Tara Reid’s stench affecting her work


Tara Reid won’t reprise her role on Scrubs because supposedly she reeks like hell, according to NY Daily News:

Appearing at the New York Comedy Festival, show creator Bill Lawrence said Reid was his least favorite guest star – “not because she wasn’t a nice person,” but because she allegedly stank of booze and smokes.

I pretty much figured Tara Reid perpetually stinks of alcohol and cigarettes. Actually I’m kind of surprised that’s the only scent people noticed. I always assumed she smelled like a fish hatchery doused in gin. Only fishier. Hey, I’m just going by the fumes coming out of my hard drive after I downloaded these photos of Tara Reid. *sniff sniff* I’m detecting a subtle hint of melted rubber. Is she wearing a mini-skirt again? Aw, gross, she is. For the love of God, someone push her into a car wash and, I dunno, hope for the best.

Photos: Pacific Coast News
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