Taylor Lautner Cried Watching ‘Breaking Dawn’ – Starring Taylor Lautner

I don’t know if there’s a rule against actors saying they cried watching their own movies, but here’s Taylor Lautner saying exactly that about Breaking Dawn, the last Twilight book broken into two movies purely to preserve the deep, complex story about a chaste vampire marrying a teenage girl with no personality and putting a baby in her because that’s only the way a woman can find true happiness. Right, Book of Mormon? And you thought it was one last blatant cash grab. Ha! So naive. Via Popsugar:

PopSugar: I know you said you had the chance to see Breaking Dawn a couple of times and you promised that it’s going to make fans cry. Does that mean you teared up a little bit?
Taylor Lautner: Oh yes! Yeah, of course. It’s an emotional one.

So Taylor Lautner did one of two things here: He either A. lied out his ass, or B. really did cry, and now Tom Cruise knows he’s not alone anymore.

TOM: *turns off TV, sniffs* God, their love is just so real…
KATIE: *sniff* I know.
TOM: What did I say? No crying or you’ll smear the sparkle paint. Now carry me to bed, Robert Pattinson.
KATIE: I’m sorry, Tom.
TOM: *raises hand*
KATIE: Bella! I’m sorry, Bella!
TOM: That’s better. Now pretend this lamp is my dad the sheriff, and he doesn’t want us to be together. But use real acting, not that other stuff you used to do.

Photos: Splash News