You Forgot Tatiana Maslany, You Idiots!

July 10th, 2014 // 27 Comments
Tatiana Maslany Orphan Black

This has been our complete coverage of The 2014 Emmy Nominations.

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  1. Swearin

    “What the hell is BBC America? And it’s a science fiction show?! Fuck that, I’m out. Is there an NCIS rerun on anywhere tonight?” – your average Emmy voter

  2. Tyler Perry

    You have to play a minimum of 10 characters to get the Emmy nod. Everyone knows this.

  3. Thanks for the ball dipping reminder of the state.

  4. Mr. Sensitive

    Maybe if she did something about that face…

  5. Roberta

    This is one of the best shows on TV and it didn’t get a nod. Tatiana is a fantastic actress…ugh.

    /Not watching Emmys

  6. Truth.

    Downton Abbey is ok but it hasn’t been award show worthy since its early seasons but it keeps getting nominated.

    Mad Men and Breaking Bad are great but are getting an extra award season in because AMC decided to screw over fans and split their final seasons to milk money out of them is so cheap.

    Unlike the first two seasons, AHS: Coven was a shitty mess this year and shouldn’t be nominated.

    Boardwalk Empire is completely ignored in all categories.

    The Goldbergs for best comedy series is not nominated.

    Hannibal for best drama, Mads Mikkelsen for best actor and Hugh Dancy for best supporting actor are not nominated.

    The Americans Keri Russell for best actress in a drama series not nominated.

    • Boardwalk Empire was nominated for 7 Emmys, including one for Best Directing for the episode “Farewell Daddy Blues”. The other six were in categories like Art Direction, Costumes, Makeup, and Sound Editing. I know those are not “real” categories, but it wasn’t “completely ignored in all categories,” either.

    • Winning an Emmy should be a sobering wake-up call for an actor, director, or producer that your work is just vanilla enough to not frighten Emmy voters by trying to make them stray outside their comfort zone.

  7. Eric

    Don’t forget about the Khaleesi. She has had to believably act in three languages.

  8. WTF?! Well, it’s a good thing the series has been renewed. That show is amazing and the actress is brilliant.

  9. I guarantee you that she will sweep all of our Canadian Award shows.

  10. anonymous

    Absolutely no idea who this person is…never even heard of her show.

  11. CH02

    I am so pissed about this too! She is so fantastic in each role!

  12. kenny

    She’s cute but not that great of an actress… maybe if you’re into ABC Family type shows.

    • I was going to ask you for examples of “great” actresses, but I’ve decided to just let your insanity sit there and burble quietly to itself.

  13. Tautology


  14. goodwolfe21

    This has to be completely ludicrous to anyone who has seen “Orphan Black”, and if you haven’t, you need to watch it! She is by far better than any of the same ole’, same ole’ actresses in the drama category that get nominated every frickin’ year. Another actress they ignored is yes, Keri Russell from “The Americans”. WTF!?!?!?! is wrong with these Emmy voters!?

  15. ghost! shes fantastic in orphan black.
    nothing for hannibal? wtf.

  16. I’ve watched this show from the beginning and I have yet to see one black orphan.

  17. Johnny Barbells

    …she aint so big.

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