Taylor Momsen Has Flashed Before

October 25th, 2010 // 65 Comments
Taylor Momsen at Bovine Sex Club in Toronto

Turns out Taylor Momsen‘s performance at Don Hill’s in New York wasn’t the first time she flashed an audience her underage breasts. She did it just three days earlier at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto, also with X’s electrical-taped over her nipples. So apparently this is part of her act, and if that’s not bad enough, her mom is physically there the entire time, cheering this shit on. Hollywood Life reports:

[W]e can now also reveal that Taylor’s mom, Colette Momsen was also in attendance! Not only did Taylor don stripper heels, and a necklace that read “Slave,” at the PAPER Magazine & Express Celebrate “Rock The Sidewalk” event, her mom seemed to be totally fine with her 17-year-old daughter’s performance!

You know what I love most about this job? There will always be parents willing to feed their kids to the Hollywood machine so they don’t have to get real jobs. Seriously, if this isn’t the Dina/Lindsay Lohan dynamic repeating itself, who cares? There’s eight Gosselin kids waiting in the wings and statistically one of them has to grow up to be a porn star turned serial killer. Not to mention Noah Cyrus should Miley suddenly realize she’s on a direct path to Kentucky Fried Chicken and a conservatorship. It’s literally impossible for me to run out of work. Does Snooki have a uterus? I rest my case.

Actually, that’s a bad example. Ewoks might lay eggs. I meant, the other one. With the dude face.


  1. ME

    Flashed what?

  2. ME


    • Snooki's Taint


  3. 7L

    se had tape over her nipples at don hills too. big deal.

  4. Drew

    Well she better keep it up because her band is absolutely fucking terrible and if they get anywhere, it’s going to be because of her tits.

  5. Hopefully this is a prelude to full frontal nudity after she turns 18.
    Because we really do need to see this skinny raccoon eyed poser’s shaved twat.

    • GravyLeg

      “skinny raccoon eyed poser’s shaved twat”

      Well, when you put it like that, it DOES sound kind of appealing…

  6. I’m not sure what her local obscenity laws are, but if people are going to pound the table telling me I’m wrong to look, then I’m going to say she should be arrested for performing child pornography.

    • swank

      omg, so if someone who is found in possession of childporn just says, hey he/she (the child) is performing childporn… so dont arrest me i am merely looking… arrest the child … yeaw right

      • Shae

        You’re about as dumb as Taylor, swank.

      • I believe that there is legal precedent for charging minors with the production of child pornography for filming/photographing themselves and distributing it.

      • The fact that swank doesn’t know the difference between “possessing” child pornography, and having an underage girl flash her titties at an unsuspecting crowd of people, tells me that conversing with swank is a waste of time.

        way, way too stupid to talk to.

    • Her band should be arrested for impersonating a … band …

      I’d love to see Taylor Momsen, once she turns 18, do a porn spoof of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” … They could call it “How the Bitch Sold KissMyAss” or somethin …

  7. Dick Face

    What does her band suck so much that it takes a gimmick to get people to her wanna-be rock and roll show? flashing her duct tape titties, she might as well show us her shaved “Cindy Lou Who?” pussy too.

  8. WHAT????

    Wait a second. You mean Taylor Momsen’s mother is actually alive? And she lets her kid behave like that? Very Lohanesque indeed!

  9. Ash Bones

    Billy Ray is like, ” Dammit miley she beat you to it “

  10. Jack

    ” . . . so they don’t have to get real jobs . . .”

    Dude, that’s a bit much coming from you. Come on, right?

    • nooooooooo

      Not really, it’s pretty accurate to all the crap going on right now with these parents and their attention whore teens. Her daughter has to wear that much makeup around her eyes to not look like the average 17yr old brat, I photoshopped it off of her face a week ago and laughed at how pissy she looked.

      • edie

        I think this style is catching on too. I was at a museum opening the other night and there was this annoying whiny preteen brat with the same bleach blond hair and racoon eyes fussing at her mother about how she wanted to leave while the director of the museum was giving a speech. I don’t normally want to hit preteen girls but it was the Taylor Momsen look and the absolute spoiled brat act that made me consider it.

  11. Dear god.

    This is pathetic. Not even in the illegal sort of way. It’s pretty bad when people that are already pretty famous need to do attention seeking crap like this to compete with non-talented hacks from youtube and sex tapes. I’m not saying she’s talented, or that I even know who she is, but my point still stands.

    Why are girls in porn mags and videos not this famous? Sex tape? HUGE! Do a porn and the social populace is disgusted.

    • swank

      i think porn actors are not that famous because all they do is porn, a, b, c etc celebs get attention from sex tapes because people wanna see the people they know and see on tv or wherever getting it in.

  12. Cardinal Fang

    Anyone named Taylor shouldn’t look that old.

  13. Rough skills & power tools

    Every single person in that facility should be arrested and stuffed in a patty wagon for not taking proper steps to avert their eyes. We need to protect our children folks….

    • Vito

      Protect her from what? Most likely she’s already sexually active, and flashing her non-existant breasts does NOT constitute pornography, child or otherwise. Besides which, the crowd had nothing to do with it; the “artist” took it upon herself to flash her boobettes.

