Taylor Momsen: ‘I’m My Parents’ Fault’

November 12th, 2010 // 81 Comments

Taylor Momsen has a history of speaking candidly, though typically about other pop stars, but this time around she focused on herself in a way that you really can’t argue with and puts a lot of things in perspective. Via Celebuzz:

“Everyone’s like, ‘Wow, why is she upset and why is she so miserable about things?’ My parents signed me up with Ford (modeling agency) at the age of two. No two year old wants to be working, but I had no choice. My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didn’t have friends. I was working constantly and I didn’t have a real life.”

Awesome. Just wonderful. Now I feel sorry for Taylor Momsen. Instead of seeing an arrogant starlet making crappy emo music, I’ll see a sad, lonely little girl selling her body for acceptance because her parents failed her. *looks down* Ha! You thought I was talking about a stripper. At ease, soldier. — No, really, I’m too beautiful for prison. Down, boy, down. *grabs chair and bullwhip*

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  1. gogo


    • Randal

      Out of the young rising stars in today’s industry, Taylor has certainly caught my eye with her unique style and edgy attitude. This Goth look she’s created is everywhere now and there are Goth clubs popping up because of her.

      I’d have to say the bubble gum pop era is gone and this new Goth era is surfacing. Taylor of course will always be the original Goth poster girl.


      • mud butt

        Haha I love it. Keep huffin’ that spray paint, Randal!

      • Spense

        Randal you’re retarded. Goth has been around since Taylor Momsen was a zygote.

      • Anon

        Spense, you are the idiot. Randal is saying in a tongue-in-cheek manner that Taylor Momsen thinks she’s so edgy, hip, and shocking, when in actuality the image she is displaying have come and gone before she was even a teenager. She thinks she’s hot stuff; she was old news before she started.

        Some people really need a Randal-translator; that is sad.

        Also: Welcome back, Randal!!!

      • It had to be said

        Randal, haters will hate. Your unique perspective is a breath of fresh air. We all welcome your insight.

      • I hate freaks

        You people are stupid. Randal is an entertainment industry suck-up. He is an idiot as well.

      • Sugar

        Randal is hilarious! No one can do it like him

      • v-tard

        I like your comments Randal. They are entertaining and can be taken seriously or ironically.

        I’m glad you are around and no that “FAKE!-I-can-tell-by-the” guy anymore.

  2. Chinny

    Please, somebody just hit this bitch in the face so she will shut up already.

    Remember when we actually cared when girls turned 18? Now Miley and this ugly whore are making me hope they jumped the age of consent up to 25.

  3. nano

    Oh please. Yes, it probably sucked, but it’s time to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. Your parents aren’t dressing you in raccoon make up and nipple tape and sending you onstage with a ball and chain.

  4. please kill yourself, thank you…

  5. Joner

    I actually worked with Taylor when she was very young on commercials. She was a cute kid, and we had lots of fun. Maybe things got rough for her once she was in the Grinch movie, but I don’t think she could have been scarred as early as two or three, when she was in this adorable commercial:

    • zilly

      Watching that actually made me sad. And then I laughed and thought she could use that commercial for lyrics in a song. Hahahahahahahahahahahaaa! She should just get on drugs like everybody else and inject those bad feelings away!

    • jack

      Well, Thank you so much for posting that video,
      It Is Really Sad, This kinda looks like, when someone is overdose, like, when a celebrity’s life is completely down and then on TV they do a Show about them and show stuff like this, and you see it and you feel so sad that a person could go so low, that’s how I felt, I mean yeah Taylor is not there to that point yet, but, she will be, is sad to see how her parents used her for money, and how she had no life,
      She IS Rich, And Famous
      I bet you that, If let’s say a fairy told her “I can give you your life back and I can give you your childhood back if you trade it for your money and fame, you will a regular girl with regular parents, if you trade it for your money and fame now”
      Do you Think She would say Yes?
      No She wouldn’t say yes, she will never say yes, I know that is just a made up example, but, the point is, if she is winning so much about her wasted youth, SHE IS not Making it any better for herself right now, 10 Years from now, when she looks back at all this shit, who is she going to blame? who?
      her parents again? she feels so bad about the past, she cannot see the damage she is doing to herself now


    HOTTEST girl in rock.

