Tara Reid’s stench affecting her work

November 26th, 2007 // 71 Comments

Tara Reid won’t reprise her role on Scrubs because supposedly she reeks like hell, according to NY Daily News:

Appearing at the New York Comedy Festival, show creator Bill Lawrence said Reid was his least favorite guest star – “not because she wasn’t a nice person,” but because she allegedly stank of booze and smokes.

I pretty much figured Tara Reid perpetually stinks of alcohol and cigarettes. Actually I’m kind of surprised that’s the only scent people noticed. I always assumed she smelled like a fish hatchery doused in gin. Only fishier. Hey, I’m just going by the fumes coming out of my hard drive after I downloaded these photos of Tara Reid. *sniff sniff* I’m detecting a subtle hint of melted rubber. Is she wearing a mini-skirt again? Aw, gross, she is. For the love of God, someone push her into a car wash and, I dunno, hope for the best.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. forget this wright off already. she makes me naush! want more blogging action? http://www.MaterialBitch.com

  2. closest BURGERNOODLE has ever gotten to FIRST!

  3. Big

    How about a nice nip slip?

  4. p911gt10c

    Well I’ll be damned, a spambot got the first post.
    Even it had the better sense not to say “first!”

  5. tsrif

    #4 – spam is much worse than “first!” You need to get some help.

  6. LayDeeBug

    Still gross after all these years.

  7. PunkA

    I love me some Scrubs. 2nd Funniest show on TV after The Office. Too bad it is the last season this year.

    People who over booze and smoke too much have serious personal issues. No surprise to hear TR fits into this category. Next time maybe she can shower first, and go a day without the hooch and ciggies.

  8. seriously though, why is anyone even still talking about tara reid still? she’s a wretched mess. i’m surprised hollywood hasn’t shipped her off to bakersfield yet.

  9. LayDeeBug

    3 Big- D’ya really WANT to see her horrible Frankenstein nipple?

  10. IWONKY

    OH god, I can smell it all the way from here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Most of the time I smell like a black gang’s bowlful of thick ropey semen. And unwiped ass, of course. I mean, how many guys named “Jimbo” have you ever met who didn’t smell like unwiped ass?

  12. iggev

    PunkA- The Office is the best fucking show EVAR!!!
    @1- nobody wants to hear about it!!!

    and what’s wrong with smelling like liquor and smokes? That’s the BEST combination EVER!!..

  13. agreed. the office is best freaking show ever. zach braff or dwight schrute?? c’mon! it’s not even close!

  14. Big

    Hello Laydee,
    I think I was speaking in a generic way. I really like nipples and cant deny I would in fact take a peak at even Frankensteins nipple. Speaking about nipples is a wonderful thing!!

  15. Pointandlaugh

    Tara — 1981 called, it wants its leg warmers back. kthxbye

  16. Lowlands

    The quality of the pics are better because there’s more resolution? Or…Tara Reid’s looks have made improvement..? I don’t know and maybe it’s better not to know…

  17. Bemused

    Liquor and cigarettes? Sounds like the corridor of my dorm at Yale. Of course, that was many years ago; but Tara, if your taste ever runs to rich, amusing Ivy Leaguers with just the hint of a paunch, let me know.

  18. @11, Hey troll, why don’t you go back to screwing your brother??

  19. want meds

    Her legs look like another botched plastic surgery job . . . particularly the right one, above the knee. At least, I think that’s a leg.

  20. want meds

    re #8 Bakersfield sent her back, COD

  21. skankyholover

    @1- shut the hell up. Nobody fucking cares about your website.

  22. Eat shit #5. You can suck a big fat dick. And fuck you most of all #18. You’re a grandma screwing, geriatric ass play maniac.

  23. fweem

    #22 is that even a bad thing?

  24. hankerin

    22- fuck you most of all!!! ahahahaha! loser! and really, 21 is right, nobody wants to hear your shit….. get lost fuckwad.

  25. Wow, My troll is off her meds. Who would have seen that coming?? Not me..

  26. MassGrrl

    Wow, she looks about 45 in the third photo.
    Cigarettes and booze aren’t doing her skin any favors.

  27. RENEE...

    She seriously needs to stop abusing her body, she’s starting to look like the present day Jenna Jameson… And that is NOT a good thing. Love the cashmere sweater though! But for the love of god,eat something, girl!!!

  28. LayDeeBug

    14 I guess you have a point. GET IT…”POINT” AS IN POINTY NIPPLES.


  29. Shallow Val

    She’s still riding on her “American Pie” laurels. And that ain’t sayin’ much. What’s that, a sun tan or alcoholic rosacea (is that how you spell it)?

  30. michelle

    it looks like her tits are located on her stomach… that does not look natural.

  31. hahaha, I’m not surprised. ewwww.

  32. #12, no the best smell would be how you smell with a fresh eighth in your coat pocket..

  33. holstein

    She smells like a doorknob on a tuna boat!

