Taylor Momsen Will See Miley’s Lesbian Kiss and Raise Her All This Stuff

March 21st, 2011 // 136 Comments

Last summer, months before she even turned 18, Miley Cyrus set the world aflutter by kissing girls on stage in-between choreographed vagina diddles. So, of course, Taylor Momsen has added a simulated girl-on-girl orgy to her stage show, also months before turning 18. Except you really have to give Taylor the advantage here because she seems jaded enough to avoid the inevitable pregnancy waiting around the corner for Miley. Or she’ll get knocked up just to have an abortion and post in on YouTube with a skulls and Hello Kitty border. “Summer Vacay!” she’ll probably call it.

NOTE: I just looked up Taylor on Wikipedia for the first time to get her birthday, and where the hell did this chick go? Bring that one back.

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  1. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
    Double D
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    Taylor Momsen is like Taylor Swift’s evil twin. One could sit on my shoulder as the devil, the other on my other shoulder as an angel. Or… one on my face and one on my wang. It’s all good.

  2. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    Someone get Mayim Bialik off the stage. Everyone knows Six was the hot one.

  3. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    These are stills from her latest Cinemax feature, yes?

  4. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
    adolf hitler
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    this is jim carreys fault

  5. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    Swing low…..

  6. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    I would comment on this photo, but then Chris Hansen would probably pull my IP address and be waiting for me when I came home from the nearby sale on wine coolers and condoms.

  7. The Critical Crassness

    The only thing “edgy” about this chick is how close she has gotten to the edge of oblivion! Maybe she and Lady GaGa can sit around the once-was celebrities home and compare notes on being “edgy”.

    • Welcome to america, home of the not allowed to do shit before you’re 18. they’re headed to france this week, where she can drink, sunbathe naked legally.. one can only hope it’s different there

      • Deacon Jones

        I’m going there in September and I’ve heard mixed things.

        Some say that French chicks are hot as hell, others the opposite.

        Maybe I should email the Factor and ask ole’ Bill what he thinks.

      • France is a melting pot, so you’ll see all shades just like you would on the east coast. Yeah they can def be exotic, though personally i preferred Dutch girls, having spent time as a kid in Flanders. Are you going to Paris, the Riviera, where..?

        FWIW the French are a bit like Americans insofar as they don’t want you going there speaking a foreign language. If you speak English at them, expect an attitude. If you make an effort to speak French, in my experience they will open up and accommodate you, including answering in English.

      • (tho it’s proly cos they kno u got money lol)

  8. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    “watch as I make my fat jiggle”

  9. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    The Bitch is hot! When she turns 18 I will lick her tight pussy!

  10. cc

    I don’t care what anyone says…the chick on the right would make my pants happy if she threw on a schoolgirl outfit.

  11. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
    Cock Dr
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    Once I bought a pair of bitch boots much like what Ms Momsen is wearing in these photos.
    I must express admiration for her ability to not only stand up in them, but even walk around.

  12. All these muffin tops leads one to the conclusion that her tour must be sponsored by Otis Spunkmeyer.

  13. taylor from 5th ave

    Taylor debuted at the MET very young and that is the society she comes from, the Park Avenue Peerage. Many of those girls get wild for a time. She is very much monied up and many of us know her that way. Lots of socialites go goth or sex weird for a time, it’s just an art thing, a rich person thing. Her whole bang is just about fashion really, and she is quite stylish. Art school girls across the country secretly take cues from her although they hate her music.

    She’ll marry a banker, trust.

  14. taylor from 5th ave

    Also, LOL at parents gone wrong comments. Have you ever been to a nightclub? Have you ever been 19?

  15. taylor from 5th ave

    Going from Manhattan to dingy bars is def edgy for the crowd she comes from. That’s her audience she wants to FU2, really.

  16. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    Look at the crowd in the background. What is she playing to crowds of 15 now? You’ve got to love a girl who turns to young, shirtless, dancing girls just to have some PR photos – Winning!!

