Taylor Hearts Kanye

September 13th, 2010 // 51 Comments

Here’s Taylor Swift performing a song at the VMAs written for Kanye West titled “Innocence,” or more appropriately, “Marketing Scam: The Musical! We Did it Again!” That being said, kudos to Taylor for finding the fastest way ever to make the crossover from country to pop: Singing about a black guy. (I would’ve also accepted songs about book learnin’.)

♪ ♫ These woooords done put thoughts in my head,
Now I don’t want to make my husband’s bed.
A loot do doot do do ♪ ♫

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  1. playboy swizzle stick

    she’s got more class in one pube than Kanye has in his ENTIRE BODY

  2. Rocky Bushrod

    I’d piss in her ass

  3. Jenna

    I actually really liked this song. I’ve never been much of a fan of Taylor Swift, but now think she is graceful, and at least semi-talented.

  4. hahaha

    Jesus, shes a horrible performer. Not to mention how bad she looks with that hairstyle and dress. Sad shes still clinging to Kayne’s coat tails. To have to pull these stunts to stay relevant is pathetic.

    • castallare

      THANK YOU. Finally someone said something truthful. The classiest thing would’ve been to let it fucking go already.

      • duke chute

        “The classiest thing would’ve been to let it fucking go already.” Amen!!!
        The whole thing is nauseating. And so are both of them.

      • Rae

        nods head. Over at dlisted, it’s 9 to 1 against Taylor’s stunt. She acts like this is the only suffering she had. That’s great for those who, I don’t know, actually suffer things like job loss and illness.

    • Danklin

      Well said. She claimed a long time ago she was sick of talking about this and said that Kanye was the one that wouldn’t let it go, yet here she is bringing it up again. Kanye made Taylor Swift famous. If that incident hadn’t of happened people would be like Taylor who?

  5. Taylor Swift at the 2010 VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    profile pic.


    KANYE is a talentless hack and is a still a GAYFISH and will never be anything else. Swift needs serious singing lessons !!

  7. TheDuuuuuude

    where are her tits?

  8. ryry

    kanye may be gay (and if so whats wrong with that anyway?) but he’s gonna be a hip hop legend, he’s been apart of already classic albums and his own have been critically acclaimed.

    • Mike Hawk

      hey rere

      LMAO @ Classic Albums!

      You mean like Led Zeppelin IV? Dark Side of the Moon? Rumours? Electric Ladyland? Songs in the Key of Life? Aja? Moving Pictures?

      Give it a rest boy. NONE of that shit WILL EVER be considered a classic album…and kanye is like a sober ODB…talentless and good at nothing without the buzz or machismo.

      again…LMAO @ classic albums and critically acclaimed.


  9. Taz

    That song sucked ass, and her hair looked like shit.

  10. missywiss

    This was cool, however, the girl just can’t sing. Sorry. : (

  11. qwerty

    I think the song’s called Innocent,not Innocence


    They should play Kanye’s and Swift’s songs through loudspeakers on Apaches going into combat to kill our enemies instantly !

  13. Iz

    wtf?? this person…

    America, I’m losing fate in you.


    Kanye and Swift tunes sounds like a kitten in a blender with nails, on the ice breaker setting.

  15. Deacon Jones

    If MTV wants to raise thier ratings, do it the right way, rip her dress down to show those tits! Repeat as necessary for the next 3 hours

  16. Rupert

    Taylor Swift cares about black people.

    I mean she REALLY CARES about black people. “Down there.”

  17. Richard McBeef

    who the fuck watches MTV anymore? I have it blocked on the dish so I can’t even be exposed to the titles of the fucking tripe that plays on that station.

  18. Deacon Jones

    MTV hates white people

  19. crack in can baby

    ???? that was about Kanye? Hmmm… I didn’t get it.

    I thought she looked beautiful but sounded like shit… as usual. She is so praised for being a songwriter, but most of her shit is pretty simple. Nothing extraordinary about it.

  20. shavederic

    What is this girl? 19? 20? She looked great – better than 2/3′s of the media whores that pranced across the stage. I’d love to see what lurks beneath those panties. I bet it’s shaved smooth, smells like strawberries and is mounded up like a hairless peach.

  21. shavederic

    who’s kanye west? Oh yeah – a talentless black guy who can’t sing. I forgot about him already.

  22. Clark

    Taylor hearts vibrator.

  23. Phildo

    That was an awful lipsync.

  24. Lisa

    This is a good song but this performance was terrible.Phildo you’re dumb. If it was a lipsync she would have sounded better. Girl can’t sing for shit live.

  25. Bunny Foofoo

    bummer. i kinda was hoping she sing a beautiful melody to him that said: “n*gger, I’ll stab you in the eye if you try that sh*t again.”

  26. Taylor Swift at the 2010 VMAs
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  27. bruce

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  28. Spo

    She just wants to try and claim that N-Word pass that was revoked from John Mayer. Those are hard to come by these days. Sort of like rent-controlled apartments in Manhattan. You gotta wait till some either dies or calls every black person in the building an N-Word in an international publication. yeah, either one.

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