introduce her to miley cirus? they’ll be best friends in a heartbeat

  8. truth


  9. Kaz

    Hey boring christina were ur son max ?

  10. Kaz

    U like rakoon haha

  11. Lucas

    I like her. I bet her young vag smells like a bouquet of flowers, and is a tight as a fist.

  12. Lady Blah Blah

    Taylor, get those shoulders up and back and stand up straight! Make good posture a habit, girl.

  13. Nice little tits

  14. Jealous Girl

    She looks fat.

  15. Taylor Momsen
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    she’s 16? for real? she looks in worse shape than janis joplin at 27, od factor: she’ll not make it to 25

  16. Taylor Momsen
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    Remember when Avril did the same shit back then and it wasn’t reliable? Yes, Taylor, you’re just as original. LOL

  17. Taylor Momsen
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    Everytime I see this TARD I think to myself what it was like to be 16. She will look back on this in 10 years and be so humiliated at how hard she tried. …and yes, the her music sucks too. Can we say Poser?

  18. Kaycee

    Every time I see this TARD I think to myself what it was like to be 16. She will look back on this in 10 years and be so humiliated at how hard she tried. …and yes, her music sucks too. Such a wannabe.

    • Daisy

      EXACTLY what I was thinking. She is the only one who can’t (yet) see how stupid and fake she looks in all this stuff. She is what you get when you take one of the poser punk kids from your high school and give them lots of money and a little fame. She is going to regret this hard, and Hollywood isn’t gonna let her forget it.
      What the hell is she even trying to be? Punks are usually angry at the world or their parents or whatever, but this dumb bitch can’t even PRETEND she has something to complain about…

      GAWD I can’t get over how fucking stupid she looks.
      Goddamn poser.

    • Ryan

      First off, that’s the style she likes. If she likes it, that’s her. I could do without the eye shadow, but whatever. And her music doesn’t suck. You probably haven’t even listened to one song. And her music isn’t depressing music complaining about stuff. Get your shit straight before you try to insult someone more important than yourselves.

      • Daisy

        Ryan, pull your head out of your ass. Her music does suck. Her lyrics are dull and repetitive. Her backup players have just about as much skill as the Jonas Brothers, and there is nothing new or interesting about any of it. Every aspect of her band seems like a shitty copy of The Runaways, without the actually being interesting part. The crucifixes are also really fucking lame. And her music isn’t about complaining?? Her ALBUM is called “Make Me Wanna Die.” She looks like an angry hooker on heat in her video, and she tries to be so bad-ass and only comes off as desperate. She tries to be “hardcore” but she is a loser. Her style is trite, her music is unoriginal, she parades her cigs around, and she looks like a prostitute. How shocking and edgy! Get a life Ryan. This bitch will never do anything significant enough to be called “important.”

      • Ryan

        Well, we like different music then. I think her music is great. And her album isn’t called “Make Me Wanna Die.” That’s the first single. Her album is called “Light Me Up” There are a lot of songs on there just for fun and not “complaining.” And who cares if she smokes? I smoke. Not the worse thing in the world.

      • Jay

        Ryan, I agree with you. If that’s the way she wants to dress and act, have at it. I may not agree with some of the things she does but hey, she’s not my responsibility. I really like her music and I like the how edgy she can be. Good for her for not conforming to today’s Barbie girl expectations.

  19. The O

    I bet fucking this bitch is like fucking a corpse. The vibe she puts off is so bland.

  20. Love this person. No clue who she is. She’s young, daring and exciting. What’s not to love?

  21. Brandon

    Who the fuck is Taylor Momsen?

  22. Taylor Momsen
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  23. yawn

    does a chick write these articles or something?
    they’re just stupid.

    she’s fucking hot…. why are posts that contain actual pictures of a hot 17 yr old so negative?
    like any of us guys give a shit that she’s a whore or not a whore or whatever… she’s hot.. she knows it.. she shows it… and that’s a problem?
    fucking idiots.