  34. woodhorse

    Why harsh on Tara? I haven’t seen her doing anything (not like Paris, Britney – yay for crazy – and used to be Lindsay) and all of them smell like booze and cigarettes. Almost all of the people who work in nursing homes smell like that – not you Annie! – so again, what’s the big deal?

  35. DA

    I bet there is some semen in there as well.

  36. dd

    I think her bad boob job ruined her career. plus that tummy lipo. She goes to second rate doctors. I used to think she was cute until I realized how skanky she is. She needs to grow up, she is not 21 anymore

  37. LayDeeBug

    32 – I like how you think. (yummmmm, greenage!)

  38. BunnyButt

    Damn, that hard living is showing up on her face. Her skin looks twice as old as she is.

  39. lisa

    She’s basically what is going to happen to paris hilton, lindsay lohan and britney spears. After years of being a drunken attention whore with the brain capacity of a retarded gopher, she finally wants to be taken seriously and the public doesn’t feel like attention. She was never pretty to begin with. Then again she has no shape, a bad fake and bake and bad plastic surgery.

  40. m

    i though rich people could buy anything. and she smells like booze, cigs and probably tuna. soap isn’t expensive.
    what a stupid whore.

  41. Steve

    You forgot about the smell of burnt flesh…from too much tanning…disgusting.

  42. D. Richards

    Hot! Ladies, take-it from Tara. Learn from her, she’s the real thing. Get surgery; doesn’t matter what kind, just do it! Lose weight to cover cover-up the botch. Don’t eat anything but laxatives and feed off of your own muscles. Oh yeah! And smoke non-filtered camels. Tara is a goddess!

  43. mike

    damn tara reid is still hot after all these years… wow she is beautiful.. luv ya tara….

  44. Liz

    Does anyone know where her sweater is from??? Thats the only cute thing in the picture.

  45. When she gets older she’s gonna look like the old woman who was Marys roomate in the movie “There’s Something About Mary”………

  46. D. Richards (True story.)

    Tara reminds me of this junky girl I know; except skankier. What a mess the junky whore was. She’d come over to my house and tell me she had to use the bathroom. Junky would go in to the basin and I’d wait. From the other side of the house I could hear her snorting drugs. Cocaine. She’d come out of the bathroom disheveled and sniveling. I was “straight”. I finally told her that I knew what she was doing but she still insisted on going to the bathroom every ten minutes.

    Once, I said some thing like, “Did ya’ fall in?”. She told me, “No, I’m ‘poopin”. I thought this was the most horrifying thing and then she asked me.. “Will you bring me some water?”. I guess she was constipated or something. Reluctantly I did. I held my breath, and dove in to the bathroom. This cunt actually drank the water while immersed in her own foul.

    A few days later she tried to pull the same thing. This time she told me that she was having trouble going and asked if she could use my bathroom. My private Bathroom! Being the nice coward that I am, I submitted. Same thing. “Can I have some water?”. But I refused. No more of that bullshit. I used to try to get her to play with my dick. It never worked. She was too fucked-up to care about a cock. Maybe it’s because I’m disgusting.

    I remember I ate her vagina out once without a dental-dam! What was I thinking? Her pussy was way bigger than a normal girl’s of the same size. The pussy was butchered. Just cavernous. Just this grissly port that served no purpose. I fantasized about murdering her. No one would have known. She’d sneak over to my place with-out her boyfriend knowing. Without anybody knowing. It was gross. I could have killed her and gotten away with it. No problem.

    I still don’t understand why she’d come around.

  47. roastbeef

    She’s only 32…she looks so haggard…sad

  48. amma

    …Uhm, #46, you need to be on meds–STAT! There is funny and then there are the deranged ramblings of a potential serial killer…and only a deranged serial killer would find them funny. You getting my drift? Tara Reid jokes=funny. Descriptions of killing Tara Reid = nutcase. You live with your mom, right? Thought so…
    Yeah, so Tara, she got some bad surgery. The breasts & tummy ruined her look. But she has been looking better lately. BTW, only gay guys complain about how women smell. Nothing wrong with gay, I live in a gay mecca of sorts myself. Which is how I know this. So maybe that guy doesn’t realize he’s gay? Hey, I’m here to help.

  49. D. Richards (Hands.)

    #48? You have a lot of gay-men friends because they help you to feel better about yourself? Gay-men aren’t as crass as straight-men. Gay-men actually “listen”. Is it hard to be a single woman? Do families really make a big deal about it, like in the movies? “What’s wrong with her?” “Why can’t you find a man, honey?” “Is she lesbian?”

    Oh, yeah. And I live with mommy. In-fact, the junky I was talking about is actually my mother. Go figure. Killing mommy! Hot.

    P.S. You know you’re predictable right?

  50. D. Richards

    Oh, yeah, and #28? You don’t read well, huh? I was typing about killing that junk-waste. Not Tara. I’d rather see Reid in old age. Death would be too good for ol’ Tara. Not junk-trash. She’s locked in a hell.

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