Tawny Kitaen arrested for DUI

September 26th, 2009 // 34 Comments

Former actress/80s music video star Tawny Kitaen was arrested for DUI yesterday, according to LA Times:

Newport Beach police Sgt. Shontel Sherwood says Kitaen was arrested at about 3 p.m. Saturday when officers suspected she had been driving her Range Rover under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Kitaen was still in custody early Saturday evening.

So was she riding on the hood at the time of the arrest? Because I’m failing to see the crime in that. Whitesnake taught Tawny the sexiest way possible to drive a car and where do we as a “society” get off telling her it’s wrong? I do that shit all the time and I’ve only killed, maybe, five or six people. At most. Usually my catapulted body just does a lot of property damage, so really there’s nothing to worry about.


  1. Suck It!


  2. Man, she must have really been drunk. She barfed all over her pants.

  3. Brad

    “I’M FIRST! ”

    Aren’t you special.

  4. Brad

    She must have had an awful lot of cosmetic surgery. She looks exactly like she did in 1987.

  5. JTesh

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see the ridiculous publicity stunt underneath it all??? Next she’ll be on Opera claiming that David Coverdale is really her Father with whom she had an incestuous relationship with. Then she can pop over to the set of The View where she’ll begin her co-hosting duties for a week, after which she will host Saturday Night Live with special musical guests Wilson Phillips.

    Is anyone as fed up as I am with all of this Hollywood bullshit?! Hell, I live in LA, and still pray it would fall into the ocean!

    Yours Truly,
    John Tesh

  6. titsonsnack

    She seems kinda… old… to be out acting like that.
    When you’re young it’s expected. After 30 it’s just trashy.

  7. me

    I never liked her. And by the way, if you had a recent pic of her you would see, she looks exactly like that LION WOMAN from New York. You know the one.. with all of the plastic surgery. Speaking of older has-beens looking for attention with their “drinking while drunk” news – Heather Locklear looks like she’s been hitting the botox a tad too much. Weird bitches… still craving the spotlight.

  8. Salsa

    She was very hot back in the days. Now, not so much…

    For women the balance between aging gracefully and cosmetic surgery is, and will remain, a tough one.

  9. things

    I can’t believe the Superficial is actually funny again.

  10. That’s too bad..she was on Celebrity Rehab and it was looking like she was getting better…

  11. The Rough report

    Why do Human being feel they are better than other creatures on this planet. When ALL creature have to get old and eventually and naturally expired. Wouldn’t it be funny the day they discover the fountain of youth, we get hit by a huge meteorite?

    Another discontent about aging with no gig. we feel you Tawny…

  12. Nero

    The good ol’ DUI trick,who’s she?

  13. fearsarewishes

    See, Dr. Drew? Rehab works!!!

  14. Carol

    Isn’t this the girl that Roman Polanski screwed back in the ’70s when she was a baby.

  15. greenpea

    # 8 -

    Why are only people in the USA obsessed with age and want to look 20 forever. The rest of the plant does not want to look or act or be 20, growing old is fun. And, especially for us women because once we get old, men like you don’t bother us anymore.

  16. Tawny

    What do fuck is wrong with you fuckers! I’m az hott az any mutherfuckerz in the cars and sheet zo fuck off fuckinnnnnnnnnnnnn fuck …..fuck, i’m flucked.

  17. I hear once that Tawny Kitaen and Steven Tyler have never been seen in public at the same time. Just sayin…

  18. ek

    Smells like owls in here…

  19. db

    Do you have any pics from this century?

  20. Dread

    Dr. Drew Pinsky is really working miracles for all these has been celebutards, isn’t he?

  21. She needs to market herself for celeb rehab 2 – maybe she shoudl put on weight like K-Fed, less jailtime that way – bookshopdating.com

  22. dub


  23. David Lee Roth

    Here i go again on my own….. going down the only road i’ve ever known. Oh, wait. I was in Van Halen.

  24. she looks awesome..

  25. arealcad

    She was funny and smokin’ hot w/Tom Hanks in Bachelor Party

  26. Robroy Rogers

    Rode hard, put up wet…

  27. chloe

    She was one of OJ’s women & you’ve seen how they usually wind up-DEAD…. or at least run over by a car…so, things really aren’t that bad for Tawnny.

  28. White snake

    This chick was smokin’ HOTT in the eighties!! Lost ALL respect when,I heard she was doing O.J!! D’ont get much lower than that…..SKANK!!

  29. Hey, I remember this lady. LOLOL. Dancing around on the hood of a car in a music video. That’s some claim to fame. And I remember all of the guys gushing constantly about her and how she was “all that” and more.

    Hey guys, you still think she’s “all that” and more? Hey guys, you still wanna do all of those fantasies with her? C’mon now, you gotta eat what you shoot!

  30. Tawny is unbelievable.. come on! A 48 year old mother of two.. get your act together Tawny!! She looks terrible for her age, obviously the drugs and alcohol aren’t helping much! :)

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