    • JJ

      you’re a fucking idiot for talking about a 17 year old like that. fucking nasty perv.

      • Nah, he’s not a perv, he’s 14, and a 17 year old panda mermaid is his idea of an older, mysterious, experienced woman.

      • Ryan

        How does checking out a 17-year-old girl make you a perv? In most states, she’s legal. Plus, she’s not going to look any different in one year. In one year, she’ll look the same and then you’ll say she’s hot. Might as well say it now.

      • rambo

        whats the point is acting like a white knight on here.get a life.

  24. Internet

    Taylor Momsen, We Get It. You’re Ugly.

  25. President Obama's Mamma

    She looks like a 16 year old crack whore! If she isn’t, she’s a wanna be crack whore and that’s just sad. Don’t sell yourself short Taylor, go full crack whore, Amy Winehouse style!!!

  26. Girl

    I guess what I am trying to say is: Who the fuck isn’t hot at 17? Of course she is hot, it is her peak. She is a beautiful teenage girl. Boring.
    Most teenage girls on the street are gorgeous.
    Your tits and ass never look better than they do in your teens.
    As far as her look, it is very Avril Lavigne/Hot Topic.
    She isn’t very fashionable, or clever, she has a very, “I bought it at Ross” sensibility. This is most unfortunate, because with that face and that body, and a healthy dose of fashion, this girl could be HUGE.

    • Amy

      Agreed. Except, well…I was ugly and too skinny at 17. I peaked at, we’ll about now 21-25. I just find her “hardcore” look to be idiotic–I like people who are “hard” because of life experiences which are incorporated into their music. How hard has her life been? She’s been on Gossip Girl for goodness sakes. I just don’t get her fake murderous look.

    • She could get huge faster with a healthy dose of twinkies, but maybe I’m off topic.

  27. mike nike

    Lourdes Leon (Madonna’s Daughter) needs to shave her unibrow, mustache, and beard.

  28. Taylor Momsen
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    Picture # 4, She looks like a demon!

  29. Kat

    I’d hit it.

    With a brick.

  30. sir francis bacon

    i would destroy that pussy

  31. ginger

    Seriously… we didn’t need 22 of the same pictures of this girl. One picture was too many.

  32. Taylor Momsen
    Cock Dr
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    I just want to take this poor child home, scrub her face, chop off those ratty split ends, get her into a proper shirt, and serve her up some green beans & a nice toasted cheese sandwich.
    Must squelch these random maternal impulses. It will only get me into trouble one day.

  33. Taylor Momsen
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  34. sasha

    She looks like all the other desperate teens at the mall. Trying to be unique but afraid not to be cool . So they all look alike.

  35. Ryan

    She’s not trying to show off for anyone. That’s just who she is. And she doesn’t look like a middle-aged woman at all. She looks her age. I could do without the eye shadow, though.

  36. anonym

    i don’t care how old she is.

    I wanna grudgefuck this bitch.

  37. captain america

    try something new:

  38. Taylor Momsen
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    About the Sheridan vibe – sad thing is, Nicolette Sheridan still looks 10 times hotter than this kid ever will.

  39. Taylor Momsen
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    I’m all for black eye liner, but that just looks absurd!
    and those extensions.. urgh…

  40. Taylor Momsen
    andipoo magoo
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    i’m inclined to agree with musicgod, although comparing this piece of grotesque trailer trash to janis joplin seems a bit absurd.

    but seriously, look at that fugly face. 16? really? she’s quite disgusting.

  41. Taylor Momsen
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    I can’t even… Who the hell lets her get out of the house like that?

  42. Taylor Momsen
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    She’s a zombie in the new “Night of the Living Dead” movie – scary,very scary!!!!

  43. HerpDERP

    Belly shirts are so 10 years ago.

  44. Martina2you

    No matter what they say, every guy on this page wants to bang her.

  45. Marla


  46. Taylor Momsen
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    oh look, a raccoon

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