Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience Her Chest. On Purpose.

October 22nd, 2010 // 143 Comments

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless performed at Don Hill’s in New York City last night where she felt it’d be a great idea to almost send the entire audience to jail by flashing them her underage breasts. Fortunately – in the legal sense – they were covered with pasties, according to Hollywood Life. This latest stunt makes the Glee GQ photo shoot and Miley Cyrus’ new video look like Sesame Street, and I’m not just saying that because Snuffleupagus appeared both times and told me to do.. things. (Anyone know how that guy passed a background check? Or does PBS not update them? I’m genuinely curious.)

NOTE: Everything is censored, pervs, but the video may be a tad NSFW.

Photos: HollywoodLife.com, WENN


  1. gogo


  2. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint


  3. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Commented on this photo:

    Grrrr fuck the stars lets see em titties!!!!

    • girlatgirldotgirl

      Have fun in jail if you ever find them.

      • Actually, you would not, first, because she had pasties on, and second, since it was a recording made in a public location. It wasn’t done for the specific purpose of creating pornography.

        For instance, pictures taken at a nude resort of minors are perfectly legal, so is Brooke Shields early filmography. Concert footage would be the same.

    • Pooteriffic

      Read the post moron. She didn’t bare them. She had pasties on. AKA NO NUDITY!

  4. Reality Check

    That was just depressing, the music and the lack of crowd reaction.

  5. Am a little upset at two things. One the stars on the tits.. Two i specifically checked TPR’s website YESTERDAY to see if they happen to be playing anywhere, and their shows page was empty. Way to stay on top of things.. Anyone kno if theyre in dc area soon…

  6. TAB

    She is just a syringe away from being the next Courtney Love..perhaps related?

    • eatme

      ? Courtney Love is a fucking loser, but at least she has real cred. Momsen is a holywood brat. For fucks sake, this is one of the saddest, most transparent “impromptu” acts I have ever heard of. If she had actually flashed her tits I would have believed in her a bit more, but here she is just doing her usual BS, complete with her retarded eye makeup (ala Avril Lavigne’s tie). Fucking retarded one trick pony.

      • eatme has the right idea.

        Taylor Momsen is a poser, she is nothing like Courtney love at all.

      • Nasty and lame

        Poser, sad and pathetic try hard, but what baffles me the most is people buy into her bullshit, she can’t sing and would not know Rock N Roll if it landed on her nasty snatch, and so many guys think this fugly, scrawny bitch is hot?…why?

  7. GrandDragon

    I want to put it in Cindy Loo Who’s hoo-hoo

  8. RoboZombie

    Jesus, she sounds horrible. No wonder she flashed her cans, everyone would want their money back if they didn’t get SOMETHING for their money.

  9. what the mother’s cunt, why did you even bother posting the video

  10. Manda

    ..This child needs to be grounded! Is she even 18?! JESUS CHRIST

  11. ohlawd

    I actually think her voice isn’t bad. But the way she presents herself, everything she says, and her desperate need for attention are just annoying.

    I think she’s trying to show how “cool” she is, but she comes off as very immature and trashy.

    • Idc i think shes uber hot and love her voice. And in 9 mos or so i hope to be giving her the sloppiest creampie ever administered~

      • ohlawd

        Like I said, her voice isn’t bad. Better than a lot of the stuff other girls her age are putting out these days… BUT I still don’t see what makes her attractive! She’s definitely a pretty girl, but the raccoon eyes, the attitude, the fact that she’s “tired of sex”. I don’t know. It kills it for me. No class at all here. Maybe that’s part of the pseudo I’m-a-rocker-and-I -don’t-give-a -fuck thing she’s trying to push. I just don’t find her to be very likable. Might be part of her “charm” I suppose.

        And before someone randomly calls me a fat jealous bitch: Sure, I’m jealous of the attention she gets, but I probably wouldn’t be able to find a real decent guy who’d stick around out of that bunch of pervy guys. I am also far from fat. I even work out regularly to keep my body toned.

      • Nasty and lame

        It’s all for attention and oure bullshit to sell her lame records and the “Momsen” brand…I wish she would vanish, I hate her I really do and I am a Male and think she is fugly and scrawny and just lame, but most guys seem to find her hot and sexy…it is bewildering.