  7. That Guy


  8. Layla

    Boo Hoo. What a spoiled little brat.

  9. poopsmith

    cry me a river emo slooot. that would be so hot with all that mascara dripping down her face! BANG!

  10. The Real Hetero

    Hot as snot! Forgive me, I am heterosexual and don’t care about her act she’s just beautiful like all blondes.

  11. NeNe

    Maybe your parents push her into the industry when she was younger, so for that, she can blame her parents. However, she is an adult now, and therefore can think and make choices for herself. So, if she is so unhappy, or doesn’t like the choices her parents have made for her in the past, then change them. Don’t stand there and bitch and moan about your parents. It only makes you look like a spoiled selfish brat.

    • Floyd

      Agreed completely though i have something to add. She stated, ” I was working constantly and I didn’t have a real life” last I checked parading around wear nothing isn’t a ‘real life’ and neither is being famous, so I conclude she needs to dress like a normal person, get rid of her makeup, and then vanish.

  12. sasha

    Now that’s new. I never heard a teenager blame their parents for their miserable life before. Taylor, do something! . Take responsibility for yourself. You have just proved you are not an adult yet. Have a original thought and stop following the standard teenage rebellion pattern. It’s been done many times –and better.

  13. Richard McBeef

    Racoon eyes and more diseases than years old.

  14. yawn

    such hypocrites..
    lucky for you nobody printed what you said when YOU were an edgy 17..

  15. Because being rough is ugly

    Its about time those children from China and India have a voice. Preach it TM….

  16. I feel bad for her now. The kid got pushed into a multi-million dollar career by uncaring parents. what could possibly make up for that? Well, what except for the millions of dollars and never having to work another day of her life at 16 years old.

    She should google the words “Tiffany” and “Debbie Gibson” and figure out what it’s like for hot jailbait girls to slide into obscurity once they legal up and nobody give a rat fuck about them any more.

    • HOW HORRIBLE!!!! She is a celebrity and has money and doesn’t have to work a real job ever if she’s smart with her money for the rest of her life. Her parents should be shot!!!

  17. burton

    if this ugly dumb whores parents didnt do that, she woudlnt be in a band now, woudnt have money to go shopping and buy what she pleases, or live in a nice big house…seriously stfu you dumb stupid vapid whore, or kill yourself and disapear off the face of the earth, no one cares about you more than losers who go to strip clubs to see nasty strippers, they only go for the pussy, we DONT CARE ABOUT YOU bitch.

    • NeNe


      While I do agree with most of your comments, it is in now away okay to tell someone to kill themselves. Never, ever, is that okay. You should really be ashamed of yourself for that.

      • wow, I didn’t realize it was “now away okay” to tell someone to kill themselves.

        But since it is, I agree she and kanye west should form a suicide pact. They can go into rock legend status together if they just end it all now. Don’t wait…do it now.

  18. spasmolytic46

    Wow, bitch just earned a free pass. Seriously. She’s 17, has no idea handle doing anything other than what she’s been trained to since birth basically. There might be aspects of her life better than mine, but seriously girls been robbed of her humanity.

    It’s like making fun of the retarded, sure they are less than you and you can make fun of them for that, but it doesn’t make it right. You can be jealous they they don’t have to work and will be taken care of forever, or you can acknowledge the shitty hand they got dealt and just let them be.

    I gonna go one buy some cd she made, even though I won’t listen it.

    • Spense

      Are you really comparing Taylor Momsen to a retarded person? Just one big flaw with that, retarded people cant help the way they are, this stupid bitch can. She’s an adult now, or will be soon and has every chance to make a positive change for herself but instead of she whores it up and looks like a coked out hooker and thinks she’s a badass. She isn’t, she’s a poser.

