Taylor Momsen Understand She’s Only Taylor Momsen, Right?

October 27th, 2010 // 93 Comments

Presumably because she didn’t expect anyone to NARC on her underage peep show, future racoon-porn star Taylor Momsen flipped out on the audience last night at The Roxy (above) for using their cell phones. E! News reports:

“I know this is the modern age and everyone’s got cameras and cell phones and video cameras,” Momsen told both the paparazzi and camera-wielding fans last night. “But I’d really appreciate it if you’d put that f–king s–t down.”
“…. I know it’s very cool to videotape and put it on YouTube the next day,” she went on. “But, frankly, it completely takes away from the show. I’d thoroughly appreciate it if you’d put that s–t down and put your hands in the air…I want everyone’s hands in the f–king air.”

Oh, no, are people “taking away from” Taylor Momsen’s art? Because I could’ve sworn flashing your illegal breasts at innocent victims to the sound of emo-goth music defined a hate crime more than anything else. Then again, I never took art in college or sat around wondering how I could get my parents back for putting me in show business by becoming a cliche wrapped in a vampire. I’m naive that way.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. jill

    Let’s all cross our fingers for an overdose! Actually, it’s probably all an act…she’s a goodie two shoes who wouldn’t dream of putting red meat, drugs, alcohol in her body. And a virgin.

    • More likely she’ll get fat by 18 than OD.. Still wana bang her brains out tho. I mean on her 18th bd. Oh and love the ass shot. This time next year skip the panties..

    • tim b

      She’s from Potomac MD, one of the wealthiest suburbs outside of Washington DC. She was born rich, this is all an act! LOL
      Her High School she would have attended was the inspiration for BH 90210

  2. Drew

    I would have just put my hands in the air while holding my cell phone.

    I’m a rebel that way.

  3. She gets me in the mood for Halloween.

  4. Rough skills and power tools

    I see shes been sporting a “slave” necklace, who’s her master? Is she into doms or just a fake?

    • Andriiya

      Some people take jewelry too seriously…

      • Drew

        I’m confused whether you’re implying it’s us that takes the jewelery too seriously, or Momsen.

        Would you wear a necklace that said SLUT or WHORE? No, of course you wouldn’t because you wouldn’t want the attention that would come your way and the assumptions about you, unless of course you are either one, or both. Who knows.

        Whether her necklace is a BDSM thing, if she’s one of those rich spoiled brats that think she’s a “slave to the machine” or it’s purely for attention.. it doesn’t matter which. She’s obviously attempting to use it as a message, so the person above has a very valid question. Which is it? I hate these spoiled emo-goth fucks, so I’d like to know to build up my arsenal of important insults.

      • Alex

        She’s pretty young. I remember wearing a necklace that said SEX like that in big letters when I was little cause I saw it at a D&G fashion show and I thought it looked cool. I’m in my 20′s now, so I wouldn’t do that now, but the thinking at that age isn’t fully developed…that’s why you’re supposed to have guardians (since her mom goes to her concerts, obviously she doesn’t have a very good one)

  5. Smaug

    she is just asking to have her whole body licked

  6. JD

    Is she in that AMC zombie show?

  7. Davinci

    haa hey

  8. wtf

    I guess you don’t get out to concerts much. They are a real drag these days because of the cunts that film the entire thing. There is a HUGE divide between audiences of “credible” artists and pop-stars on this matter too: at pop concerts where mostly teens attend it seems to be free reign on camera use (mostly because teens are facebook addicted, selfish morons), but at a decent show it is HIGHLY frowned upon to film more than a few seconds and/or get a couple camera shots (any more than that and I guarantee that you will be spoken to by an attendee and soon punched in the kidney if you do not comply).

    • Drew

      I guarantee you’re talking out your ass. I’ve been to many, many concerts.. and I have never once experienced anything like this. Take your anecdotal experiences as fact elsewhere.

    • MoozBoy

      Yeah I’m pretty sure you have no idea wtf is going on. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts from gay to Cannibal Corpse and the only way you’re going to get “spoken to” is with a punch to the back of the head for blocking the view of the band for the dude behind you.

