Taylor Momsen Will See Miley’s Lesbian Kiss and Raise Her All This Stuff

Last summer, months before she even turned 18, Miley Cyrus set the world aflutter by kissing girls on stage in-between choreographed vagina diddles. So, of course, Taylor Momsen has added a simulated girl-on-girl orgy to her stage show, also months before turning 18. Except you really have to give Taylor the advantage here because she seems jaded enough to avoid the inevitable pregnancy waiting around the corner for Miley. Or she’ll get knocked up just to have an abortion and post in on YouTube with a skulls and Hello Kitty border. “Summer Vacay!” she’ll probably call it.

NOTE: I just looked up Taylor on Wikipedia for the first time to get her birthday, and where the hell did this chick go? Bring that one back.

Photos: Splash News