  19. Dick Face

    Sounds like her next move should be a playboy spread, that is when she turns 18 of course…that will definitely help her rock and roll band get some publicity.

    • Better yet, if she wants to be REEEEALY edgy then fly to some country where u can pose naked at 17, do a bitchen spread (and i mean spreeeead) then watch the internet go fuckin nuts lookin for jpgs. Would seal her name as a badass and sex symbol. Then of course write a song about how people only want her for her underage nude pics.

      • Dick Face

        Yea, then her band can do the Swedish and Northern Europe circuit for a few years honing their image and getting some rock and roll cred while the shock and disgust simmers down in the US, so when she returns her and the band will look like just another edgy Euro band…the only problem is, she would have to leave the comfort and security of mom and dad’s house.

  20. molly

    idgaf about this girl but parents who put their kids into modeling or acting at a young age hoping they’ll make it big someday are disgusting. never ends well, look at this kid

  21. Taylor Momsen Blames Her Parents
    Commented on this photo:

    She has a point actually.

    You cannot convince me that she hasn’t been molested as a child.

  22. weird al

    Well, now I feel slightly worse for wanting to see her vagina… but only slightly.

  23. Waahhhh Waaahhhhh Waaahhhhhh I didn’t have a life, I had no friends, I had to work when I was two.

    STFU!!!!! You have MILLIONS of dollars, won’t have to work a day in your life, and I mean REAL work, and you can make friends with all your damn spare time that you are going to have as your lack of career continues. Can’t BELIEVE she’d complain. Spoiled bitch.

  24. Taylor Momsen should be the new banner girl for this site. If anyone embodies superficiality, she’s it. Alternately, her and Miley Cyrus can mud wrestle for it. Or Heidi Montag. Or Lindsay Lohan. Or Kim Kardashian. Or Paris Hilton. Or… okay, I’m going to have to make an elimination tree here.

  25. Spense

    Whine whine whine, christ this chick is a stupid bitch. The Olsen twins lived the same kind of life, so did a lot of child actors but they dont go crying to magazines that its mommy and daddy’s fault that they’re a coked out Courtney Love wannabe because they didnt have friends growing up. Boo fucking hoo.

  26. Taylor Momsen Blames Her Parents
    Commented on this photo:

    I just wish someone would hire a stylist for her.

    Those raccoon eyes are God awful.

  27. Anon

    i don’t like Taylor Momsen; I think she’s spoiled, trying too hard to be edgy, trying too hard in general. BUT, I am surprised by all the commenters saying things like, “Oh, please, she has millions of dollars; what can she be unhappy about?” Despite what people on the other side of the fence may think, money doesn’t buy happiness… If you’re a seventeen year-old girl, you’re already in a prime position to be unhappy. Add in selfish, unloving parents, an unstable lifestyle, constant moving and traveling around the country and the world (meaning a lack of real friends), and that is a perfect formula for severe depression. No matter how much money a seventeen year-old girl may have, I can assure you she won’t be happy if she doesn’t have a family that loves her.

    Just my two cents… On with the hating.

  28. Ryan

    For anyone who doesn’t think she’s hot, give me a break. She’s fucking beautiful. She’s got a great body and a beautiful face, though she should lighten up a bit on the eye shadow. Anyone who disses her is simply dissing her because it’s the ‘cool thing to do’ right now. If she was standing in front of you naked ready to fuck, none of you would turn her away. None of you.

  29. What's This Rash?

    Yes, yes. She hates the attention so much so, in fact, that she continues to put herself in the forefront. Magazines. TV shows. Flashing her titties (and then complaining about the attention to that).

    Shut up, you vapid little whore. You’re not new. You’re not original. You’re really not all that hot. Oh, and might I add, not that talented. Your 15 minutes will be up soon, that rash will in fact be coming back and require a cream, and you will have a Vitamen D deficiency at age of 23 from lack of sun. Have I covered your future sufficiently?