    • wtf

      …and I guess you guys bring your cameras and film the entire show?
      Moron, an anecdote is based upon experience, and I have witnessed many
      such encounters: It is, therefore, fact. It happens. An arena show is
      one thing, but at a smaller venue (maybe this is where you saw “gay” wtf that is, you fucking queer) this kind of activity is frowned upon.
      Would you go to a movie and film it? A play? So why should you be allowed to film a concert?
      It’s a fucking show killer that puts them on edge, so stop being cunts and put your fucking toys away.
      So, if I ever happen to be forced to see a “gay” concert and I see you filming it, while others are thinking that you are a douche, I will personally kick you in the head if no-one else does first.

    • wtf

      The fact is, they basically always state “no cameras”. What part of that do you not understand? “O, well, its a gaypod, not a camera, so I can film it.” No, you fucking can’t, they just don’t have the means (or incentive yet) to do anything about it, but performers are getting pissed off (again, puts them on edge, and detracts from their ability to market/sell their own video of their performance) and your fellow concert goers are pissed off because you are detracting from the show. Again, this might not matter at a “gay” concert that you go to, but for a decent show it DOES matter. Fucking youtube generation is dumb as shit.

      • Jen

        you do realize that you are on a superficial gossip website???

      • friendlystoner

        wtf is your problem? i bet your the type who goes to concerts and asks people to be quiet so you can hear the music properly.

        i`ve been to loads of clubs/concerts and i`ve never had a member of the crowd or staff tell me or anyone else not to film.

        if you think that someone taking a pic or filming a bit is a distraction to the artist compared to all the noise, stage lighting and general commotion that normally happens at a concerts then your clearly stupid or have only been to the most boring concerts ever.

        some artist encourage it. Daft Punk released a video of their live performaces and used only the video footage from mobile phones of the audience.

    • wtf

      how many times do i have to repeat this:
      “NO CAMERAS”
      The disclaimer is clear as day on pretty much every concert you go to. And yeah, I would tell people to be quiet if they are talking to loud, just as I would in a movie, at a play, at the symphony, at work, at whatever function requires a little bit of decency. Protocol is that the back bar is for talking, the area in front of the stage is for shutting the fuck up. Having said that, have I EVER asked someone to be quiet at a concert? No, because people DO shut the fuck up. The problem is little youtube fucking morons like yourself who feel it is ok to do what you have expressly been told not to do for a multiple of reasons, including, but not limited to: blocking views, producing distracting lights/flashes for the audience and musicians, breaking copyright laws (it is a private venue where the terms of your ticket purchase is that you not record, you do it anyway and then likely publish it and so infringe on the artists ability to sell their own footage), simply putting the artist on edge because of the undue scrutiny, and making yourself look like a fucking noob japanese tourist. I don’t give a fuck what daft punk did, other people are pissed off. If you think I am alone, I assure you i am not, regardless of whether you SHOULD be allowed to do it and that people should mind their own business. I can also tell you that Daft Punk has not played a show with intimacy of this show in question likely ever. They are a fucking arena band you cunt, and I ALREADY noted the difference. Look, pre-fabricated or not, she’s going around flashing her tits and you think she is going to keep doing that when people film it all? Do you think it was a coincedence she said something about it the day cell phone footage was posted all over the internet? true or false, people filming put her in a shitty mood? gee, did that damper her performance? How would you act if I grabbed a camera and started filming you? She didn’t sign up for that. She was there to play a concert, not get filmed and she is on fucking private property and you are only there under contract with terms imposed, namely, DON’T FUCKING FILM IT. How hard is that for you to understand?

      • nooooooooo

        Mmmmm guys do you smell that? it’s a nice breeze of blind rage.

      • breazygirl

        I agree with wtf 100%. “Blind Rage” would be venting about nothing and/or to no-one, but I guess you guys don’t get it. I’m sure that you all know that you aren’t supposed to do it, but do it anyway.

      • yawn

        u mad?

      • friendlystoner

        hahahahahaha the anger you’re displaying is hilarious. think you need to get your therapist to up your dose of valium.

        its been going on for decades and will continue on past our life times so get used to it. you ranting and raving on some celeb website wont change a thing apart from me hoping you complain about me filming at concert on day so i can beat you down and make you my bitch while filming it on my phone then posting it on youtube moments later.

      • I would have liked to have seen wtf at a Beatles or rolling Stones, or Elvis concert telling the people around him to shut up while they screamed. Concerts are different than club gigs too. A concert in a stadium warrants screaming, loudness etc etc etc. A club gig or bar crawl would warrant a more subdued experience, depending on the type of musical act performing.

