Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience Her Chest. On Purpose.

October 22nd, 2010 // 143 Comments

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless performed at Don Hill’s in New York City last night where she felt it’d be a great idea to almost send the entire audience to jail by flashing them her underage breasts. Fortunately – in the legal sense – they were covered with pasties, according to Hollywood Life. This latest stunt makes the Glee GQ photo shoot and Miley Cyrus’ new video look like Sesame Street, and I’m not just saying that because Snuffleupagus appeared both times and told me to do.. things. (Anyone know how that guy passed a background check? Or does PBS not update them? I’m genuinely curious.)

NOTE: Everything is censored, pervs, but the video may be a tad NSFW.

Photos: HollywoodLife.com, WENN


  1. Jarkoff

    I just found out this chick is the chick who played Cindy Lou Who…. what the F? seriously Hollywood ruins children…

  2. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Commented on this photo:

    LOVE her legs

  3. Rosimon

    More than 30 years after “The Slits” this little naughtyness of a 17 years old faboulous singer and musician is just funny, nothing more. This hypocrisy of some prudish Americans is disgusting! You have a new sensational Rockstar over there, so give her a chance to grow. Hopefully she’s strong enough to stand all those ignorants with a bad musical taste, especially RoboZombie and Drew, but worst is this guy who named himself Jake, be ashamed for your words, you… (select your own worst insult).

    • It’s not hypocrisy to call out a fame-whore for being a fame-whore. I have no problem with people being naked; I do have a problem when people pretend to be all “edgy” when they are really poseurs. In addition, she’s not that sensational, and she’s not that good a performer.

  4. Bob

    Speaking on a purely theoretical level (because, until she’s 18, I am, of course, completely unaware of any and all sexual appeal she ay or may not have) if a chick is going to flash her breasts she should flash them openly and freely.
    In other words – I want to see BARE boobies!!!

  5. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Herman Bumfudle
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    uuumm, those tits are beautiful.

  6. devilsrain

    Awful, how the hell is this girl relevant?

  7. nom nom nom

    theres another vid on youtube, she has her nipples covered anyways… u see more than that at the beach…

  8. Ray

    Ow come da fuck on…all you ladies, saying thats just wrong and shes only 17 and stuff…
    Atleast admit that your only freakin jelouse, cos you would never have the guts to pul off something like that and thats why all the guys like taylor and wont ever notice anyone as plain as you, and thats whats driving you crazy, so you just keep bitching how wrong it is and how mutch of a bad person she is.

    Im not a fan or anything, i actualy randomly clicked on this headline, but keep rocking, Taylor, we have been missing real rock chicks for a long time here, and after all, who gives a shit how old she is, id hapily go to jail after having some fun with her. And im 19.

  9. Ray

    Oh, forgot to mention.
    Most of you girls, saying thats wrong and awful are probably just fat.

  10. meh

    Girl is hot. Am not digging her music though. =(

  11. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
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    She could be so hot withought all of that crud over her eyes…

  12. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
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    LOVE her ass hairs.

  13. spinal

    You know you’re doing it wrong when you’re 17, good looking, flashing your chest and the general public reaction is “yawn” and “that’s pathetic”.

  14. Prick McGill from Bunker Hill

    She looks like she could use a Happy Meal.

  15. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
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    I suddenly think that Lindsay Lohan looks really sexy.

  16. Zeke

    What? Maybe you should try that retort again. I’d say in English, but English literacy doesn’t seem to be your strong suit.

  17. james1989

    im in the uk which the age of consent is 16! stop whining its a pair of tits and shes not really a kid anyway. I say GO TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!! im 20 so im not an old perv either!!!

  18. Eric

    Well, at least Lindsay Lohan knows who her roommate will be in celebrity drug rehab in a few years.

  19. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
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    Go watch Gossip Girl then.. dah!

  20. kay

    So her stage performance is just as bad as her acting. Why am I not surprised?

  21. Halen

    you motherfuckers and your censorship. What/who do you think you’re protecting

  22. captain america


  23. Surprise

    I bet she won’t get near the bad publicity Janet Jackson got & Janet only showed one boob.

  24. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
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    that’s what I call talent

  25. troy mcclure

    She did the same thing in Toronto THREE DAYS EARLIER so its either part of the show or ‘if at first you dont succeed, try, try again’ seems to be her career MO.

    And her mom is there at the shows.

  26. Jules

    The flashing thing might be acceptable, or justifiable, if it was some spontaneous artistic expression, but it was as tired and uninspired as the rest of her performance. This girl probably shouldn’t be relevant because lack of talent aside, as I’m not one to judge rock music, she has none of the charisma of her carefully- managed peers. At least it doesn’t bore me to watch them; I watched this whole video thinking that maybe the first flashing was just a preview, and this girl is boring as hell. And FYI, I am a stripper, and a hot one, so I’m not hating, just bored.

  27. Rupert

    She’s hot, but so are, y’know, most strippers in a well-populated area.

  28. beverly perez - austin

    Well she sure ani’t little Jenny Humphry anymore but just plaine pathetic. And that guy next to her looks old!!!!!

    Girl grow up – for real!

  29. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
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    Can you say courtney love’s Mini-me?

  30. Lauren

    She’s gross.

  31. anissa

    this is sad!
    and really wrong me and her are the same age and if i did something like this my parents would kick my ass!!!!

    come one girl have some more respect for urself!

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