  30. frank

    don’t care much for her fake goth posturing, or for her attitude, but i would still fuck the shit out of her. just saying…

  31. Holland

    If you take the damn kohlpencil out of your eye for a second, you might see that there is absolutely NOTHING stopping you from taking your cash, getting yourself into a college, getting an education while living that desired “normal life” on campus and (heaven forbid) become a productive member of society at the end of it all.

    • spinal

      This is the only comment on the whole damn thread that makes sense. Everything else is jealous hating and idiotic “I’d eat her poo” perving. Seventeen is more than old enough to change your life, especially with that much money. I knew fifteen-year-olds in high school who emancipated themselves from their abusive or neglectful parents and worked hard and honestly to make it in the world. It’s all about choices.

  32. Grand Dragon

    I still want to touch Cindy Lou Who’s hoo-hoo

  33. Shithead

    Nobodies jerkin’ off to her music.

  34. Cry me a fucking river. If all the money this no-talent whore-in-training is pulling in is making her miserable too, then by all means hand it over.

  35. Naked Chicks Rule

    I totally agree w/ her: It’s her parent’s fault that she has a totally hot body.

    Genetics, you know.

  36. LJ

    If she wasn’t in a rock band she’d be a stripper. (If she wasn’t famous she would have started stripping at 16.)

    How soon after she turns 18 will Larry Flynt hand her a million so we can see if she’s trimmed or shaven?

  37. Randal = Closet boy

    Randal, just do everyone a favor & admit you’re gay; come out of the closet, boylover…

  38. Geez

    OH PUHHHLEEZE. Stop blaming your parents; they’re not the ones dressing like a little whorelet in training, or flashing the cameras. That’s you, making choices to act like that. Enough of the “mommy & daddy are to blame”; you’re the one acting this way. Take responsibility for your actions. You’re not lindsay lohan…

  39. Taylor Momsen Blames Her Parents
    Maylor Tomsen
    Commented on this photo:

    This is getting old…slut, trash, goth genius, role model, poster girl, think she’s got it all covered by reading the comments here. And it only took her like ~1 month.

  40. lux

    That does suck, but I know a lot of parents who did WAY worse to their kids at two than sign them up for modeling.

  41. Layla

    Why does she always dress-up as “Uncle Fester.”

  42. wim

    as true as rain comes out of the air.

  43. anothergirl

    I’m sure those painstaking overtime hours as a two year old haunt her dreams. Too bad a two year old can’t even recognize itself in a mirror.
    Your parents saw an opportunity to improve your quality of life and seized it.

    Sure it wasn’t your decision — call the council on ethics — but you’ve benefited from it immensely.

    Instead of going to school 7 hours a day, you learnt another trade. One that makes the next few years of your life a cake walk.

    Sadly, people can be dissatisfied with anything, and teenage girls, for some reason, seem to be dissatisfied with everything.

    I’m worried what’s in store for this petulant princess if she thinks she’s miserable now.

  44. Taylor Momsen Blames Her Parents
    Commented on this photo:

    she needs to calm her shit down.

  45. See Alice

    What’s with the racoon face ?

  46. Suds

    Does she have any idea what the majority of people her age are doing? They’re going to school and working some shitty job in fast food or the check out lane in a supermarket. Somebody put a foot in her ass and tell her to shut up.

  47. JR

    Wow. I know everyone’s calling her an obnoxious brat, but I genuinely pity the girl. Her parents pulled a Dina Lohan and whored her out at a young age. That’s nothing to scoff at. If you had your parents treating you like a meal ticket, I doubt you’d have the wherewithal to do right by yourself afterwards.

    Makes me grateful my mom didn’t do the same.

  48. E.D

    her fingers look dirty and gross

  49. Yessum

    …Can you imagine what is going to happen to justin beiber. He’s gonna be the most fucked up of them all. 10x creepier than michael jackson.

  50. john

    Taylor Momsen has the cutest outie belly button and stomach

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