        As for the filming of Taylor Momsen and her Band, I think she’s talking out of both sides of her mouth. On the one hand she publically states she doesn’t want people filming and posting her stage act. On the other hand, she’s not going to turn people away who pay money and come to the concert to watch her flash her tits. She’s not giving any of THAT money back, or paying for any of that FREE publicity. Let’s face it, her ACT is just that, an ACT. she’s a publicity whore who is looking to get exposed, who probably realizes her band sucks, and needed a shtick to get attention so she starts flashing on stage. She’s not a dumb girl but she is a hypocrite.

      • nooooooooo


        “I’m sure that you all know that you aren’t supposed to do it, but do it anyway.”

        Nice generalized statement, I don’t film concerts but I do take photos when I’m there with my press pass. Otherwise I don’t care. I’m tall I look over the midgets at the show and never worry about anyone getting their blurrycam on.

        Just because people don’t agree with rageboy over there it doesn’t mean it’s due to them being offended about filming. Maybe you two can start a club though and cuddle up.

        also @yawn
        lol they mad

    • eatme

      Gee, thx for your input, but I really do not understand how you have failed to notice that I myself, several times, made a distinction between arena shows and small venue shows. In fact, it was a key point of mine.

      I also made explicit mention of Talyor playing both sides of the fence on this one, so really just simply restated what I already stated,

  9. Jordasche Kingston

    I wish someone would bitch-slap her and put her in her place already – she’s a cancer to society.

    • Rough skills & power tools

      Really? is she that influential…

      • MrsEllis

        Yea, I don’t really think that she’s spreading much. In fact, this is the only site that posts so much about her.

      • Jordasche Kingston

        The negativity exudes out of her and surely affects (whether it’s known or not) the people around her as well as those who pay any attention to her whatsoever. I think she’s talented in her field of work and a pretty girl when she’s not dressed in Halloween make-up, but her attitude stinks. She’s ungrateful and has NO respect. So yes, she’s very influential in that respect to any person not strong enough or knowledgeable enough to keep themselves away from that kind of negative source.

  10. Lori

    “Future raccoon porn star”… ah hahahaha!!

  11. fester

    Doesn’t Taylor realize if she wants to be a really big teen star she has to fuck Billy Ray Cyrus? It works for Miley, anyway.

  12. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    Tear it up!

  13. nooooooooo

    fixed one of her shots again with comparison


    I can’t stop laughing at this trainwreck, without the abuse of makeup she’s completely hopeless.

  14. lok

    I’m digging her ass in pic #5.

    Also, she has a great publicist.

    Also, I bet she works hard in bed.

  15. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    who cares
    Commented on this photo:


  16. too bad really

    Oh Taylor, you are such a rebel, I am sure ‘the establishment’ is shocked by your behavior.


    • Sheena

      Ditto! Emo goth is sooooooo 90s.

    • Momsen = lame try hard

      haha yeah, she is such a rebel and totally against the system, even though she sucks Hollywood dick with that lame GG show and is on a record label, the whole Momsen family need to vanish.

  17. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

    Who is this?

  18. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s hot. get over it.

    the problem is, she’s “hot” like practically ALL younger girls are now: too much makeup, too much accessorization, too much of a bored, lazy-eyed look.

    they all look the same. I blame emo / gothness, Japan, and anime…

  19. Red Hood

    She is far from a credible artist. Why flash her tits? Oh yeah to get put on websites and in the press for people to say “Oooooh she’s a bad girl”. She’s a teenie bopper artist and the only reason people pay attention to her is because of that show she’s on. People like her would annoy me if I didn’t know they’d be forgotten the second their TV show went off the air.


    • wtf

      Holy fuck you are dumb, Red Hood.
      Notice how I put the word “credible” in quotes? Maybe that was for a reason?
      The point is that she is playing both sides: to her credit, she writes (yes, SHE writes her own material) music that is decidedly NOT teenie-pop and performs at rather adult venues but then pulls the fake tittie-flashing amongst other contrivances and marketing gimmicks and so will have to put up with shit that others performing musicians don’t have to, such as clowns filming the entire gig. But at the end of the day, the filming wrecks it for everyone else. I know everyone here will pull the “I’ve been to lots of concerts and it isn’t a big deal”, but to them I say “BS you go to small venue concerts” because that kind of activity is simply not condoned. Put your toys away and enjoy the show.

