Tawny Kitaen arrested for DUI

Former actress/80s music video star Tawny Kitaen was arrested for DUI yesterday, according to LA Times:

Newport Beach police Sgt. Shontel Sherwood says Kitaen was arrested at about 3 p.m. Saturday when officers suspected she had been driving her Range Rover under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Kitaen was still in custody early Saturday evening.

So was she riding on the hood at the time of the arrest? Because I’m failing to see the crime in that. Whitesnake taught Tawny the sexiest way possible to drive a car and where do we as a “society” get off telling her it’s wrong? I do that shit all the time and I’ve only killed, maybe, five or six people. At most. Usually my catapulted body just does a lot of property damage, so really there’s nothing to worry about.

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