  17. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    “I’m not a drummer but I’ll still throw a drum stick out into the crowd. Look how hard a rocker I am!!”

  18. Compound9

    Do these photos have beer goggles?

    or did they just drag random chicks off the corner to be on stage with her?
    or is this just the im fucking ugly and worthless crowd, on that note where is that truffleshuffling feed eating manitee snooki?

  19. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    “I see you have a beer belly…I, too, have a beer belly.”

  20. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    You rub your beer belly up against my beer belly – that way we ain’t got to sleep with our heads in the mud.

  21. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    You rub your beer belly up against my beer belly – that ways we ain’t got to sleep with our heads in the mud.

  22. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    I don’t see the issue. Who didn’t experiment with underage public groupsex? It’s not 2008 anymore, people.

  23. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    I don’t know what most folks are blathering about. I’ve fucked worse than this and on purpose and enjoyed myself while doing it. She’s not ugly or fat. I’d kiss her where it smells funny without thinking twice about it. If that micro “pot belly” bothers you, turn out the lights. It’s all flat when they’re on their back.

  24. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    I’m so into Tayl…Wait whats that on my leg!!

  25. Katie

    This is where the term “cum dumpsters” comes from.

  26. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    Wow, I think this is the first time in a long time Taylor has felt overdressed.

  27. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    “Okay on three we are going to take a shit on this stage like I shat on music.”

  28. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    That’s funny, that is the same face she makes when other phallic objects are thrust in her face.

  29. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    Daddy why didn’t you love me!!!!!!!?
    …idk I am just guessing at the lyrics, I’ve never heard an actual,, wait for it,, “song” from her.

  30. “You like that? You like it, Taylor?”
    “Sure, sure… I see the vagina right there, oh I’m so gay right now!”

  31. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    Ya’ll should eat a salad or somethin or get off stage fat idiots.

  32. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    I figured it out.

    “She auditioned for the title role in Hannah Montana, and was in the top three, but the role was instead awarded to Miley Cyrus”
    -Wikipedia article on Taylor Momsen.

  33. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    so i guess she has accepted that she wont be taken seriously as an muso.
    Back to the pop/whatever the hell you want to call it/trailer trash/attention whore

  34. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
    one legged
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  35. noooooooooo

    Proof positive that at some point even stars have to pay to get some.

  36. Mama Pinkus

    sheer nastiness, and not in a good way

  37. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    she looks better here than anywhere I’ve seen lil nasty

  38. jersey mike

    They make heroin seem so high class and sophisticated. Very classy ladies.

  39. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    take a note from taylor’s book: this is how they should have performed the vagina monologues

  40. Elle

    Looks like her taste in girls is comparable to Charlie Sheen’s

  41. “Up next on the Taylor Momsen Cavalcade of Trying-Too-Hard, watch her steal a page out of Rickbitch’s act and get fisted live on stage!”

    It’s like I’m friggin’ clairvoyant.

  42. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    Is it so wrong that I want to see her vagina?

    • Joonmarie

      nope. But what’s wrong is she’s probably gonna see your comment and go “omg I forgot to flash my vagina!?”

  43. sasha

    You just know they’ve been practicing their “sexy” look in front of their bedroom mirrors since they were toddlers. This is funny stuff.

  44. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    And who is this person again??

  45. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    The only way she could actually shock me is to show some talent.

  46. Vanilla

    I’ll cheggit out.

  47. Taylor Momsen Lesbian Kiss
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    C’mon, more duck face!!!

  48. :D

    HAHA! Tribbing session!! Troll time bitches!!

  49. SuperJaySS4

    I am surprised that this hadn’t been brought up, but it probably hadn’t because I am wrong. But…isn’t that chick on the right porn star Gracie Glam?

  50. Lottie

    ^^^^^ I like that idea :D

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