      • Lori

        Taylor Momsen fans are the lamest of all groupies. Crappy “edgy” manufactured pop star whose music is unlistenable. Of course she has to flash her breasts. What else has she got?

  20. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    no thanks…no class, no ass, white trash, and i dont care that she is young…thats not a great turn on to me. sorry hun.

  21. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    I dont find her hot, she looks dirty and used, which in my books isnt hot.. I like the look of innocence and cleanliness…no matter what the age..just cause your 17 dont make you hot, i know 30 year olds who are cuter and hotter than this chick is…age dont mean shit if you dont have class.

  22. wrecked 'em

    It’s like watching Wendy O. Williams all over again, but without the talent, edge, anger, gravelly voice, hard driving music, fear of getting YOUR assed kicked by a chick and equally fearful of HER fucking the shit out of YOU!

  23. The Dude

    I’m starting to get the impression that pandas can talk, but certainly not sing.

  24. Lady Blah Blah

    I liked her but now I just find her just annoying. She’s not even in the same league as Wendy James (Transvision Vamp) was, and that’s not saying much. She strikes me as another spoiled brat celebrity with no values. She’s a poseur; she’s not part of any subculture, she’s as mainstream as McDonald’s and Speidi.

  25. Rancid

    Like, fucking put your fucking hands in the fucking air
    like you fucking don’t give a fucking shit
    Like, lemme fucking hear some, like, fucking noise, yo!
    Yeeeeeeeeah Like, um, in da house and stuff… Yeeeeeeeah

  26. Mike Walker

    I still don’t know who she is or where the hell she came from but she’s got a point about the cameras. I saw a picture of the audience at a U2 concert from a couple years ago and I swear the entire front 4 rows had their cameras out like a bunch of retarded japanese tourists. Must be really annoying to be on stage and look out at a bunch of people barely into the show and focusing on getting a good youtube video.

  27. Deacon Jones

    Well, all I can say is “SCHWING!!!”

    And was she a backup sex slave in “Taken” or is it just me?

  28. yourmom dottcom

    so much for YOUR career, fool! Sick irony, these idiots who “work” to seek fame and then want to hide from cameras.

  29. Pangulin

    Another example of a teenager taking their press too seriously and thinking that they are somehow shocking society. The only thing shocking about this chick is the fact that she hasn’t performed a live sex act on stage or on camera, “leaked” it to TMZ or some other piece of crap website and then claimed that she has somehow been violated because of it!
    She and Lady GaGa are prime examples of the state of musical entertainment today….trashy and lacking any real substance or talent.

  30. direchef

    Nice gut.

  31. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    another fucked up kid

  32. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    dude, taylor momsen is solid. she’s good looking, she’s young, and she’s sick of the music by numbers status quo non sense. im 23 years old. im a musician. im a singer. shes got the opportunity by working within the TV circuit to get her music and an IDEA heard and seen. the idea is old. its not fresh. but it’s real. it’s the same idea that any young musical person wants.

    larger than life. aggressive. sex. anger. pain removal. therapy. you all need to grow up. grow the fuck up and put your cell phones down when you see fucking music. go to austin TEXAS – im from LA. in austin they actually ENGAGE in the show. they actually LISTEN to the music. they WANT to ENJOY a FUCKING SHOW. not just STAND THERE WITH THEIR FAGGOT CELL PHONES.

    it’s fucking BULLSHIT. she’s in Los Angeles playing shows and not whoring herself into LADY GAGA by signing a contract with a sick bitch in his Hollywood poluted Hills mansion and gold records on the wall pretending to be a star when she’s shit on the heals of passion.

    so go fuck yourselves. all of you on this bullshit website. you wouldn’t know an honest fist if it smashed your jaw into your throat. eat shit internet media porn.

  33. Tabby

    She has the ugliest legs that I have ever seen in my entire life. I’m sure she wears the black hosiery to hide the visible telephone wires.

  34. Rockem


  35. Maloney

    Who the fuck is she again?

  36. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh wow gross! Looks like she has a case of “clubbed thumb” like Megan Fox – check out pic 3 of 12.

