Tati Neves Understands How The Internet Works And Other News

December 3rd, 2013 // 22 Comments

- Pube Pull: The Movie started filming before someone else quits. [Lainey Gossip]

- Apparently Paul Walker quietly pulled a Doug Hutchison. [The Frisky]

- Barbara Walters is a goddamn Troll Jedi. [Dlisted]

- An Arizona Chivette With Level 5 Blouse Bursting [theCHIVE]

- Ethan Hawke basically just announced he’ll cheat on his current wife soon. [Fishwrapper]

- Haha! Remember Devon Sawa? [tooFab]

- That Thanksgiving notes on a plane horseshit was a hoax. [BuzzFeed]

- Hello, Tanya Mityushina. [Popoholic]

- Had Sarah Palin just used these instead of writing a book I would’ve been on board. [Hollywood Tuna]

- What It’s Like To Attend A ‘Star Wars’ Open Casting Call [FilmDrunk]

- Kelly Brook made a thankfully penis-free video for Love magazine. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

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  1. Can we just agree to skip all future news and pictures about this person? She’s fat, she’s ugly, she’s a whore, and overall she’s uninteresting. Her 15 seconds of fame from banging Bieber in the ass are over. Let’s move on. Please?

  2. no wonder the tide went out.

  3. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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  4. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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    i thought the impossibly high standards of the media were supposed to give ugly girls shame

  5. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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    Gorilla in the mist!

  6. Ew, really?

    I H8 Back fat.

  7. cc

    Not so much a mermaid…more like a dugong.

  8. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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    How do you tame a wild bikini? Not with the young and lovely Tati, that’s for sure. Rawr.


  9. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
    Hugh G. Rection
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    I have to give Justin credit on this one. Brazilian hookers are probably lower maintenance then Selena Gomez.

  10. I give her props for being accepting of her grotesque physique but there is a difference between self esteem and blinding thousands of unsuspecting people.

  11. Wow, she is amazing…she is definitely a ‘closing time’ 10.

    Unfortunately, it’s 9am on a Tuesday, I’m sober, and she’s a homely fat girl.

    It’s pretty clear that Brazil likes their women chunky. But I live in America. We like our women skinny, our guns blazing, and our guns guns! GUNS!

    • Rodrigo

      America is a continent, not a country, you dumbass.

      • If we’re going to go all geography agro, “america” is TWO continents.

        But if it makes you more comfortable, I am expressing the first world privilege of using a term that applies to literally half of the Earth’s land mass to refer to my own country, because I can. AMERICA!!!

  12. I live in country just north of South America so I see women like this all the time. I would. I so totally would.

  13. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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    ape body

  14. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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  15. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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    fat arse

  16. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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    log legs aka “legs for seconds.”

  17. Tati Neves Bikini Surfing
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    I’d probably still pound her in the pooper.

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