Tara Reid wears stripes…whee!

March 29th, 2007 // 94 Comments

This isn’t even close to news, but Tara Reid was spotted in Hollywood with a striped shirt looking relatively okay. Exciting, isn’t it? You paid for your whole seat but you’ll only need the edge!

tara-reid-hollywood-stripes-02-thumb.jpg tara-reid-hollywood-stripes-03-thumb.jpg tara-reid-hollywood-stripes-04-thumb.jpg tara-reid-hollywood-stripes-05-thumb.jpg


  1. danielle


  2. danielle


  3. BarbadoSlim

    Fuck this skankbot.

    Seating humor? *sigh*

  4. slipangle

    uh, so what?

  5. ph7

    The gross stomach is back.

  6. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    “You paid for your whole seat but you’ll only need the edge!” HAHAHAHHAHA!! Now THAT’s more like it, Fish!!

    Her gut is still fuckered up ain’t it?? Yeeesh.

  7. Jimbo

    Her gut my be fucked up, but her tits look good and her head is turned so you don’t have to see that face. It could be worse!

  8. particle)man

    that nasty stomach is still swirling around her navel like the high seas

  9. griffmills

    ‘dems fine melons

  10. shrooman

    Ummm, is it me or did they spackle over her belly-button when they tried to fix the mid-rif? I wish we all could walk around looking like a droid…very M. Manson-ish

  11. ihateyoutoo

    Superfish, this is the last straw. BORINNNG Give me something worth reading.

  12. shrooman

    I do like the top though!

  13. Why does she insist on exposing that horror that some would call a “stomach”?

    Call me crazy, but I’d go to great lengths to keep that scary shit under wraps. Oh, and every night I would softly cry myself to sleep.

  14. schack

    #8. you lost your right to speak days ago. shut up.



  16. BarbadoSlim

    She looks like a budget priced call girl. Nah, nah make that text girl.

  17. mismint

    Why can’t these women learn to wear a bra…seriously I am sick of the sight the messed up boob jobs and freaky nipples on parade!!!!

  18. reptilicus

    Seriously. A fucking story on a fucking shirt.

    I can’t wait for the next exciting entry about somebody breathing air.

    Superficial take me away.

  19. jrzmommy♠

    Q: DanYELL, tell us which guy you liked the most at your last gang bang.

    A: see post #2

    Q: DanYELL, where did, he……you know…..put it?

    A: see post #3

  20. veggi

    I don’t believe it! There is NO WAY this can be true!! NO WAY!

  21. schack

    wah wah wah

  22. XeoRad

    She has no ass. Simple. No butt. Bummer. Well, she really doesn’t have any hips either. A stick figure with tits and a very weird looking stomach. She is more entertaining drunk and falling on her face.

  23. schack

    with her pants on that low it looks like someone cut her feet off at the ankles, from far away

  24. While I wouldn’t want the microscope turned on my stomach, that shit does look weird. That chick is ragged. I think that, if you saw those tits without the shirt, they’d look less awesome and more like dead fetuses.

  25. XeoRad

    Bern – you have breached the barrier of nasty remarks. Good work!

  26. didey23

    is she missing a belly button?

  27. XeoRad

    Does she even work anymore? Where do these people get their money for shopping? It’s like, they’re all eternally rich or something. Lohan, Spears, this skank – I hope they run out of money soon and give us a fresh, new crop of losers to bag on.

  28. BarbadoSlim

    Used and abused, like a lime green ’74 Buick LeSabre with no hubcaps.

  29. Thanks, Xeo — it’s how I make my living.

  30. Lowlands

    With clothes on Tara reid doesn’t look bad lately.Maybe she can wear the next time a burka,i think it looks very hot on her.

  31. schack

    tara reid is slightly retarded. have you ever heard her speak? her jaw is on crooked, she speaks really slowly, and slurs her words, even when she’s sober, and with all the cigarettes and the rhaspy whore voice, she sounds like a retardobot short-circuiting.

  32. veggi

    yes, but she is a truly talented actress. hehe.

  33. schack

    she’s one of those people who sounds like she’s always saying

    arsch arsch arsch arreghhhhhhhhshshsh

  34. I think I’m just going to assume that something radioactive happened to her stomach. When she gets hungry, it turns green and punches people. Makes sense to me. Hulkiness aside, she looks good in these pics.

  35. wedgeone

    Nice theft from the dragstrip & stock car racing radio commercials, Fish. You forgot to include “Sunday! SUNday!! SUNDAY!!!” and “NIGHT … UNDER … FIRE!!!!!! You, sir, are the jackass. Unless you let DamYELL steal that crap writing. Then calling her the jackass would be redundant.

    Everybody pay attention: her fake boobs are OK, her liposuctioned stomach is a mess, her brain leaked out of her ears a long time ago, and everything that happens to her she deserves.

    Nothing further needs to be said, so let’s stop with this Tara Reid madness and wait on the edge of our seats for some news on this site that is actually interesting and recent.

  36. Jimbo

    Veggi, is she really a talented actress? Did I miss something?

  37. schack

    i think this is a celebrity gossip site and not a celebrity news site

  38. rrd

    hear hear. her boobs alook nice, thoug

  39. biatcho

    I thought this was match.com?

  40. YouRang

    Hey Fish, If you’re going to post pictures of untalented actresses who are just shopping, can you at least post pictures of Jessica Alba?

  41. schack

    well, you would get just as many dates there as here, so for you it might as well be match.com

  42. biatcho

    Ah yes, you took the bait. Always the queen of the obvious joke you are.

  43. schack

    thanks, biatcho! and here i though i wasn’t even remotely funny.

  44. schack

    hey jim,

    if reason is founded not on itself, but on a life force, then there is no truth except beauty, and no persuasion except seduction. are you saying i can’t even seduce an idiot?

  45. biatcho

    Oh believe me, you’re not. Not every joke is funny even though it’s called a joke.
    Like you, you are a joke but still unfunny, get it now?

  46. schack

    um, wait, was THAT supposed to be funny?

  47. Ruby

    You know what is really funny? The fact that biatcho can’t structure a sentence properly. Now THAT is fucking funny.

  48. schack

    being funny is one of many ways of being interesting, as i see it. and i doubt anyone here would disagree with me that you just sound like a frigid, disagreable bitch. which is remotely interesting, but only insofar as being in general is interesseting, and then the word loses its meaning.

    arsch arsch arsch

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