Tatiana Maslany Got Robbed

July 18th, 2013 // 27 Comments

After io9 wouldn’t shut up about it, I finally gave Orphan Black a whirl a few weeks back. It takes a few episodes to find its pacing, but after that you’re completely sucked in and here’s where Tatiana Maslany comes in. At one point, and this happened to me around the 8th or 9th episode, you get cold-cocked by the fact you’ve been watching the same actress playing 90% of the parts on the show (Not a spoiler, it’s about clones.), all with different accents and quirks and it’s fucking amazing. Especially when you find out that Tatiana’s default accent isn’t even British. Anyway, my point is the Emmys fucking robbed her because she should’ve at least scored a Best Actress nom, not to mention a Best Supporting Actress for playing against herself. But I’m sure Connie Britton’s playing multiple characters on Nashville. What’s that? Just one? GODDAMN YOU. At any rate, the show hit Blu-ray/DVD this week, and I’m not even being paid to say that. I just believe in supporting series where well-acted clones get cable-friendly nude amidst a sea of intrigue. I’m a friend of the arts.

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  1. Reece_c

    One of the best surprise hits in a long time. I especially love the fact that it builds on its greatness instead of putting everything its got out ther in the first couple of episodes. it gives you just enough to make you think “ya I’ll watch the next episode” and then BAM out of nowhere youre like “WTF is this wizardry I’ve been watching 1?!”

  2. Deacon Jones

    I never even heard of this show, and I consider myself a quasi-sci fi geek….what channel is it on?

  3. JC

    Usually I find multiple-character stunts to be annoying, but having watched this, I have to agree. It’s easy to forget you’re watching one person play most of the cast. Most of the actors who win those stupid awards couldn’t carry it off, but then again, this is an industry that celebrates Jack Nicholson for playing the same character–himself–for decades.

  4. The Illuminati Did It

    Awards shows are all about producers and publicists selling to the public. Actual talent has nothing to do with it.

  5. Frank Burns

    Really is a good show – good pacing, characters are interesting, and they have Max Headroom in one of supporting roles. But, all of this would fall apart in the hands of a less skilled actress. Maslany makes it work even when she’s playing one clone struggling to adopt the mannerisms and speech of another clone, while talking to a third clone. Maybe the BBC label kept it out of consideration?

  6. cc

    Shit, now I have to watch it.

  7. Rsl

    Isn’t this show too new to be eligible for the current Emmys?

  8. Wait… she wasn’t nominated!? For real?

    Fuck you, Emmys .

  9. I have a hard time picking a favorite Tatiana.

    I thought it was Tatiana as Cosima, but then there was Tatiana as Rachael. Oh God. Rachael.

  10. Mark

    She really was robbed, her performance is incredible. Not only does she make each clone unique but sometimes a clone will pretend to be another clone and when Maslany plays this she doesn’t just use the second clone’s character that she has all worked out, she layers it, you can see the original character layered under the clone she’s pretending to be. It’s really remarkable.

    I’ve never seen a performance like it, and I can’t even begin to imagine how hard she has to work. She’s in almost every scene and when there’s two or more clones in that scene she’ll have to do the scene two or more times over, playing each one.

  11. LeftHandy

    I am touching myself

  12. sdm

    The episode where the soccer mom clone pretended to be Sarah for a child visitation may have been Tatiana’s best performance. Playing a clone pretending to be another clone… she was ROBBED indeed.

  13. asdasda

    thanks for wasting my weekend

  14. D Wolfe

    ….totally agree!…she is amazing and it pisses me off she didn’t break into that same group of actresses that basically get nominated every year!….and even more so, because she makes every version of the character interesting and unique enough that you can actually forget she is playing all of them…love her!…

  15. Jet

    Wow. Tatiana is an Awesome Actress and should be totally recognized. You award people are lame, stupid, selfish, and ignorant to acting. Yeck.

  16. Jenn

    I loved her soccer mom character the best because she was prissy yet crazy. Reminded me of my aunt. The guy who played Felix was also wonderful. You’re right, it took a few episodes, but then I was addicted. Of course it was BBC, so it was over way too soon. Grr.

  17. Brandon

    Damn straight she was robbed! Fuck the Emmys!

  18. RitaJones

    Oi! Connie Britton got robbed every season when she starred in FNL, pick on Michelle Dockery for Downton Abbey, but let Connie Britton have (belated) recognition.

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