Cindy Lou Who Has Satan In Her Or Something

October 18th, 2013 // 28 Comments
Taylor Momsen Going To Hell Video
WATCH: The Pretty Reckless - 'Going To Hell'
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Here’s Taylor Momsen in the new The Pretty Reckless video for “Going To Hell” which manages to combine both metal and all that vagina grabbing kids are into these days. Although, unlike Miley Cyrus, at least Taylor Momsen is touching herself in the context of the devil doing her. Which is light years ahead of Miley, and I say that with a completely straight face because faux masturbation should always tell a story. For example, my wanking motion is letting Photo Boy know that these words are useless because everyone’s watching Cindy Raccoon Lou writhe around a bunch of naked chicks. Every action must have a purpose, and every purpose… an action. (Fucking deep, right?) *resumes fake jerking it*


  1. brick

    I just have to keep reminding myself she’s younger than Selena Gomez.

  2. boue67

    Meh…servicable pop-metal…catchy enough…will do well with 16y old girls looking to “revolt” against her parents in West Virginia.

  3. Walter White

    If she’s of legal age she should just get it over with and start doing porn.

  4. Alison

    Turns out it’s just a commercial for e-cigarettes.

  5. Deacon Jones

    She’s SO cutting edge!

    (walks into Hot Topix store, puts on pleather wrist bracelet, turns around and rolls eyes at the people walking by that “just don’t get it”)

  6. Cock Dr

    The world desperately needs a heavy metal goddess to rock us all with power chords & fuck yeah good songs.
    That last part seems to be a major difficulty.
    Here’s one contender….bring us more.

  7. mk

    The whole illuminati, going to hell, satan worship BS is just as silly and pathetic as believing in sky god.

  8. tokiromi

    this is as “metal” as that band kittie were….which was not at all. this dopey broad needs to look at masha scream and take notes if she wants to be metal.

  9. Seems like they were going for an old-school Metallica sound, but didn’t quite get there.

    She’s still hot though.

  10. The “music” is crap, but she’s awfully nice to look at.

  11. Damnrobert

    I’m not saying this music is good… but I have to admit it certainly wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  12. TheSufFan

    she is at least sexy whereas miley is uncomfortable to watch.

  13. Cher X

    Weird. I didn’t actively hate it.

  14. goober

    She’s hot, but it sounds like something straight from 1987 that would have been quickly forgotten.

  15. blerg

    The best new music I’ve heard a long time. I was beginning to think only emasculated eunuchs who wore vagina repellent for pants played guitar anymore.

  16. It’s actually not bad, it’s not the greatest, it’s a little long should have been 45 sec or 1 minute shorter


    Aw fuck off you stupid cunt…the ‘fuk u daddy’ thing is so fucking over. If there was any justice, Angus fucking Young would jump up and break his guitar over your stupid ‘reckless’ head.

  18. martina

    If she’s not fronting this band NOBODY cares. She’s nice eye candy. I’d love to do her ass, mmmmmmmmm

  19. truth

    Child actor trying to erase her past image.

    same with Miley.

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