    • OH my GOD I agree, I mean c’mon I know we were all stupid retard shitheads when we were teens (and early-mid20′s “/ ) but I want to scream

      poor little desperate girl.
      …….but I will jack the Maxim/ Playboy/ Candy magazine she comes out in on her 18th birthday cuz CINDY LOO WHO is sexy in the Miley Cyrus Pedo kind of way. ……. (((as in not sexy. Just in case my sarcasm doesn’t translate.)))

  12. kevin

    If she had pasties on why is it being censored? This is bullshit. Who censored it? It better not have been the fish. Then you are just a pussy.

    • Her breasts are sensored because she’s UNDERAGE you twit!!! She’s barely 16 ffs and you want to see her tits???? Someone call the cops …

      • Jack

        She’s 17

      • Hedgehog

        16 is legal in my country, so let’s see some titties

      • Deacon Jones

        I’m with Kevin

      • she’s legal age in 2/3 of american states. call the cops and they might just join in…

      • Jesus

        “Her breasts are sensored because she’s UNDERAGE”

        Yeah, but we’ve already determined that it’s legally cool so long as they’re the one flashing their shit. Also, I died for your sins, so it’s cool to creep on underage chicks.

      • i want to see them!

        Look, if she decided to show them to the whole audience, even knowing that there would most likely be a camera somewhere out there, I think it’s OK for us to see her. Especially those who are around her age, honestly. 17 y-o’s have sex with 18, 19, 20 yo men every day, it’s normal.
        Also, imagine if her 18th birthday was tomorrow. would that mean that yesterday she can’t bear her breasts, but tomorrow she can? do many things change in 2 days? No!

  13. castallare

    zzzz…. God, there’s so much potential there, too. Sure, Courtney Love was a drugged out wreck but she knew how to put on a goddamned show. This gal is like watching mayonnaise go bad.

    In Unrelated News: WHATTHECHRISTAMILOOKINGATINTHISSKIN,FISH!?!? Seriously, if I wanted to look at a bunch of dead-eyed, half-naked teenagers, I’d be hanging out on Livejournal.

  14. Tyler Momsen has the potential to be sexy when she grows up and realizes TRYING to be slutty in a anarchist goth kind of way … well … isn’t really sexy. Besides, when she’s 18 she can go full out on the slutty look. Maybe she’s just practicing for Girls Gone Wild????

  15. That Guy

    This broad tries too hard and the background is annoying but that red head girl at the very bottom right corner is cute.

  16. Santa's Daughter

    Where the f are this girls parents? Is she emancipated or something? I honestly really want to understand why people have kids these days. Really who on earth wants to raise teenagers? Almost all the childless couples I know are hotter and happier than ANY of the parental couples. Kids are for idiots. Sorry let me state that using the correct and official jargon; kids are for Christians… And that folks is the entire problem.

    • You're a Moron

      Kids are for Christians…how the fuck did you get her then, you scabby bitch? Is it too late for your parents to get a reverse abortion?

  17. Compound9

    This Skins thing is to much, Fuck yellow and MTV.
    She doesn’t even have enthusiasm when she opens her shirt. She is a shitty performer and her whole band sucks.

    Kinda wish she was eighteen so I could say she has a very nice looking chest.

  18. last

    do people still care about being FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  19. GravyLeg

    If there are pasties why isn’t it uncensored? Puritanical much dearest USA?

  20. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Tony Y
    Commented on this photo:

    who the fuck is taylor momsen?

  21. Monty

    yeah bunch of pilgrims.
    Why are breasts even illegal and guys can flash all they want – fuckin discrimination.

  22. Honestly, does this crap even still work? The “I’m too cool to conform to society”, pushing the boundaries etc. BS? It’s old, it’s tired and it’s been done to death. Mind you, I’m still here commenting, aren’t i?

    In the end, though, I still win. I haven’t heard a single note out of her.

  23. john

    The add today has a bunch of teenagers lying around in a pile, semi-dressed to promote a reality tv show. Are we really acting shocked at this point?

  24. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    If the music couldn’t get a rise out of the crowd, she probably thought the boobs would. Sadly, it seems it got quieter after her boob flash.

  25. Wow. It really works. Some girls DO flash when someone drunkenly yells “Show us your tits!”!

    • FrankN I’m amazed you were able to scream that loudly!!! What the heck were ya doin at that concert anyway???

      • Not me…..that kinda stuff goes on way past my bedtime. It’s been a while since I was last in a mosh pit.
        The flashing, flickering ads on the site are enough to induce an epileptic seizure. Blogger, please have mercy on your readers and get rid of that crap.

