Tara Reid will never stop loving booze – NEVER!

July 1st, 2008 // 41 Comments

Tara Reid loves alcohol more than I do. Some say she may even marry it. Who knows? What I do know is that she was asked to host the Bikini Beach Party 2008 at Crobar in Chicago. I’m guessing lots of coke was involved in that decision because, Surprise!, Tara showed up an hour late and proceeded to drink the entire bar. No really, the entire thing. She picked it up, tilted into her mouth and started chugging as if it was her childhood juice cup – which, coincidentally, also contained scotch. FOX News reports:

According to an eyewitness, at one point Reid was busting her moves in the man-made sandbox while holding a martini before going on stage and giving a very slurred shout-out on the mic.
The “American Pie” actress apparently then made her way upstairs into the VIP room while bumping into people and even knocking other guests’ drinks out of their hands.

TMZ also reports that last night Tara had her friends stage a fake scene for a reality show just so she could get into Hyde. Christ, she’s like an alcoholic version of the Hamburglar: “Robble robble. Pour me a drink. Robble robble. No, this is my real voice. Robble robble. If babies were made of rum, I’d drink them. Robble robble robble.”

Photos: Flynet

  1. jackass

    You’re doing it right

  2. Auntie Kryst

    This is awesomely awesome, a Tara Reid drinking story!! It’s been too long. It’s shot time folks, woohoo!!

  3. IgottabeMeee

    For some reason the trashier she gets, the more I find her amusing. Before when she tried to act real it was painful to watch. I think we should all stop lying and faking and be who we really are inside. Start today, pass it on.

    I’m pretty sure for almost every man on this website, that is a call for coming out of the pedophilia closet. Come on, embrace the Perv that you are. Why hide it? Start molesting your neighbor’s six-year-olds right now! Or at least rub one out while they play tag on the front grass, it’s awesome.

  4. Jason

    Ok i know shes all kinds of fucked up, but I would still hit that. I wonder how many bottles it would take before she agreed lol

  5. fo'sho'

    I see nothing wrong with loving booze.

  6. bubba

    Why do we give a sh!t about this piece of skank anymore?

  7. Elliot Spitz On Himself

    cue the pause for materbation by all fat men behind their desks.

  8. Bigheadmike

    like you wouldn’t….

  9. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    For an alcoholic, she has a lot to learn. I should know. But, she looks surprisngly doable here.

  10. Mischa

    Tara looks great! Love her new figure
    Tara keep your head up girl. . .we love you.
    I don’t know why everyone gives her such a hard time, its not like she has a sex tape out there, or we have seen her * * * * coming out of a car
    W all have beer or vodka now and again, big deal!

    Stay strong. . .u’ll always be beautiful, that’s the best revenge he he he he

  11. Julian

    I thought it was Grimace who went “robble robble”. I don’t remember well enough to say it with certainty though.

  12. Mimi

    are you South African by any chance???

  13. kristie

    No I’m pretty sure it was the Hamburglar.

  14. ldsqtbea

    she looks pretty :)

  15. Deacon Jones

    You guys can bust my balls all you want. I watched her fucking show all the time, it was like crack. There’s something sexy about a blond with a raspy voice that’s completely out of control. They canceled a goldmine

  16. ph7

    she’s got the boobs that look like water ballons do when you are filling them up at the faucet – stretched out with all the weight at the bottom.

  17. Mistik

    Your comment sounds racist??

    I think she looks much better now..skinny and well-groomed. Gotta give her a credit 4 that.

  18. Miss Kitty

    Jeez!! Her breasts look like she’s had about forty kids grazing on them!

  19. fo'sho'

    Dear 12, If i was i would have said, “They be nuttin’ wrong wiff lovin’ me some wack ass booze just like mammy.”

  20. blp

    Yes! Good for her as I will never stop loving booze either. K cider ftw.

  21. L Dubba

    Man she looks like shit. I’d hit it. Wouldn’t kiss her though.

  22. Gee, I can’t image why such a classy girl is still single…

  23. Ted Mosby

    I did find it odd when she asked for vodka in her nightstand glass instead of water like most do when they get ready to goto bed.

  24. Lala Lassha

    #3 your comments were completely inappropriate.

  25. Looks fantastic for a woman of 58!

  26. -Joe

    Gimme a break !
    I met and hung with this woman at The Talkhouse in Amagansett (part of the Hamptons) she’s a fun girl, we all were fu*ked up it was a blast !
    Ace Frehley was playing !

    BTW She’s really tiny BTW, it doesnt take much


  27. ismellaliar

    I think Joe & Ted Mosby been hangin’ around together a little too much.

  28. Deacon Jones


    Same bro!

    We were at the Cryhut in Zarbornia listening to Clown Penis. Sweet!

  29. Your Fat Mom

    She looks like one of those moms who lets her son have beer parties at her house so that she can get laid by high school boys.

  30. Kim Lardassian

    Never stop loving booze, never stop tanning herself to leather, never stop having fake tits. This includes so many hollyweird whores though, reid is no original.

  31. Shep

    is that the chick from the golden girls? Actually she looks way too old and haggard to be a golden girl.

  32. alexa

    i own that dress

  33. Sport

    Thanks for the MySpace shout-out #11.

  34. Robble Robble..Hahahahahahhahahhaa…..Tara Reid….Hahahahahahhahahaa

  35. King Wang

    Dude………she has to be the cheapest so-called “Celebrity Fuck” in existence.

    I mean, c’mon, even I could do her with a 1/5th of Mezcal, and some Tequila shooters straight into her cocksucker all night long………

    Wait, I just realized that is 98% of all Hollywood women. Sorry about that!

    At least she is “keepin’ it real”, remember that with the “Heidi Klum” type, you have to have 15lbs. of Blow to get a Blow out of them. That shit ain’t cheap BEEyaTCHES.

    I would so bang Tara Reid in a Trailer Park in Georgia. Guaran-fuckin’-teed.
    On a fold out couch, those stinky Febreeze plug-ins, a half-ounce of Dagobah Green, 1/5th of Everclear……….we are talking a semi-decent lay out of her for VERY LITTLE investment……..and she may even last more than 45 minutes!


  36. Matthew

    after a long night in a Bar she goes to SKYBAR!

  37. Because she loves the FANTASY-SIDE of life folks!!

  38. jrz

    Okay, the hamburglar line was good.

  39. Edeath


    where’d you get that dress?? I looove it

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