Tatiana Maslany Got Robbed

After io9 wouldn’t shut up about it, I finally gave Orphan Black a whirl a few weeks back. It takes a few episodes to find its pacing, but after that you’re completely sucked in and here’s where Tatiana Maslany comes in. At one point, and this happened to me around the 8th or 9th episode, you get cold-cocked by the fact you’ve been watching the same actress playing 90% of the parts on the show (Not a spoiler, it’s about clones.), all with different accents and quirks and it’s fucking amazing. Especially when you find out that Tatiana’s default accent isn’t even British. Anyway, my point is the Emmys fucking robbed her because she should’ve at least scored a Best Actress nom, not to mention a Best Supporting Actress for playing against herself. But I’m sure Connie Britton’s playing multiple characters on Nashville. What’s that? Just one? GODDAMN YOU. At any rate, the show hit Blu-ray/DVD this week, and I’m not even being paid to say that. I just believe in supporting series where well-acted clones get cable-friendly nude amidst a sea of intrigue. I’m a friend of the arts.

Photos: BBC America / Getty, Splash News