Taylor Momsen Loves Her What Now?

The Superficial | July 19, 2010 - 12:15 pm

Because Taylor Momsen’s people apparently looked at the Miley Cyrus playbook and went, “Hmm. Needs more dildo,” this conversation happened in the latest issue of Disorder. Via Amy Grindhouse:

“Momsen does swear like a trooper,” interviewer Taylor Glasby writes. “She also grins when asked if she’s single, and replies that she is, that she’s not into guys, waits a beat, then adds she’s not gay but just bored of men and her best friend is her vibrator.”

Already bored with men and can only be satisfied by a foot of hard rubber – AT 16. Except I don’t know why I’m acting so surprised considering I just described every chick I was ever with in high school. “Girls have orgasms, too,” they used to say. Ha! Could you imagine such a thing?

Photos: Splash News