Taryn Manning in a Bikini

May 17th, 2010 // 40 Comments

Here’s Taryn Manning in Turks and Caicos yesterday who kind of reminds me of a poor man’s Christina Ricci. Which is a compliment considering I’ve often expressed my desire to make sweet leprechaun love to Christina and not just because my penis would finally look just slightly below average gargantuanly mountainesque.


  1. Wesley


  2. otto

    Nothing to see here. Move along, folks.

  3. Soh!B

    First!!!!!!! Wooooohoooooo!

    Yes, I’m an idiot.

  4. ghostt


  5. Taz

    Nice body.

  6. Daryl G.

    No ass.

  7. Ego

    what is that?

  8. Parker

    I don’t want to say I’d never have anal sex with her but at the same time I’m wondering why I would. If you catch her in the right light she does look like a poor man’s christina ricci, who as with hayden panettiere, I’ve had many enjoyable times imagining them with my penis buried solidly in their little butts watching them wiggle around on it waving their little feet back and forth trying to touch the ground.

    I just don’t see me doing that with this one. She looks like someone who’d be get all sullen and mopey, choosing to just sit there on my penis, silent and motionless, doing nothing to add to my enjoyment.

  9. Karin

    Taryn who ???? Never heard of her before…. She is famous ??? What’d she do ??

  10. josh

    Nobody knows her, why are you posting that sub-quality shit ?

  11. a unicorn tattoo? Really?

  12. She’s always the girl who’s the slut or the best friend or both… next

  13. Buddy Love

    You subhumans obviously don’t watch good TV, so you won’t have known her from Sons of Anarchy. Worthless.

  14. frankw

    Her ass is displayed in realistic fashion on my 23″ FLAT screen monitor…

  15. Tek

    @9 She was in Hustle & Flow. Other than that don’t ask cuz I have no clue what other work she’s done.

    She’s got a nice rack, and the rest of her body isn’t bad (no ass though), but her face is weird. I’d still bend her over.

  16. *YAWN* Butt-average.

  17. Yawn. Somewhere, a farm is missing a cow.

  18. I’d still bend her over


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  21. who

    I hate it when gossip websites make go google to now who the “celebrity” is and what’s her occupation. HATE IT.

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  23. He got a nice rack, and the rest of her body no one bad ass () but his face is strange. I still was her turn.

  24. dude

    thanks for including an ass shot! and um…yuh i’d hit that no prob :) you’ll last longer with her if you think about eli and peyton givin u the thumbs up

  25. captain america

    I’m just sorry.
    (because americans are FAT, folks)

  26. if you think about eli and peyton givin u the thumbs up

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  28. Poor Kendra, she seems so nice

  29. mbt

    I like this site, this site updates the news every time I liked, helpful to me.

  30. Josh

    She’s rectangular… but I’d hit it like a drum…!

  31. Taryn Manning Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, you shouldn’t have…

    No, seriously, you shouldn’t have.

  32. Taryn Manning Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Where’s her ass??

  33. Taryn Manning Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    But her tits do look great in this shot.

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