  26. guy rossi

    i hate this bitch. She’s so annoying. Why is she always pissed? Cause John Mayer didnt fuck her?

    • Facebook me

      He’ll get his shot..he fucks everyone..

    • Taylor Momsen Is Nasty and lame

      Because she is LAME and seeks attention all of the time to sell her shitty music and the Momsen brand…she is going to be a coke/crack whore before we know it, so let’s just at her now, I fail to see how girls like this get famous, she has NO talent at all.

  27. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s it? Well hell……


    • girlatgirldotgirl

      At least they are nicely shaped. =) They are big enough to look nice and light enough not to be effected by gravity quite like larger tits.

  28. My God I love her.

  29. Drew

    Her and her band of overweight gingerheaded faggots sound terrible. Wow… people buy this shit?

  30. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Great Halloween act!

  31. Anon Ymous

    Honestly though, the music itself is a lot better than what her peers are doing. At least it isn’t bubble-gum pop that Cyrus & Swift and the like are pumping out.

    • eatme

      agreed, and she did write the song herself (although unquestionably did not arrange it). she’s still a fucking transparent try-hard though.

    • wicked witch

      wow, u know i read that interview where she uses the word “bubble-gum” to describe disney, guess its trending now.

  32. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Puddin' Taine
    Commented on this photo:

    mmmm, daddy like….

  33. Lissa

    atleast she’s starting to look kinda normal again. no more elongated alien face goin on.

  34. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Can we blame the “Twilight” franchise for this mess?

  35. Gigi

    Where are the girl’s goddamn parents and why can’t they tell her to put some damn clothes on?!

  36. Shirylgirl67


  37. Any Guy

    haven’t seen someone try THIS hard and look SO ridiculous since…. Courtney Love.

    congrats young whore – keep shooting for the stars.

  38. Johnny Cage

    FUCK All this Loli/underaged shit! Tell that bitch to stop acting like Courtney Love and put some clothes on. Is this what the media is trying to push us to be? A bunch of ac/dc metro-sexuals whose next stop is on Dateline nbc’s to catch a predator? WTF?

    Ever stop to wonder what’s happening to the media? I used to watch huge titted canadian blondes named Pamela Anderson. But now all of a sudden they’re shoving BS like fat irritating g@ys named Perez Hilton and stick figure half naked children down our throats. We don’t want this Garbage! And stop making g@y vampire flicks as well.

  39. Heyo

    Apparently Hellboy plays guitar for a pretty shitty band.

  40. Lady Blah Blah

    Yeah, that’s pretty lame. And why does that guy have a soul patch? Didn’t those go out of style a few decades ago? I hope Momsen doesn’t let that guy have his way with her.

    As others have been noting for some time, Momsen is 17, not 16 (born July 26, 1993), and the legal age of consent in 30 states as well as DC is 16. It’s 17 in 8 states, and 18 in 12 states (my source is the Wikipedia article, Ages of Consent in North America, the section on the US).

    • SillyPuttySara

      All of the youngest ages of consent are in those good ole’ middle states a la self-righteous god-fearing church-going christians. Gotta love those convenient morals!

      • *shrugs* Age of consent has to be lower here. Living in a rural area is boring, fucking is about the only pastime we have aside from listening to idiots ramble on the net.

  41. anonymous

    lil bitch should be cited for indecent exposure. i don’t mean her tits. i mean for that crappy musich

  42. anonymous

    you people calling for her parents are f*cking idiots. LOL

    just because you are still living at home; doesn’t mean she is

  43. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF? Where are her parents?

  44. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Commented on this photo:

    I love small breast…big ugly breast are a turn off to me, small little ones are the cutest!!!

  45. somethingoriginal

    you leave snuffleupagus out of this. you don’t know man, you don’t know!

  46. she was in NY…

    1) it’s legal to be topless in NY
    2) 17 is legal age of consent

  47. Taylor Momsen Flashes Audience
    Commented on this photo:

    “if yo daughter’s a stripper, you f**ked up!” – chris rock

  48. Burt

    Rebel without a clue.

  49. sean

    Apparently she had tape covering her nipples anyway, so the stars and black boxes in the video are retarded.

  50. Pe Ye

    There is an uncensored video of another performance where Taylor pulled the same trick, jump to just after 1min 20secs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpxsNxFqaCQ

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