Tatum O’Neal arrested for buying crack

June 2nd, 2008 // 44 Comments

Judging by the amount of e-mails I’ve received, a number of you actually know who Tatum O’Neal is. That’s way more surprising than her getting busted for buying crack by the NYPD last night. CNN reports:

The 44-year-old actress, who penned a 2004 memoir about her long road to sobriety, was arrested around 7:30 p.m. on the Lower East Side of Manhattan after she was seen making a purchase from a drug dealer, police said.
Investigators charged her with criminal possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor. She is scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

If I’m ever arrested at 44 for buying crack, I want you guys to give me a high-five. Obviously, I’ve done shit with my life yet still “keep it real.” Kudos, Tatum O’Neal, for getting back in that spotlight, girl. But only until Britney Spears decides she hates underwear again then it’s back to whatever it is that you do. Oh, right; crack.

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  1. deacon jones


  2. Kristin

    That makes me sad. :/

  3. Big deal , as we didn”t new that he way buying crack….

  4. Nice rack!! Other than that, who cares!!

  5. Ted from LA

    Was she selling her crack? Was she married to that pompous asshole tennis player? I think she was just doing it to prepare for a part in a movie. Hahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahhhahahahhahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahhaahhaahhahaha. Good one Tate.

  6. Ted from LA

    #3, What is your first language?

  7. Jumpin_J

    Don’t know which is funnier: Her saying to the cop “Don’t you know who I am?!” to which I would’ve replied No, but I knew who you were (oh snap), or her using the Winnona line that she was “researching for a role”. Funny, didn’t know she was cast in anything.

  8. ???

    Aw, I was hoping she had beaten her addiction. I hear it’s really hard though. Which is why, just say no kids! Don’t ever do it, not even once!

  9. morga

    she looks good for 55

  10. Barak Obama

    Tatum, who knew you would fall so far from your Paper Moon. On another note, damn, you got some nice tits!

  11. veggi

    She was married to an asshole and now she’s buying crack. I bet she was using money from ATM.

  12. sla

    It .looks like she has something stuck in her bra. Maybe some crack? And why is she wearing wicked witch/old time school teacher shoes?

  13. Jackson'shole

    I guess she didn’t get Whitney’s memo–crack is whack. She should have just said no to having children. When your own parents fail miserably at parenting, you should probably not have children yourself. At least she doesn’t have custody.

  14. Ted from LA - a grammar lesson for you (all you need to know)

    bob bob slurp slurp succcckkhh bob bob slurp drool

    GAG spit spit


  15. Trover

    She was hawt back when she was swinging with John McEnroe. But since he kicked her to the curb, all downhill.

    I mean crack? Couldn;t she just score some heroin? Trainspotting baby!!Stupid bitch.

  16. People still do crack?? I thought that was out and oxys were in right now.
    I’d better go have a talk with my dealer..

  17. butterfly

    I feel sorry for her – her father makes Charlie Sheen look like an angel. Still, she shouldn’t be doing crack (again) now or ever. She did heroin for years and finally got sober..looks like she fell onto the glass pipe again. Addictions are a bitch..and that excuse “I’m researching a role” sure won’t fly with the police!

    Good luck Tatum, with your track record they will throw you in the slammer.

  18. amber

    She does look good nothing like a crack user, (see Amy W.)

  19. amber

    Opps ignore link, my bad meant to copy and paste into an IM window.

  20. don't know her but...

    I hope she relizes it ain’t worth it and was caught as a ‘second chance’. I don’t know who she is but nobody deserves that shit.

  21. ph7

    I’d hit it.

  22. Dixie

    She needs to trade her drug addiction to sex addiciton and stay out of the papers.

  23. Auntie Kryst

    Irregardless of her pitching skill, Buttermaker should have taken better care of her. I knew hanging out with Kelly Leak was just going to lead to trouble..

  24. Alex

    She’s a disgusting little pig.

  25. WTF

    What do you expect from someone that dated Michael Jackson in the ’70s. He really wasn’t such a weirdo then, so she must have fucked him too, how sick is that.

  26. Jackson

    She got an Oscar at age 10. She has a hot in shape body unlike Kim Kardaskank and she is so much older too.

  27. krystina

    Surprised no one mentioned this in comments yet, but apparently, at the time of arrest, she tried to say that she was researching for a part (nice try).

    Here’s the Daily News article about this train wreck:

    Third and fourth paragraphs are utterly fantastic.

    I’m trying to work in a Dancing with the Stars reference (she was on it a couple of years ago), but I got nothin’.

  28. Pearl


    I would have done Michael before all his plastic surgery and turned into a freak. The man could dance and it looked hot!

  29. Guess I did too much crack, I didn’t even spell my name right..

  30. mike

    Actually “FRIT” is better – you’re FRIT now.

  31. No I’m not and you can’t make me..

  32. mark

    yeah, nice c-rack.

  33. NY Ted

    Believe me kids…buying “crack” at any age is not good! It is an evil drug that has only one ending. Death! Stay away from it!

    That is your community health message for today.

  34. grobpilot

    Who’s that fucking lemur walking with her? Goggle-eyed motherfucker.

  35. Obama in 08

    She’s white. Who gives a fuck.

  36. herbiefrog

    do you people have any brains ?

    it’s not paranoia…

    …if they’re *really* out to get you

    can we go we awtny

  37. herbiefrog

    #34 kids… listen to that message

    1 + 1 doesnt equal 2

    black doesnt equal white

    …so do you care ?

    …at all ? ?

    ok truth…

    crack is a f******* brilliant drug
    but its a bit like burning up in tha atmosphere
    rather than making a smooth re-emntry

    but ya makes your choices
    if you were allowed to

    so maybe in life… a few moments of “sunshine”
    and we’ll settle for the reflected glow…

    what are you laking about
    we’ll stop you if you’re trying to say something ?

    yes… sure you will : ) ) )

  38. yukadoozer

    She’s surprisingly fresh faced for an ol’drug whore.

  39. Truth doctor

    she still gives me boners when I watch bad news bears.

  40. Packinwood

    Best looking crack whore I’ve ever seen.

  41. Mama Pinkus

    I am of the opinion that people should cease crack activity when they become parents.

  42. roop

    She peaked at Paper Moon, man she was much hotter back then and on half the coke!

  43. I don’t want to say anything!

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