      Maybe the people should have rioted and made a mad dash for the door. “FUCK…I almost saw…something-or-other. And with black tape, too!

      Ever see magazines about nudist colonies? They’ve traditionally shown youngsters, but not in a sexual light. There’s a difference between, nude, sort of nude with tape on nipples, and porn.

      Porn costs way more.

    • Vito

      BTW, it’s not called a patty wagon unless you’re transporting hamburgers. Or cow-flop.

      You’re thinking of a paddy wagon.

      What the fuck, I’m not your dad. Go look it up in the dictionary.

    • Protect our children or have some sort of parental control over our children? Momsen is the one flashing her breasts on stage in public. The people went to go, for some god aweful reason, a concert and she flashed them… again. You should be stuffed in a Paddy Wagon and not be allowed to have children for putting the onus on the audience to ‘look away’ and not on the underaged tramp on stage flashing. Let me guess, you also probably want the alcoholic beverage industry to apologize for selling the booze that Taylor Momsen guzzles too.

  14. CoolHandLuke

    Step 1: set volume to ZERO (MUTE)
    Step 2: move the slider to 1:25
    Step 3: pause at 1:29
    (Optional) masturbate
    Step 4: click stop

  15. joky

    how is it ok for an underage girl to do this? How is this ok? So she is allowed to do this yet if any guy came near her he does time, WHAT THE FCK

    She should be institutionalized

    • Adam

      She didn’t show anything, and if it’s done in the portrayal of art, it’s ok. See the early career of Brooke Shields.

  16. I know Taylor and I can tell you here mother wasn’t there….no truth to that whatsoever.

    Secondly, Taylor has an amazing voice for a 17 year old….I just wish she’d stop trying to shock and sing.

    • doh

      a) does it even matter if her mom was there?
      b) if she only has an amazing voice “for a 17 year old” chances are its nothing special.
      ive listened, and it isnt.

    • nooooooooo

      “I know Taylor and I can tell you here mother wasn’t there….no truth to that whatsoever.”

      Even worse, she’s unsupervised flashing herself to the public at large as a minor.

      “Secondly, Taylor has an amazing voice for a 17 year old…”

      You might as well say she has a great face for radio with attempted praise like that, she tries to raccoon her face to hide the slightly crooked eye and pissy teenager angst face she always makes that looks pathetic without huge globs of eyeshadow.

    • billybragg


      Her voice isn’t that amazing, in fact its ordinary. And her band are terrible, hence this gimmick thing.

      Btw that is the worst ‘flash’ ever. And I’m allowed to perve. I’m British, she’s legal here. Sweet.

    • I’m awesome at eating chicken wings, for a 32-year-old. What’s your point?

  17. Nate

    Idiots watch the official Make Me Wanna Die video. It’s part of the act.

  18. Kat

    Total poseur. Lame lame lame.

  19. ohlawd


  20. Ash Bones

    I’d hit it…..(if i could get away with it)

  21. FormativeYears

    Her mother knows the truth plain and simple truth: For a young girl, showing tits is a great way to gain popularity.

  22. abg

    now wait a minute here…”show me yours I’ll show you mine..” BUT THEN SHE SHOWS US HER’S…thats not how the bitty-part showing game works, totally giving up her power on that one.

  23. Mama Pinkus

    flashing and the pathetic need for attention aside, the singing and music SUCK

  24. Jimmy

    So is this her “thing” now?

  25. cyber

    What’s the big deal, tape covering the good parts, if she didn’t have the tape then we’d have a conversation piece over kiddie pRon/indecent exposure, as long as she’s covered she’s no different than girls at the beach.

  26. bitingontinfoil


  27. joho777

    What’s the big deal about a 17-year-old flashing her tits to get attention. Weren’t you guys around for the 70′s?

    • Dick Face

      I agree, you old fucking prudes…I want to see more teenage pussy and I don’t mean covered in gaffers tape.

  28. Just wanted to point out

    That is electrical tape, not duct tape.

  29. Momsen = lame try hard

    This is what happens when you have ZERO talent, you have to find ways to prove how edgy and rock and roll you are, when in reality, you are a sad and pathetic poser that tries way too hard, look like you don’t wash much and enjoy the constant attention…fuck off and die Taylor.

  30. Gwaxl

    I don’t know how I missed this, considering that I was there and uploaded a video of it too, lol… way to pay attention, self!


  31. hate all you want, i love this chick and will be glad to creampie her all by myself in 9 mos

  32. T-Rex

    Endured the whole video. What breasts? More like bumps with tape. If your waiting to see them after she’s 18, they’ll need to be enhanced a bit.

  33. T-Rex

    I can see how you missed it Gwax. LOL

  34. SuperMhario

    Here guise, don’t mess, she is teh badass

  35. Fix

    I have friends who used to flash cars passing by when we were 15. If she’s 17 she’s legal and we don’t know whether she chose to do this or her mother told her to or what but who cares? She’s just like any other rebellious teenager. Judging by how she works with her band I’m guessing this was probably Taylor’s idea. How do you know her mother is pushing her into this and not just letting her do what she wants?

  36. hailo

    i don’t see it

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