  37. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    Goofy looking. Bad posture. Oversexualized, trying to rock BDSM themed apparel, yet know nothing about it. Silly prop wearer!

  38. Momsen = lame try hard

    I get the feeling that her cooch smells awful, god could this bitch be any lamer?

  39. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    She is gorgeous. You people are morons. With or without make up she is beautiful and very talented

  40. Fred Cloot

    Jesus fucking christ, reading these comments makes me wish for the end of civilization. Any species that comes up with cunts like you lot deserves to die.

    • Momsen = lame try hard

      No Fred…lame, try hards and posers like Taylor Momsen are the cancers on society, not us buddy, we are the smart ones that don’t fall for her bullshit.

  41. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Herman Bumfudle
    Commented on this photo:


  42. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Herman Bumfudle
    Commented on this photo:

    omg! fuck! you are beautiful.

  43. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    so much criticism..
    i dig her.

  44. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Commented on this photo:

    i like this girl because she doesn’t give a fuck, people need to lighten up, down with the government, legalize marijuana and all that jazz, its nearly 2012, maybe we can start getting serious when earthquakes and tidal waves start to devastate this crazy planet!?!?!?

  45. I give UP!!!! Twice now I’ve tried to post my Cindy Loo Who poem in honor of Tyler Momsen and twice it didn’t post!!!! What’s UP WITH THAT FFS?????

  46. Kris

    Um, I’ve been to plenty of small venues, and they tend to be more relaxed about cameras than bigger venues (where the use of cameras are limited). The only time that cameras are 100% verboten are when they’re filming for a tv show. The only time I could see people getting mad over camera usage is if it is excessive to the point of blocking others’ views of the band for nearly the entire show. The thing about smaller venues is that the bands that tend to play there are not as well-known and, therefore, more difficult to see on a regular basis/get access to professional pictures of (hence the more relaxed attitude towards cameras). I remember going to a show at the Whisky A Go Go 4 years ago that featured a foreign band who had never played in the US before (they haven’t come back to the West Coast since). Tons of people had cameras out at one point or another to record the memory of being able to see the band play live and no one got irate over the use of cameras in the small club because we all understood the sentimental value of being able to get a picture in the moment. That’s usually the vibe for the concerts in small venues that I’ve attended. I doubt anyone was filming Taylor nonstop or taking a zillion pictures with a giant professional camera that has a blinding flash that would distract everyone, including the people in the back. She’s just having a bitchfit/ego trip (or doesn’t want her mom finding out that she’s trying to get some experience on stage before she auditions to become a stripper).

    • eatme

      As a regular “concert” goer (easily once a week), I have witnessed, many times, non-stop filming. Discussions about whether filing is outright banned or not, I did make it clear that intermitent filming/photo taking is a decidedly different beast than non-stop filming. I stated this in my first post. Clearly, while you are simply restating what I already stated, agree with me.

  47. Taylor Momsen at The Roxy
    Willy Wonka
    Commented on this photo:

    Who is this cunt?

  48. devilsrain

    This girl should THANK everyone for even wanting to film her crap act. I would also suggest she give blowjobs to/for anyone as well. At least then she would stay relevant.

  49. Willy Wonka

    Who the fuck is this cunt?

  50. eatme

    Look, I’ll make this hella simple for all of you since you seem to have a hard time grasping reality:

    Do you bring your camera proper (canon, nikon, et al.) with you to a concert?

    With some exceptions, I’m sure, the answer is NO. Why? Because you KNOW that you are not allowed and you KNOW that it will likely be confiscated or you will be denied entry. Simple. Yet, now that phones these days have nice vid cams, you bring in your phones and think that the rules are different. They are not. they are simply much harder to enforce these days, and those that have tried (say, Prince) have learned just how difficult it is. The fact is that I am not alone in my loathing of this new development: I have several times witnessed conflicts over this issue, from staff of the venue, from other attendees, and from the musicians themselves. That any of you think “Oh no big deal” just goes to show how truly ignorant and selfish many of you are. Try it: maybe no-one will say anything. maybe no one will care. maybe you will get tossed out.

    And once again, I am pointedly discussing small venue shows which i KNOW by sheer numbers (or lack thereof) that most of you do not attend.

    I will glady share my contact information with you. Hope to see you soon.

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